Developing Self Control And Self Discipline

Developing Self Control And Self Discipline Do you fail to follow your plans despite your best intentions? Is your mental state and lack of willpower keeping you from the life you want? Does your life resemble a never ending circular pattern from a lack of intentional action – then you simply need to discipline your mind.

Dreaming day and night doesn’t create the life you want – disciplined action does. Where you end up in life is determined solely by the number of times you fall and get up, how much pressure you can withstand and overcome barriers along the way.

The path to accomplishment and a life worth living is not innate talent, but rather focused perseverance and willpower. You must maximize your brain power and be in control of your thoughts. By disciplining your mind you will learn those essential steps and qualities that are needed to reach your goals easier and faster.

Take Control Over Your Life

Work out what stresses you and how can you turn your stress into your greatest ally.

Learn how to be patient and self-disciplined through focused action, maximising productivity and clearing your fear of failure.

To get the results you want and reach your goals you need to learn: - How to develop higher self-respect - How to let go and let live - How to be brave in reclaiming your life - Identify and handle challenges easily.

How Will Your Life Improve If You Discipline Your Mind?

You will be able to live a more stress-free, well-balanced life - Attract inspiring people and avoid those who hinder you from your goals - Learn to prioritize to get the most productive results - Know how to stay productive on those days when you are not in a good mood.

Avoid Temptations

Don't put yourself in temptation's way, or if you do, have a plan. You may have temptation for candy or chocolate, for example. So tell yourself I cannot and will not keep it in the home. Do not to look for it or ask for it. Knowing your weakness, enact a plan to ensure you are no longer tempted by these addictions.

Stress Hormones

Stress strongly depletes willpower. When people are stressed, they tend to fall back on ingrained habits, whether those habits are helpful or harmful. Often, this is not a conscious choice. Rather, people resort to old habits without thinking because they are in a stressed state. These are highly stressful situations, and your body will respond by boosting stress hormones, notably cortisol.

Cortisol boosts cravings, for example, carbohydrates and alcohol as they lower cortisol levels. But the downside of dealing with stress this way is that, in the long run, you risk obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and alcholism. Every time you respond to cortisol surges through unhealthy means, you strengthen those habits. So under times of stress, you will almost always fall back on these habits.

To deal with these stress-induced surges in cortisol and manage your cravings for sugar or alcohol, start responding with healthier choices, such as listening to calming music, visualizing or viewing calming scenes, moderate exercise — whatever works for you.

Overcome Feeling Overwhelmed

Often people give up not because they lack willpower, but because they feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the goal they must accomplish. A good way to deal with this feeling of overwhelm is to break the goal down into manageable pieces, and line them up in a sequence that guarantees success.

Balance Between Giving To Others And To Yourself

When it comes to willpower, people-pleasers may find themselves at a disadvantage compared to those who are secure and comfortable with themselves. It takes an enormous amount of effort to suppress your normal personality, preferences, and behaviors. By exerting self control in order to please others, rather than towards your own internal goals and desires, can deplete willpower.

That is not to say you act selfishly, when one gives unconditionally the universe will respond positively in turn, yet let go of the outcome. You must find a healthy balance between what you give out to others and give to yourself.

Develop And Strengthen Your Self-Control

Self control is the ability to control impulses and reactions. It is not some kind of negative and limiting behavior, as some people might think. When self control is used wisely and with common sense, it becomes one of the most important tools for self improvement and for achieving success.

Self control is vital for overcoming obsessions, fears, addictions, and any kind of unsuitable behavior. It puts you in control of your life, your behavior, and your reactions. It improves your relationships, develops patience and tolerance, and is an important tool for attaining success and happiness.

How Self Control Helps You

  • It keeps in check self destructive, addictive, obsessive and compulsive behavior.

  • Gives you a sense of mastery over your life, and brings balance into your life.

  • Keeps over-emotional responses in check or moderation.

  • Eliminates the feeling helplessness and being too dependent on others.

  • Manifests mental and emotional detachment, which contributes to peace of mind.

  • Controls moods and reject negative feelings and thoughts.

  • Strengthens self esteem, confidence, inner strength, self mastery and willpower.

  • Enables you to take charge of your life.

  • Makes you a responsible and trustworthy human being.

Obstacles To Self Control

  • Lack of knowledge and understanding what self control really is.

  • Strong and uncontrolled emotional responses.

  • Reacting to outside stimuli, without thinking first.

  • Lack of discipline and willpower.

  • Lack of the desire to change and improve.

  • Considering self-control as a limiting and unpleasant activity.

  • The belief that self control eliminates fun.

  • Lack of faith in oneself and in one's abilities.

Developing Self Control

  • Identify in what areas of your life you need to gain more self control.

  • Where do you find yourself lacking in self control?

  • Identify the emotions that lack control, such as anger, dissatisfaction, unhappiness, resentment, pleasure or fear.

  • Identify the thoughts and beliefs that push you to behave in uncontrolled manner.

Developing Affirmations

Develop affirmations which you repeat daily, such as:

  • I am fully in control of myself.

  • I have the power to choose my emotions and thoughts.

  • Self control brings me inner strength and leads me to success.

  • I am in control of my reactions.

  • I am in charge of my behavior.

  • I am gaining control of my emotions.

  • I am the master of my life.

  • Day by day my ability to control my feelings and thoughts is increasing.

  • Self control is fun and pleasure.

Visualize Self Control

Visualize yourself acting with self control and self restraint. Take one of the instances where you usually act with lack of control, and visualize that you are acting calmly and with self mastery. By developing and strengthening your willpower and self discipline, you develop and strengthen your self control.

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