Why Seek Inspirational Mediumship?

Why Seek Inspirational Mediumship?

For thousands of years, Spirit has come forward, through a variety of channels, and communicated to us regarding the wonders and mysteries of life, death, birth, and creation. They have, also, come forward and warned us to be weary of the times and to change our ways.

Psychic researchers have alluded to such communications, especially those having passed through the mouths of mediums during the last 150 or so years, as platitudinous, trite, and of relatively little value. So, why might one seek inspirational #mediumship; of what value is it to us to have Spirit come and share with us through inspirational mediumship? First and foremost, like evidential communication, inspirational mediumship seeks to bring together two seemingly separate worlds into one universal kingdom of Spirit; God's Spirit, as manifested through us, the spirits -- that's you; that's me; that's our loved ones who have passed through the portals of death. Through the wonder of inspirational mediumship, amazing works of literature, stunning portrayals in art, awe-inspiring sermons and lectures, even more awe-inspiring holy books and Scriptures, incredible advances in science and technology, and an amazing catechism of life, death, and creation have all been given to us. Many would disagree, here, suggesting that all these wonders originate from nothing further than our own intellect and creativity. But, the truth speaks for itself: Spirit out of body continuously seeks to inspire Spirit within the body, and we are all the beneficiaries of this inspiration, regardless of what our personal views may be concerning mediumship and channeling. However, the question which plagues so many people, if all this wonder and mystery is, in fact, often Spirit-inspired, why is there, also, so much trite communication; furthermore, why is there disagreement, amongst those in Spirit, concerning such profound issues as reincarnation? First of all, it is important to keep in mind: all communication from Spirit must pass through the consciousness of the channel; therefore, it will be influenced, to one degree or another, by the medium's mind and personal prejudices. Secondly, and probably more challenging to the student, is this simple truth: not every spirit sees life through the same set of "eyes". There is disagreement on some very important issues amongst those of us on the Earth plane; likewise, there is disagreement on some very important issues amongst those of us not on the Earth plane. To some, this may seem disturbing, for they would like to believe that somewhere in creation there is ultimate and universal truth. Indeed there is! But, that ultimate and universal truth concerns matters of the Spirit, not of the earth. Ultimate truth resides within the Spirit, and it often gets distorted when it filters down to the level of earthly matters and conditions. That of the earth comes and goes, with the winds of time, but the truth of the Spirit remains constant, steadfast, and eternal. Therefore, all inspirational communication which has come to us, over the centuries, from the deeper level of the #Spirit has lead humanity to one basic set of truths. The images and symbols of those truths differ, from age to age and from culture to culture, but the basic message of Spirit has, indeed, been steadfast and consistent. This should give us hope and promise that God's Truth does, in fact, reside within the Spirit. There is but one Kingdom and one Life, and we are all part of that Kingdom, even though some of us happen to be in different sectors within that Kingdom at different points in time. This is what Christ meant when he referred to God's Kingdom as a mansion with many rooms. Inspirational mediumship seeks to convey this universal truth to all spirit. And, yes, while there may be much twaddle and trite communication coming through some ill-informed channels, for the most part, some mighty amazing revelation has come forward through this gift of the Spirit, known as inspirational mediumship. That is why Scripture tells us, time and time again, that, when it comes to matters of the Spirit, we must be discerning in all ways!

Michael J Robey

Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator

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