How To Practise Telepathy

How To Practise Telepathy

Telepathy, the ability to read minds, is not only limited to a few talented individuals.

Without knowing, each and every one of us sends and receives telepathic signals with every person we encounter. It is the communication of thoughts or ideas by means of the sixth sense. Extra Sensory Perception Contact with the higher dimensions is received through all your sensory attributes, your five senses and sixth sense (Extra Sensory Perception). Extra Sensory Perception (ESP), is the sensory information that an individual receives, which is received beyond the ordinary five senses sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. It can provide the individual with information of the present, past, and future; as it originates from higher dimensions and/or the Akashic Records. The greater trust and understanding you have in the existence of higher dimensions, and your abilities to communicate through all your six senses, the clearer the message you receive. Imagine you are tuning into a higher dimensional radio signal station, pin pointing your attention to the specific vibration of the higher dimensional communicator, using all your senses as communication is given and received in many forms. Just as your eyes are the physical sensory tools for seeing the physical third dimensional plane, your Pineal and Pituitary Glands are the physical sensory "eyes" of The Sixth Sense and access to the higher dimensional planes. There are different forms of telepathy including: Mass Telepathy Mass telepathy, is the lowest form of instinctual telepathy, which can be seen in the seasonal migration patterns of birds, fish, insects, and other animals. Instinctive Telepathy Instinctive telepathy between animals and humans is generally dependent upon close relationships, such as dog handlers, veterinarians, kennel and stable proprietors, horse trainers and riders. Dogs and other animals often anticipate their owners’ arrival, even when the owners return home at random times or in unfamiliar vehicles. Instinctual Telepathy Humans share this type of telepathy with the animal kingdom, and it is still a common mode of communication in indigenous cultures. Instinctual telepathy utilises the area around the solar plexus, the centre of instinct and emotion. In this type of telepathy, one person registers the feelings or needs of another at a distance. This teaching can be found in a wide variety of cultures, both ancient and modern. Mental Telepathy Mental telepathy, or thought transference, is mind-to-mind telepathy. This type of telepathy utilises the throat centre and the lower levels of the mental plane. The practise of true mental telepathy requires a concentrated, one-pointed focus of attention.. Contact is made between two fully conscious, focused minds. Dream Telepathy Telepathy is also part of our dream time, meditations, and many of the things we generally do without even realising it. Spiritual Telepathy Spiritual telepathy is the highest form of telepathy. This type of telepathy utilises the higher levels of the mental plane, soul-to-soul. Spiritual telepathy becomes possible only when we’ve created a link between the brain, mind, and soul. The human experience is virtual and connects through consciousness grids. As a psychic you learn that to connect with others during a reading or mediumship or body health scan. Psychics align their grid to the client and bring back information in thought forms and/or imagery. By looking into someones eyes, focus, relax your mind and connect your grid matrices so information flows. When we align the brain, mind, and soul, we have the ability to serve as intermediaries between the physical and the spiritual worlds. The Ascended Masters who guide the evolution of our planet, cannot directly affect life on earth. Instead, they look for those with a direct line of communication between the soul and the brain. Information and ideas can then be stepped down via the soul and “impressed” upon our brains. As our planetary frequency evolves, meaning moves faster, are psychic abilities are increasing telepathy, which is a tool that we often rely on without even realising it.

How To Practise Telepathic Communication Here are the essential steps to practise telepathic communication: 1. Sender And Receiver We will need two people. One will be the Sender, who will attempt to transmit thoughts; the other will be the Receiver, who will attempt to receive the thoughts transmitted by the Sender. First decide clearly who is to be the Sender or the Receiver. If you don't, you both might end up being Receivers or Senders! Avoid that confusion. 2. Belief First of all, it is very important that the Sender and the Receiver both believe and desire that telepathy is possible. Even if the belief is not 100%, an open-minded attitude is a must. If you are a sceptic, the doors of your mind will be closed, so you will get very poor results. 3. Physical Relaxation Telepathy is most effective when the Sender and the Receiver are both totally relaxed physically. Also, being in positive health makes you concentrate better. Try not to practise when you are unwell. Relax yourself using any relaxation method you find best. You can either breathe deeply a couple of times, or use the progressive relaxation method. 4. Mental Relaxation Clear your mind of unwanted thoughts. Make sure your mind is tranquil. Let thoughts come and go, but don't get attached to them. Then focus on your purpose. Since you are the Sender, your focus will be to send your thoughts across. Your partner, the Receiver should focus his mind to be receptive to your thoughts. Make sure that both of you do not have any distractions around. A disturbed environment will be detrimental to your progress. A calm and quiet environment will give maximum results 5. Visualisation Before beginning the transmission, it is important that the previous steps are well followed. They will set up the foundation for your success. With your eyes shut, visualise a clear picture in full colour of the Receiver. Imagine that the Receiver is a few feet away from you, as though physically present. To help visualise the Receiver properly, you can even look at a coloured picture of the Receiver before the experiment. Now imagine a silver tube connecting your mind as the Sender and the Receiver's mind. This tube is the channel through which your thoughts are communicated . Visualise this tube to be full of energy. Know in your heart that this tube is very effective and will do the job well. You could also imagine you are communicating via an imaginary telephone line,

6. Transmission Now imagine that your thoughts are being transmitted through the tube - from your mind to the Receiver's mind. If you are thinking of transmitting a mental picture of an apple, visualise a bright, red, juicy apple travelling across our tube. Make the picture as vivid as possible. Charge the apple with emotion.

Believe that telepathy is real. Desire that your thoughts reach the Receiver. Imagine the feeling you will have when you succeed. This is very crucial as emotions are a very powerful trigger and give excellent results. Very often, telepathy experiments fail because the thoughts lack emotional charge.

The Receiver needs to clear his mind, be relaxed and focused on receiving the image and describe or draw with as much detail as possible.

7. Review Your Results

After each experiment telepathic communication with the Receiver, check to see how accurate and detailed the picture has been received.

Michael J Robey

Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator

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