A Mediumship Reading is Unique

A Mediumship Reading is Unique

As mediums we have a multitude of seasoned skills and talents to rely on and we uniquely tailor them to each caller. For example, some of us use Tarot. Others rely on your birth date or the spelling of your full name. Myself? I just need your first name and the first name of the person you’re calling about along with the question you’d like answered before I tune in to the other person and give you your unique reading. However, bear in mind though that the person you are calling wishes to communicate with you too.

The Details Flow

Once I connect with the both of you and your reading progresses, the details start coming in. I get verbal messages, feelings, senses and knowings. This information often comes in all at once and I have to sort through it in way that is clear and easy for you to understand. I share any additional details with you as they come in. If something seems confusing or unclear, I encourage you to speak up and ask clarifying questions. And if you have a burning question, be sure to ask it first so you can maximize your time.

There are a few things to look for when a medium tunes into a loved once. Make sure this kind of reading includes the following elements:

1. Your reader should be able to give you specific details about your relationship during your reading, without having to ask you too many questions upfront. This indicates that you have a good connection with your reader and what they say should make sense to you and resonate with your feelings and intuition as well.

2. The details you get during a reading should give you a new perspective on your relationship. The reading should give you a fuller picture of the situation and answer the big questions (How? Why? What? When? Where? Who?).

3. You should feel a heightened sense of clarity at the end of the reading. You should understand your situation better and feel more peaceful and optimistic than when you first called your psychic. A reading should never leave you in a darker place then when you first connected on the line. Helping You Change psychic medium, Michael J Robey, will tap into you loved ones because I want to help you improve your relationships with them. You may think someone feels a certain way about you, and we can tell you if they really do and why. But once you have that information, changing that relationship for the better starts with you.

Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator

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