Send Love Telepathically

Send Love Telepathically

Have you ever felt someone is communicating with you on a telepathic vibrational level? A sense of knowing, deja-vu, or a feeling of connection.

It is more than likely someone is thinking of you and sending you a message. This may be conscious or unconscious, but the feeling comes from the heart.

We, as conscious beings, have the ability to connect on a telepathic level, if we allow ourselves to do so.

Yet in order to be focused on such a miracle, one must understand the nature of telepathy.

Awareness Of The Concept

You might have heard of telepathy, have a concept of it or not. Like anything, we hear things and various concepts, but dismiss or ignore them, as we do not feel the importance of them at the time. Or it is beyond our level of current understanding. So telepathy may be considered as baloney to some, as their conscious understanding of communication is limited to the five senses. So one has to be aware of the concept first of all to explore further.

Exploration Of The Concept

Once you become aware of the concept of telepathy, you can then take it a step further. There has to be a conscious willingness to explore the possibilities. Like attuning your five senses to a higher degree of sensitivity, the same applies to your sixth sense. It is, in a way, a combination of all five senses in one, yet on a higher dimensional vibration.

The five senses are communicated through your physical sensory attributes: seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting. This communication links to the brain, which interprets the meaning of the senses experienced, based on preconcepts of acquired knowledge within the brain. With so much data filled information available, passing through ones senses. the brain will immediately scan and filter the information, based on prior learnt knowledge or behaviour. Any new information may be stored consciously or unconsciously, this being newly acquired knowledge.

However, telepathy is communicated via the sixth sense. Whereby the third eye becomes the sensory tool and is interpreted in Oneness by the Heart. The Heart is the first organ to grow from a beings conception, so it is the Oneness brain of a conscious being.

Telepathic Communication

Telepathic communication is the creation of thought, which is of a high energetic vibration: a higher oscillation than sound or light vibration, permeating through the Universal Energy of Frequency and Vibration Field.

By intention, you can focus the telepathic communication to one or several specific conscious being(s), whether these are human spirits, animal spirits or other forms of spirit beings, existing (i.e. vibrating) on the third dimension (e.g. alive on this planet), or existing (vibrating) on a higher level of vibration (i.e. non physical).

This communication becomes an energy, which is imprinted into the ether, known as The Akashic Records, where there is no time or space. In turn the communication can be instantaneously received by the receptor, regardless of his / hers / its whereabouts or existence on the physical third dimensional level, or indeed a higher dimensional level. The communication is stored in the Akashic Records for potential reception by the receptor, for when the receptor becomes consciously aware of the communication.

Telepathic Reception

Just as you can telepathically communicate, you can also receive telepathically.

Just like a radio wave, messages are passed by radio waves, via a telecommunication tool, oscillating at a specific vibration. Hence the receptor simply tunes his radio or device to that vibration, which interprets and communicates the message in a form understood by the receptor.

However, receiving telepathic communications, requires you to consciously activate your third eye as the receiver, while the interpretation is delivered through the heart.

Time and space is of no consequence, as it is stored in the Akashic Records for receiving, when and where the receiver is consciously aware of the communication.

Send Your Love

When you have a thought of pure love for someone or wish to extend a message of love, you can telepathically send your intention, gratitude and love to a specific person(s) spirit, or spiritual being(s) existing (i.e. vibrating) on a higher dimension.

Do not try to intellectualise the concept or message, as this is a function of the brain. The source is from the Heart, the Third Eye is the communicator and receiver.

So simply send your message from your Heart in Oneness. The receptor will receive the message if receptive. This is an outcome, which may be desired. Yet you must not concern yourself with the outcome, as again this is a concept of duality of the brain. The sending of love is all that matters, as it is of Source. That in itself is of the greatest importance.

Michael J Robey

Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator

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