Attaining Inner Peace

Attaining Inner Peace Life is full of wonderful situations: family, friends, festivals, parties, gatherings, weddings, holidays, countryside, beaches, eating your favourite food. Whatever makes you happy! But life is equally full of terrible situations on a global level: disease, crime, war, oppression and so on. Most of which we have no direct control over. Your own life may seem difficult due to your perception of current past or future situations, whether it be to do with work, money, bureaucracy, relationships, or family.

All these outer influences and situations can lead to confusion, frustration, anger or fear in your mind. But are they actually real or is it your limited perception of the reality? Is it simply your lack of inner peace which creates the illusion? What Is Inner Peace? Inner peace (or peace of mind) refers to a deliberate state of psychological or spiritual calmness, despite the potential presence of stressors. Peace of mind, serenity, and calmness are descriptions of a disposition free from the effects of stress. Why Is It Hard To Find Peace And Joy? If you observe your problems, you will notice that most problems are rooted in the mind. The basic premise is the same: some external event happens, we choose to see only one side of the story, and then interpret the situation such that it causes some form of mental conflict, resulting in some form of emotional suffering. While it is easy to simply say, “drop your problems”, it may not seem that simple. We all have had years and years of conditioning in attracting problems and conflicts. So much so, that the simple concept of "stop thinking about problems" may not be so effective on us. We need tools that strike at the problem’s root. Finding inner peace is simply a matter of directing our attention away from negative situations and towards positive ones. Mindfulness Experiencing mindfulness often starts with very small changes. For example:

  • Have nothing unresolved

  • Surrender and accept what is

  • Take full responsibility for how you react to others

  • Become aware of and sensitive to feelings rather than ignoring them

  • Tell the entire truth

  • Know your higher self

  • Unhinge from the adrenaline

Inner Silence In order to find inner peace, we must also find inner silence. Silence is often underated and almost impossible to find in this day and age. There are many ways to go about this, either through meditation, visualisation, or other means. When you close your eyes for about 5 minutes, during these 5 minutes, send out the intention that you want silence and stillness, and you do not want to be pulled away from this silence by thoughts. You will probably notice that the moment you become silent, thoughts started popping up – random and unrelated thoughts. These thoughts become a form of distraction, pulling us away from our inner silence. Our inner space becomes cluttered with useless information, with thoughts that are not conducive to our wellbeing. Because our inner space is cluttered, our inner clarity and in-born wisdom becomes distant and foggy. And essentially, we loose touch with that part of our inner selves that is sacred, wise, peaceful and eternal. So imagine if your mind is cluttered during moments of silence, how cluttered and entangled is your mind during daily life? More essentially how easily stressed you become when facing challenging situations? Still The Mind And Focus Our mind never stops developing thoughts, however we can control our thought patterns. By simply focusing on one thing is the key. Now when we are active this may seem simple, When walking, walk tall, be observant, out of your mind, with purpose towards the destination. When working focus on the job at hand. When socializing focus on the moment; chatting to friends; dancing the night away; watching a great film; enjoying the scenery in nature; swimming in the warm sea. Yet when doing nothing and seeking Inner Peace the mind is grasping at things to think about, because its not trained to be still. So once again just focus on one thing. Use visualization. It could be a beautiful place, music, ocean waves, your own dream world, relaxing your body, clearing your chakras. Whatever! Still your mind like calm water on a lake. Just focus on one thing! Any other thoughts let them float off into the distance. Mind Body And Spirit Coordination In order to resolve stress and over thinking in your daily if you must first train your mind to become more silent, allow your body to be more relaxed, and be in tune with your higher self. In essence mind, body and spirit coordination. In this state of being, you are calm, relaxed, natural, observant and more sensitive to your surroundings. Thoughts are clearer, positive and mindful - Actions are positive, controlled yet flowing - Your Spirit is in tune with your higher spiritual purpose. No matter what the outer situation may be perceived, your inner self is at peace. “We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.” - The Dalai Lama

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