I Am All That Is

I Am All That Is

Through spiritual practices we go beyond the sensory realm, we enter into a field not with eye sight but with insight, that everything is connected, a unified field, where everything is fullness and undivided.

So when individuals break through the sensory realm, where on the surface everything seems separate, we start to work together for our better good, because we our in tune with everything on an invisible level.

So we are not working harder and trying to make something happen on the surface, but we are working cleaner and easier by welcoming the invisible side of life, by simply Being.

Being In The Now.

So Oneness is the primary principle of power.

One With God, One With Self, One with Love, and One with All That Is.

When we grasp the idea, awareness, consciousness, that we are not separate entities within a world of separation.

But we are an integral holographic part of the whole, of All That Is, interconnected by the Matrix Field of this existing universe and all parallel universes.

We can recognise and acknowledge: I am That, I Am You, I Am All Of You.

I am also That and That and That for infinitum.

I Am. I Am That, I Am.

Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator

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