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Services | | Psychometry Reading
Services | | Psychometry Reading

When it comes to psychic readings, Ithe reader often uses photographs during client’s readings. This practice is considered to be a form of psychometry. 

Psychometry is the practice of holding an object or picture to gather psychic information on those who were or are connected to the object.

The art of psychic readings with photographs is dependent on how the psychic or individual can tap into the energy associated to a particular object.  When it comes to photographs, however, there are often situations where specific persons never actually handled the photograph. 

The reader mostly receives photographs from clients over the internet. It is therefore, imperative that the reader psychically tunes into a person through the images on the photograph. The type of psychic information the reader receives is dependent on the images or visuals seen, information heard, or it may be just a sense of knowing about the person in question. 

If you wish for a psychometric reading of your photo, please complete the bookings form, tick the box for Psychometry Photographic Reading and email your photo to


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