Creating Positive Changes In Your Life

Creating Positive Changes In Your Life.

When it feels like your life is going through many changes, hold onto the power of communication with Spirit. Your loved ones and spirit guides will not allow you to flounder. The human experience is directly tied to the lessons of your soul. It is time to blend love, peace and make positive decisions.

If you are doing nothing but grumbling and complaining, perhaps it is time to motivate yourself to make changes. This holds true personally and on the larger stage.

Everything you do, as well as everything you fail to do, has an immense impact on a life of happiness. Inaction is the same thing as condoning all that is wrong. Be fearless! Be brave in the midst of those who are becoming programmed conformists. Be fearless when it comes to changes you want for yourself.

The world is going through a major change. It is time for good souls to awake and not blindly follow negative indoctrination. In your personal lives, you do not want to be taken advantage of, lied to, or forced to give all of the things that are in your possession away. Likewise, allowing so-called leaders of the "free" world to mandate to you what you can or cannot have, will only leave you frustrated and unmotivated.

You can make a difference! Start by dedicating yourself to beginning the journey of self discovery. Eliminate patterns that are self-destructive. Approach your life as though you are someone else. Make a list of things within that you would not be comfortable with and what you will do to change them. It is not good enough to just notice what you do not like. Nothing gets done without action! Standing up for the rights of others becomes easier too.

Use the gift of your empowered soul and intelligence given to you by the Creator. Some people wait around for great people to help them. Why not be one of those who are great? Source and the angelic kingdom will align themselves with you. While you are busy seeking better ways, embrace the greatness thrust upon you. With the purest energies of the universe as your allies, stand up for what is right. Be warned; it might not always be what is easiest, but it will bring peace and love to you and all others. Take the blessings of Infinite Spirit with you.

Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator

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