The Realms Of All Possibilities

The Realms Of All Possibilities Is what we see just an illusion? Is it conceivable that all that we see is just an illusion? That we have no way of getting out of to see what is really out there. Our brain doesn’t know the difference between what is taking place out there and what is taking place in here. There is no difference of what is going out there, independent of what is going on in here. Quantum Physics There is a new science called Quantum Physics:- The subatomic world and reality, where matter is not what we thought it once was. Atoms, Ions And Molecules Scientist always believed that matter is the ultimate of that which is static and predictable. Where all atoms and molecules have vast the space within them, particles take up an insignificant amount of the volume of an atom or molecule. The rest of it is just a vacuum. Particles Disappear Through more recent controlled experiments it has been proven that particles appear and disappear all the time. So where do they go? Alternative Universes Maybe they go to an alternative universe or universes. And in that alternative universe when they re-disappear into our universe paradigm. The Universe Is Mostly Empty We like to see space as empty and matter as solid. But in fact there is essentially nothing to matter at all, it is completely insubstantial. Inside An Atom Take a look at an atom, we think of it as a kind of hard ball, but then we see it as a really tiny point of really dense matter right at the centre, surrounded by a fluffy kind of probability cloud of electrons popping in and out of existence. But then we find that the nucleus is also popping in and out of existence just as the electrons do. Matter Is More Like Thought The only solid thing one may say is that all this insubstantial matter is more like a thought, like a concentrated bit of information. What makes up things are not more things, but ideas, concepts and information. Past, Present And Future The fundamental physics that we have, doesn’t make any distinction between past and future.It is a puzzle why we should be able to remember the past but not the future.Or by acting now we can affect the future but not the past. It is only conscious experience that we think we are going forward in time. In quantum theory you can always go backwards in time. Waves Of Possible Locations As previously mentioned a particle can be in two or more places or states simultaneously. A particle which we think of as a solid thing, really exists in a so called “super position”, spread out in waves of possible locations and the particle is in all at of them at once, the instant you check on it, it pops into just one of those possibilities. Waves Of Possibilities When you are not looking, it is like waves of possibilities, when you are looking, it is like particles of experience. Therefore, our world is full of potential shifts of reality until we choose. We can choose which reality we wish to perceive and experience by simply focusing on the one.We are “being” in many places at once, experiencing many places at once. Particles Moving Via The Matrix Field But how can a system or object be in different states at the same time? Its Easy! Instead of thinking of things as static, think of them as particles which amass in the reality you are focusing on, but are individual tiny particles moving in a vast space integrated by the matrix field, continuously moving in and out different realities. Possible Movements Of Consciousness We have a habit of thinking that everything around us is already a thing, existing without our input or without our choice. You have to banish such kind of thinking. Instead you have to recognise that even the material world around us, are nothing but possible movements of consciousness and you are choosing moment to moment, out of those movements to bring your actual experience into manifestation. This is all you need to do, however, it is so radically difficult for us, because our tendency is believe our world is already out there independent of our experience. But it is not! The realms of all possibilities are infinite.

If you want to understand more I highly recommend checking out - "What The Bleep" :

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