What Is Channeling?

What Is Channeling?

Channeling is the process of making a sacred connection with your Higher Guides or your Higher Self to receive guidance, atonement, healing and loving.

Direct-voice channeling is a method by which the Higher Guides blend their energies with the person (channeler), who is channeling and speaks through the channel’s consciousness.

However, that is not the only form of channeling – it can take many forms. Some channel by what they create, be it music, art, gardens, the written or spoken word, joy and inspiration. We are all creator beings with the freedom to choose – to choose what we create with God’s loving that flows through and is uniquely expressed as us into the world.

There are many ways that the information can be transferred - through the channel hearing words, being shown images, the transfer of feelings or a combination of these and even through the influence of the muscular system of the channel that occurs in automatic writing.

Channeling In Ancient Times

In ancient times priestesses and priests of the temples, psychics, seers and shamans were the channelers of energies from archetypes to nature spirits to their own spirit guides.

All civilisations and cultures have one form or another of mystics providing services with their abilities to tap into different dimensions and bring through knowledge the masses were untrained to do themselves. Shamans and priests have kept this art form alive until this day.

Throughout history, many have been wrongly accused or misunderstood. This is usually as a result of fear tactics from religious teachings, because they don't want people to know they can connect with Source themselves and not just through religious leaders. Channelers have often been accused of practising evil or demonic rituals, and in many cases in the past accused and murdered for being witches or sorcerers.

Channeling Today

Nowadays the art form of Channeling can be utilised by most anyone, whenever they desire. Channeling has undergone a major transformation in this century. Mankind's consciousness has awakened with ever advancing speed, mostly due to a revolutionary change in

information technology, where now information can be accessed instantaneously across the globe, and has enabled people to be more aware of spiritual teachings around the world.

Yet more recently, in the last few years, higher frequencies of inter-galactic light entering into our solar system from source and our galactic centre, which are transforming and activating humankind's DNA, enhancing all our senses in a myriad of ways, including the ability to channel. Yet few still seem to understand what channeling really is.

Today is it no longer necessary to have a middle-person in order to bridge between a person and Source. Channeling today does not necessarily require the channel to go into an unconscious trance while channeling, and having no memory or responsibility for what comes through them.

Today's channels are being given the opportunity to realise how they are co-creators in the channeling phenomenon, being equal to the entities they channel.

Channelers are more conscious of what is occurring in their altered state and taking responsibility for their co-creation: being as clear a channel as they can be, allowing themselves to step aside in the process and allow their mentors to fully come through, and then using the channeled messages to assist in their personal growth.

What Is Channeling?

Essentially channeling is a communication between conscious beings, in our case humans, and a higher consciousness being in another dimensional frequency. We exist on this earthly third dimension, within one of many multi dimensional universes, where our physical plane is only one of several that currently exists.

We may consider that we are in the physical plane, yet the next level is the astral plane which we inhabited before our physical bodies were born and after we pass from Earth. There are other dimensional planes our spirit also inhabits, even if we have difficulty perceiving them, as all of these planes are connected. The actual channeling is the communication that is conducted with a spirit guide that exists in the astral plane. Although in theory, channeling can be performed with any consciousness that lives in the astral plane or higher plane of existence, it usually done with someone that has a strong connection with the person on Earth. In order to make the connection, a channeler is generally needed to help bring the spirit into contact with our plane. However, this form of communication may be more accurately described as "mediumship", which overlaps the art of channeling.

Channeling may also come in the form of relaying information telepathically from a mentor without being in a full trance.

The Difference Between Channeling And Mediumship

An important distinction must also be realized between channeling and mediumship.

Channeling is when you are primarily providing a service of counseling, teaching or healing for yourself and others.

Mediumship is primarily providing a service to spiritual entities, who have their specific agendas.

Both mediumship and channeling are done by finely tuning into a specific dial on the electromagnetic frequency spectrum (similar to a radio), allowing connection to other parts of ourselves, to Source or other entities.

One may be a medium or a channel; some people are both. The purpose of channeling is to receive more love and knowledge.

Other Methods of Channeling

Some channels may keep their eyes open or closed or move around while channeling, depending on the channel and the form the channeling takes.

There are channels who speak, write, dance, play or compose music, create artwork or new technology, or do healing. Some channels are multi-channels, meaning they can do several different forms of channeling with ease and expertise.

When we daydream and have visions, whilst reading, watching a film, meditating, working or indeed anything we are creating, that we are passionately focusing our attention on, as though time doesn't seem to exist. In this zone we find ourselves in, we can say that we are channeling, as in that moment we are being open to receiving and in a slightly altered state of consciousness, tuning into something specific.

Channeling As An Art Form

To determine if what you are channeling, or listening to from a channeler, is a clear channeling representing the Source, and how we can benefit from channeling.

So, channeling is an art form that opens up creativity and greater possibilities for ourselves through the doorway of love and imagination - which is the doorway to more wisdom and Source.

Through channeling we open up to new realms of awareness and perspectives. We are more connected with the universality of life. And we can use it to create whatever we desire.

As a service, channeling requires and brings the openness to love, trust, and the ability and desire to receive. It also requires and affords more focus, intent, clarity, discretion and self-knowledge and self-respect, and is an on-going process. And in turn, when done properly and clearly, brings all more teaching, love, energy, clarity, focus, inspiration, empowerment, alternatives, compassion, sovereignty, joy, wisdom, increased abundance and much growth.

Benefits Of Channeling The real benefit of channeling is to gain higher knowledge, which is generally outside this plane of existence, in order to better understand our own lives on Earth. Channeling enables ourselves to open and connect to our own higher self (our true essence),to Source, or by allowing a loving teaching entity to express itself through us.

This type of entity's focus is to share wisdom, knowledge, counselling assistance, healing, self-empowerment, and other forms of creativity that benefits the channel as well as the whole of humanity.

Channeling is a sharing of energies, a creation of new energies, and a mirroring process wherein the channeler, the audience and even the being that is channeled are receiving much from the process.

Channeling is like a triangle: two energies connecting, coming together, creating a third through their relationship.

Channeling brings a unique insight to a person so that they can make more informed decisions about what they need to do.

If you wish to learn more about channeling check out our channeling course:

Michael J Robey

Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator

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