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Michael is a Psychic Medium, Spiritual Counsellor and Psychic Investigator

Michael puts you in contact once again with your spirit guides and loved ones who have passed away into the Spirit world. Whether you need guidance in love, relationships, career, business or your own spiritual development, Michael will use his channeling abilities, as your spiritual advisor, to answer your deepest questions and to positively lead you in the right direction. 

Michael is also an experienced Spiritual Counsellor who will assist you to focus on your personal spiritual growth and regain your balance in your own personal life, relationships and attain a higher vibration consciousness whilst manifesting the lifestyle you truly desire.


If you are seeking information, whereabouts or closure on a missing person, pet or unsolved crime, Michael is an experienced Psychic Detective, having solved several cases on behalf of individuals, private detectives and law enforcement authorities globally.


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Brendan is a Spritual Healer 


Brendan is a Reiki Master Teacher and Trance Healing Medium offering:- Spiritual Energetic Healing, Reiki Healing, Animal Reiki Healing, House Clearings and Medical Intuitive Work.

Brendan offers spiritual healing, through off body energetic healing, to help balance and clear your chakras and energetic fields. He also offers energetic cord cutting/releases, and animal reiki treatments.


Brendan will help you discover your life purpose and assist you with your spiritual awakening.

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Charl is a Psychic Counsellor


Charl is a gifted empathic Psychic Counsellor here to help and advice you about your problems and current ifestyle, which may be of concern to you. 


Through his guides he will help and advise you on any personal life issues, by connecting with your feelings, non-judgmentally, in order for you to understand yourself and the world around you, to feel better about yourself and manage your concerns and issues in a more balanced way.


He will guide you with the answers you want, whether it is about love, finance, friendships, family, etc. in order to secure a better future for yourself and those dear to you.

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