My Experience Of Higher Consciousness

My Experience Of Higher Consciousness

Over the years I have strived to learn from spiritual leaders and teachers what higher consciousness is and how to incorporate it into my life. This has taken many different forms through learning about life force (otherwise known as ki, chi or prahna), meditation, coordination of mind, body and spirit, mediumship, sacred geometry, spirituality and manifestation.

There have been times when my life flowed well and I manifested, sometimes without full understanding, many things for the good of others and ultimately for myself and my family. At these times I have been contented and focused on my goals and a knowing of success.

At other times, I have struggled to understand why things in my life have not worked out, expending all my energy and emotions worrying and procrastinating about the why's and where fore's. Tiring myself out with trying and seemingly no positive end result and as a result losing all that I had gained materially. So what is the difference? Why has this been so? These question I have asked myself many times, rooting for an answer. Praying for my life to change for the better, wanting and asking for change.

It never really dawned on me that when I was content and grateful for what I had:; grateful for what I was to receive; living in the moment; not concerning myself with what happened in the past; or what i needed in the future, that my life and my circumstances changed for the better.

I started to achieve what I had originally set out to do, without struggle or strife. If I didn't have all I thought I needed to survive, which in times of strife always seemed to be the case, it was because I merely focused on the need. Not on what I had now and how I could best utilise it to better myself and others.

But how can I achieve my end goal ? How do I get there? Everything I try doesn't seem to work? It's because it's someone' else's fault? Why does nobody care? Why does nobody love me?

It is because I did not love myself; I did not believe in myself; I did not practice what I was taught; I did not practice what I preached. How can I help others if I don't know how to help myself. I have learnt so much from others. Yet found it difficult to practice it daily, because I decided consciously or unconsciously that my fears and others were in control of my life.

So now I have turned it round, I am just being, living from my heart, relaxing my mind, channeling through my higher spirit, grateful for what I have, grateful for what I am about to achieve, as though I have achieved it already.

I know what my path is on this 3rd dimension in this time and space. I know what has been asked of me. It may seem so immense as to be overwhelmingly daunting, but that is just fear getting in the way. If I see my path as already here in the now then it will truly manifest. But if I see my path as in the distant future it will always remain so and I will never achieve it.

I now am able to connect, observe and experience myself as an integral part of my "I AM" presence, not just the four vehicles (psychical, mental, etheric, emotional) of Michael J Robey existing on the 3rd dimension of this planet, but the whole of my "I AM" connecting with my angels, guardians and other dimensional selves. A whole new multi-dimensional universal consciousness has opened up for me to understand the infinite immensity of who my "I AM" presence truly is.

Michael J Robey

Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator

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