Knowing Into Experience

Knowing Into Experience
Knowing Into Experience

Knowing Into Experience

Life is a process by which the soul turns knowing into experiencing, and when what you have known and experienced becomes a felt reality, that process is complete.


Awareness is achieved by knowing and experiencing which produces feeling. whereupon you reach a place called Completion.

It is the complete awareness of who you really are through the Complete Knowing and the Complete Experiencing and the Complete Feeling of that. It is the end of separation between You and Divinity. The Separation is an illusion, and your soul knows this.


Completion can therefore be defined as the moment when separation ends, the moment of your reunification with Divinity.

At the moment of reunification, you simply remember "Who You Really Are" and experience that, you can know that you are divine, but when you experience your divine self being then your awareness is made complete through the living of that feeling.

Michael J Robey

Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator


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