The Advantages Of Group Meditation

The Advantages Of Group Meditation

Meditation can be a uniquely fulfilling experience. But it can also be a lonely one. Many people, when first learning to meditate, do so on their own, often from the comfort of their own homes. They research breathing techniques to follow, or discover guided meditations online.

Some purchase books on the subject, while others still do nothing of the sort and simply resolve themselves to sitting quietly in a room to contemplate the breath.

But much of the time, meditation is a solitary endeavor. Whilst it’s certainly rewarding in its own right, it can also become easy to feel discouraged.

Meditating with a group can be the answer to enrich your regular, individual meditation practice.

Meditating In A Group Can Be A Lot Of Fun

You have someone to keep pace with, to learn from, to encourage and be encouraged by, and it can be quite energizing.

You can learn new structured meditation techniques from other more knowledgeable which will enhance your experience tremendously.

Meditating In A Group Creates Accountability

It’s not as easy to bail on when there’s someone waiting for you to show up. You wouldn’t just be letting yourself down, you’d be letting down your workout partner too. This increased accountability can be the push many people need to get over their weekday and take themselves out of their daily work and home routines.

Think of meditation as a workout for your mind. When you agree to regularly meditate with a group, you’ll have other people expecting you to show up. It is always a great way to start of a social group of like-minded people.

Meditating In A Group Amplifies Your Experience

Each of us possesses our own inner wellspring of prana. Prana, or life energy, is what connects us as living beings. By meditating, we can more readily access this field of energy. When we still the mind and listen to the breath, we can focus on the power within. So, what happens when people meditate and focus on this life energy as a group?

The effects of meditation can be readily amplified when practicing with others. When the environment is conducive to introspection and contemplation, what often occurs is the collective expansion of awareness.

With each person individually focused on the same task, it can feel as if you’re simultaneously connecting to the same universal signal. A signal you emanate together, with a quiet, steady power that contains the potential to shift consciousness to entirely new and elevated realms.

Meditating In A Group Offers Opportunity For Support

When you practice privately, it’s easy to feel bogged down in the day to day. It’s easy to feel discouraged and disheartened. It’s easy to simply walk away when you’re too tired or frustrated to continue.

But when you meditate with a group, there are people there to support and augment your practice with their feedback and experience. If you participate in a guided meditation, it’s easier to stay on track, and keep motivated.

If you feel your meditation practice hasn’t been productive, a fellow practitioner can offer some insight, or relate your experience to one of their own. If you experience difficult and challenging emotions arise during a practice, there are fellow meditators there to empathize with you.

Meditating with a group offers so much in the way of counsel, feedback, and encouragement, that you shouldn’t be surprised if the people you meet in your group meditations soon become lifelong friends.

Meditating with others when you’re accustomed to meditating alone can seem like a frightening feat. But the benefits of group meditation are multifaceted and significant, and can swiftly advance your meditation practice.

Be sure to give it a try, at least once! The results can be extraordinary.

Sources : Deepak Chopra

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