My Journey With Light

My Journey With Light

This story is about my experiences of what light really means in my life.

How my understanding of light has grown over the years and is ongoing.

I remember the first time at school using a prism and being fascinated by the refractured light of what I thought was white light, turned out to be much more as I could see all the colours of the rainbow. Also the speed of light in vacuum, commonly denoted as "c", is a universal physical constant important in many areas of physics. Its value is exactly 299,792,458 metres per second.

Impressive, yet that is as far as my understanding went and I'm sure the same with many other students. What a missed opportunity! Our education although extensive was dogmatic and three dimensional.

I also remember looking in awe at the stained glass windows in church with a myriad of colours as the sunlight shone through the beautiful glass art work depicting the Saints and Jesus Christ with light expanding exponentially through them as though they were so mystical and so godly that they were unattainable and unreachable, just to be adored and revered, yet not understood. "Little did I know I had this ability within me at the time.: - Oh such heretical words! I'll burn at the stake!

Light was something external, which came from the sun and the stars, which lit up the day and night and gave life to nature.

Life continued as I was in my body and my mind, understanding things on a three dimensional level, like everyone around me or so it seemed.

It was only when I was introduced to Ki Aikido that my concepts changed. Still it was a feeling or an emotion working with Ki Energy. Not really having any understanding of the physics behind it all, it may in some way been an advantage, as I simply gained knowledge from all my senses and daily practice.

As a First Dan, I was fully committed and had the opportunity to be a personal assistant to the top teacher in Europe. The first European Ki Aikido Instructor to be taught by the Samurai themselves in the 1940's.

Now this man was special! Although 75 at the time, he had such ki power and knowledge, no one could take him on and I mean no one!! My experience with him over two years was incredible.

He would throw me in a myriad of ways with such speed, ease and grace. It was like being thrown into an energy vortex, whereupon I had to be so balanced, alert, focused and relaxed to take such immense ki power, roll out like a ball and return instantly to be thrown over and over again. I became so immersed in the concentration, I was no longer aware of my body, just this energy light field, which created a parallel path between my spirit and his spirit, in perfect unison making patterns in the ether, dependent on how I was being thrown and how I was following his mind and spirit in complete parallel unity.

This was indeed light ki energy, created by both of us, seeking perfection in movement. My teacher could manifest immense ki energy, which he demonstrated in so many different ways, which defied anything I and everyone who witnessed the same, had ever experienced and understood as reality.

As time and years went on and regular daily practice and dedication, I learnt to achieve some essence of what this remarkable man could do. What I didn't realise till much later that between us, we were manifesting immense light energy and going beyond existing third dimension gravitational existence, we were tuning into the greater powers of the universe, where energy is limitless and bountiful.

As years passed by, I realised I needed to find out more about how this universe really worked, and what was the science or reality of what I had experienced.

I sought out great teachers and mentors in the UK and US, most of those I have listed on my links page, as too many to mention here.

Piece by piece I started to get the full picture, just like putting together a great universal puzzle.

However, knowledge is only complete with experience. You may think you know something, because someone has told you or you have read it somewhere. But until you really experience that knowledge, then one cannot fully comprehend the immenseness of the realms of all possibilities.

One of my many realisations, is that a light worker is not just someone who does good in the world. It is that you actually "work with light". How weird and simple is that?

You have to understand that you truly are a light body. That you (in my case this person existing on this planet right now - Michael J Robey - the aspect of my spirit who was born on this earth to experience the third dimension) is simply a vehicle with four bodies - physical, etheric, mental and emotional.

Your spirit sent out a light starseed, which manifested into matter into this third dimension, which you sense as you. But as we have fallen in consciousness, we have not been able to grasp that this body and mind which we carry ourselves in, is not all that we are. The vast majority of human beings on this planet are and have been, for many millenia, in this state of consciousness. As I was, until I grasped the idea that this "Michael J Robey" was just one aspect of a conscious being existing on all dimensional levels and in parallel universes.

This initial "Wow" factor and realisation takes some time to assimilate. Only when you seek out teachers and knowledge, you find out this knowledge has been available for ever!!! It's all there written in all the ancient texts. Its been available to you all this while. But our conscious beliefs, cultures and leaders of the world do not want to, either acknowledge this reality, or they fear the consequences of losing control over our souls.

But as I said earlier, knowledge is not complete without experience. So its no good saying "I AM ALL THAT IS" or " I exist on many different dimensions and parallel universes."

You have to learn how to get back to this higher level of consciousness and truly understand the reality of what you are saying. It is a long road, as we have fallen so far, but with the immense light energies being focused on this earth right now, assisting with our raising of global consciousness, going back to the early 1980's and maybe earlier, when portals opened for these energy light waves to enter the earth's consciousness grid. We are all changing, our consciousness is changing, our DNA is changing, mostly without any awareness of the fact unless you seek it out.

Now we all have our own paths to follow and our own ways to return to higher consciousness. You will have yours.

All I am suggesting is, I now realise I am working with my spiritual path, with my light body, which my true spirit, at a much higher dimensional level, preordained for me to seek out when I ( the light starseed) burst into matter into the third dimension on this planet at this time and space.

I am working with limitless light; I am working with my light body; I am working with my awareness; I am working on my consciousness; I am working on how I interact with the world and people around me; I am working with Christ Consciousness; I am working towards "Ascension".

My understanding is growing day by day, but it is not all there. How can it be? I'm on a path of seeking knowledge as we all are. I am on a path of returning my consciousness to a level prior to the fall of man and beyond.

For myself I could not do this without external help. I was not born as an indigo or crystal child, whom some I have met and clearly have already gained most of this awareness or consciousness from birth. So I needed the best mentors to guide me along the path of awakening.

We all have this knowledge within us. It is in every atom of our bodies. It is in our spirit, because we are all from the Source. But as I reiterate we have to acknowledge it and experience it to move forward. We have to put the work in. We have to move ourselves forward.

It's strange how sometimes you find books and knowledge by what seems by chance. I strongly feel because I am consciously seeking knowledge that these chances are by design not by accident.

I have read many books and watched many videos, been to seminars etc. But four books come to mind, which by chance I found, gathering dust, in the places I was living and cleaning up at different times in my latter years of life. How strange!

These books helped change my whole concept of what life was about and made sense of what I was experiencing through my physical mentors. So I would like to share them with you in case you have the desire to pick them up and read for yourself. I'm sure you wont be disappointed.

The Ancient Secrets Of The Flower of Life Vol 1 and 2 - Drunvalo Melchizedek

Secrets of Sacred Geometry Explained In Great Detail

Conversations With God Trilogy - Neale Donald Walsch

Stargate of The Heart - Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

The Next Step - Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

PS I would be interested in your selection too as knowledge is forever abounding.

"May the force be with you !!" Yoda

"You Are The Light Of The World" Matthew 5: 14-16

Michael J Robey

Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator

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