Aspects Of Spiritual Development

Aspects Of Spiritual Development

There are many aspects to spiritual development:


The development of personal beliefs, including religious beliefs; an appreciation that people have individual and shared beliefs on which they base their lives; a developing sense of how personal beliefs contribute to personal identity.


A sense of awe, wonder and mystery - Being inspired by the natural world, mystery, or human achievement.

Experiencing Transcendence

Feelings which might give rise to belief in the existence of a divine being, or the belief that one’s inner resources provide the ability to rise above everyday experience.

Searching for meaning and purpose - Asking “why me?” at times of hardship or suffering; reflecting on the origin and purpose of life; responding to challenging experiences of life such as beauty, suffering and death.


Recognising and valuing the worth of each individual; developing a sense of community, the ability to build up relationships with others.


Expressing innermost thoughts and feelings through, for example, art, music, literature and crafts; exercising the imagination, inspiration, intuition and insight.

Feelings And Emotions

The sense of being moved by beauty or kindness; hurt by injustice or aggression; a growing awareness of when it is important to control emotions and feeling, and how to use such feeling as a source of growth.


What are we addicted to and why? We use substance addictions to cover up for deeper conscious and sub conscious fears, and emotional distress. We create emotional responses culminating in obsessions, such as anger, depression, abuse, sexual and control.

Mind Body Spirit Coordination

Enrich your daily life and capabilities:- Extending your natural positive energy. Being centred, relaxed and aware. Increasing all your six senses. Awaken your consciousness.

Evolving Your Consciousness

Understand that there is no good or bad, these are redundant concepts. Your choice is to whether your new and ever changing concepts are evolving you. Expanding your experience of your consciousness, your spiritual existence and your true soul path.

Perception v’s Reality

What is our perception and what is reality and who’s reality. Each one of us have a different concept of our reality, other people, situations and our surroundings, based on our learnt experience, sensory abilities, conscious and sub conscious memories.

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