Rediscover Your Authentic Self

Rediscover Your Authentic Self

Do you know or recollect who you truly are, your true happy self? Has your "Authentic Self" become progressively buried under many layers of early life conditioning i.e. old emotional baggage?

This emotional baggage actually consists of limiting beliefs, emotional impediments to spontaneity and free self-expression. Old traumatic memories behave as "emotional landmines" waiting to go off whenever you attempt to fulfill your innate desires and live happily. Most people never become free of these internal emotional restrictions and wind up never really expressing their true creativity or purpose.

So how can you shed this old emotional baggage permanently, like a snake shedding its skin, and experience freedom, confidence, strength and resilience to be who you were always meant to be?

The Baggage You Collect

From the time you are born into this reality you may run up against an environment that is not only unforgiving but also not accepting of your inherent nature, gifts, and spontaneous expression. Repeated negative encounters, i.e. life traumas, that spans from simple neglect to downright abuse, restrict your self-expression.

These experiences are not only negative, i.e. against the natural expression of your Life Force Energy, they also create emotional scars in the form of negative memories that get downloaded into your mind, body and spirit forming your preconceived life history.

Sadly that history has associated with it the emotional pain, suffocating and blocking your own self-expression. Such pain is experienced as feelings of abandonment, fear, sadness, helplessness, inadequacy, deficiency, neediness, dependence, vulnerability, emptiness, feeling unloved and unwanted, insecure, loneliness, and much more.

These feelings associated with the negative memories remain buried deep in your mind, body and spirit behaving as what can be described as “emotional landmines” waiting to “explode” their emotional charge into your consciousness, whenever you attempt to express yourself in authentic ways that were previously forbidden or unacceptable.

This creates an invisible emotional straight jacket i.e. what many refer to as the ego or personality, that then becomes a false identity of yourself. Never realising that you are in fact held captive by this ego/personality straight jacket, and may never find a way to become free of it.

However you may retain some recollection of who you used to be prior to this unconscious emotional straight jacket set in. Or you recognise a vague sense of frustration, a lack of fulfillment and happiness in your life. You feel within you that there must be more to your life purpose than you have been able to know or experience previously. So you search for an answer to your loss of true "Authentic Self Expression".

Breaking Free From The Negative

Ego/personality can effectively be dismantled simply by systematically and permanently erasing the negative memories that make up its fabric. You can literally start to wake up from a deep slumber, as your Authentic Self shakes off the cobwebs of restraint. You begin to realise how you have been held in a state of mental and emotional bondage since you were very young and throughout your life to date.

As your Authentic Self re-emerges, which is equivalent to re-establishing the flow of Life Force Energy through your mind/body/spirit, you begin to re-connect to all of your natural and positive resources i.e. inner peace, self-confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, inner strength, self-awareness, resilience, clarity, peace of mind, ability to discern and trust your inner truth, creativity, sense of purpose and much more.

What’s more, this re-awakening, if you consistently work on your self-esteem and Authentic Self, is progressive and irreversible.

So if you feel like you are living an unfulfilled life, know deep down in your heart that there is more to you and you can change your perception of yourself and actually fulfill your desire to experience the freedom and freewill that was part and parcel of your Authentic Self.

Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator

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