Astral Telepathy ESP Meditative Exercise

Astral Telepathy ESP Meditative Exercise

This is a Meditative Energy Exercise to Stimulate Physical and Astral (out of body, while soul traveling) Telepathy and ESP .

Ideally, first practice this in a deep meditation state, you can later on do it while relaxing. Turn off all lights, sounds, use earplugs and a sleep mask if you want to block light and sound completely. Relax on your chair or bed, as you do when you are ready to astral travel to another planet or something. smile emoticon. Make sure you have 10-40 minutes of quiet meditation time. Focus all your awareness and energy in your third eye and then start to move this energy out of your third eye chakra into your crown chakra (the top of your head) and then from the crown chakra move it in a loop into the third eye, the loop can be a circle if you wish, a circle that activates these top 2 chakras. As you do this, you allow the energies in your energy body and astral body to become more fluid and to tune into the zero point energy field, allowing an easier picking up of information from other realms. Fine tuning the technique and explanation for why this increases telepathy: The access to the zero point energy field or the higher love-filled dimensions is a process whereby the consciousness becomes more compassionate, kinder and forgiving - as the Love ♥ creates the bridge between dimensions and various levels of consciousness and what we call "energy and matter". Expanding the Exercise to the whole body: the energy can be moved up and down the body, from the toes to the head, going through the body, as explained in many books on ESP and OBE, and this can trigger a better full body telepathy where we can feel what others feel in their legs or whatever. This technique of moving energy up and down the body, can also lead to a natural take off of the astral body for practicing astral telepathy with spirits in other dimensions, such as afterlife realms.

Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator

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