The Threefold Flame Of The Heart

The Threefold Flame Of The Heart

St Germain said "The Threefold Flame is the presence of God anchored in your heart. It is the presence of God with you. The flame that burns within your heart is the seat of cosmic consciousness". Life all begins in the heart. The heart is the first physical manifestation of the fetus to grow within the mother's womb. The heart is the repository for the flame of God. This flame is the essence of God, blazing within our physical form. Love, Wisdom and Power Called the Threefold Flame by the ascended masters, it can only be seen at higher frequencies. This Threefold Flame, sustains our physical life It represents the sacred trinity of love, wisdom and power, placed in our hearts at birth and withdrawn at transition. “Threefold” means that not one but three identifiable plumes rise from a tiny sphere of the white light of the Mother flame. The colours of the plumes are blue, yellow and pink. The plumes are meant to be balanced, expanding, accelerating and swirling as we gain mastery.

Blue Plume The blue plume embodies the desire of the soul to do the will of God. It is the quality of thrust toward one’s goal as an inner resolve and power to accomplish. It symbolizes an ability to take leadership over oneself and others.

Yellow Plume The yellow plume represents the right use of knowledge of all kinds, a wisdom and discrimination based on the standards and principles of truth such as those found in the major world religions. It is a love of learning and a desire to impart what one has learned to others.

Pink Plume The pink plume represents love and compassion, the very nature of God. This love knows the difference between sympathy, a debilitating emotion, and empathy, a strengthening one. It is not smothering or controlling but supportive and freeing.

The ideal is that these plumes are balanced within us so that power is tempered with love and love is saturated with wisdom. Leaders without love become tyrants. Parents who do not balance love with discipline rear children that are likely to be irresponsible and self-centered. In reality.

True love is the perfect balance of the three plumes - an empowering and wise compassion that expresses the essence of God’s being in ways that only bless and benefit mankind.

Michael J Robey

Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator

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