Let Go Of The Past And Outcomes - Make Now The Destination

Let Go Of The Past And Outcomes - Make Now The Destination We have been conditioned to obsess ourselves with illusionary outcomes. We ask ourselves why? when? where? and how? without really understanding or admitting to ourselves that we have to take action towards our desired outcome. In other words create our own reality. How Many Moments Do You Spend Dwelling On Future Outcomes? So many people will ask me will this happen, will he/she come back to me, will i meet the person of my dreams. This is fortune telling not reality. However hard that is to stomach for a lot of people. Events, peoples lives, actions and thoughts are an ever changing the second. Time is quite simply a perception of the speed of light over distance. There are trillions of potential permutations. So how can you honestly predict a specific future event? Primarily you must come to terms nothing happens unless you take action. Moment to moment. You create an energy either positive or negative that the universe simply reflects back to you. The greater focus towards the positive energy of action, brings back positive universal response. Positive synchronicity occurs. The pleasure is in the experience of taking action in the moment, which you resonate with and enjoy. You are creating your own painting ! You can enjoy the memory of previous experiences. But they are the past. Good or bad they are not coming back. However your emotional reaction to the past, which is reacting in the present, is affecting your ability to be wholly in the present. How Many Moments Do You Spend Dwelling On The Past? Either regretting or reminiscing. Positive memories are great, they make you feel good, which motivate you in the present. But they are just memories. Create new ones!

Negative memories are destructive and simply bring you into a fear mode about the future. Bin them! They don't serve you! We might not have this world as we know it forever, but right now the sun is still rising every morning. We have so much that we overlook as we gaze into the future. The solutions we seek may just present themselves effortlessly if we can become fully present and receptive in the moment. Make "Now" The Destination Stress is almost always the result of fear, or worrying about outcomes. Peace almost always arises when we can be fully present in the moment. If we make "NOW" the destination then we will find that we are already here and outcomes in the future will mean a whole lot less. Right action is its’ own reward, we don’t need to chase dangling carrots. Remember if the world ends tomorrow what will it matter if we didn’t take the time to enjoy it today?

Michael J Robey

Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator

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