Retirement Of The Mind Is Meditation

Retirement Of TheMind Is Meditation

Retirement makes people tired….really fast.

People really do not know what they want to do after retirement! Most of them have plans of travel and other exotic vacation. But after a year or two they start withering away. Spending time becomes single most painful event of life. It’s almost true that people age faster and get sicker after retirement faster than earlier.

Meditation is timeless state of being. Most of them probably never had a taste of Meditation. so they find it very difficult to be still.

Just not doing anything becomes the most difficult part of life. When you are not silent and still, then the next thing you do is to demand attention!. In other words you need someone to talk to, someone to love to and someone to spend time with. that’s why old people become so much demanding on Younger ones! Suddenly there is a need for attention. It’s not accidental that Most of the relationships with younger relatives goes for a toss after retirement. Most of them end up in retirement homes.

Retirement of the mind is meditation. If at all you need to retire anything during August time of your life, then retire your mind. Once you understand the nature of stillness then you can see that retirement is beautiful. Let me tell you another open secret! Younger ones are mostly tensed ones! the new generation carry tension of the world. Tension always flows towards relaxation. that’s why younger generation is so much attracted to adventure, Music, drugs, Gambling, porn…etc, that’s because you need a source for relaxation.

When you retire if you can relax more and retire your mind, then chances are you are attracting more people and more energy from your surroundings. Once you become easy on yourself …you become easy on others.

So when you retire please don’t get tired again! Are you ready to retire your mind?

Michael J Robey

Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator

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