How To Love Yourself More

How To Love Yourself More

When you find yourself alone be it out of choice or possibly not, it is a time of reflection. How do you feel in yourself when you have no outside stimulus as a distraction? Do you nurture your own self well-being or slide into a sense of self doubt and emotional self harm? Even though you may not see at the time, the choice is always yours to make. Down times are good moments to allow yourself to look within and reflect on love, particularly self love. Taking time to check in with your higher mind and inner wisdom to see just where you rate yourself in terms of self care and self love. . Keeping your self busy or entertained is always good. But what about the deeper aspects of your life? When is the last time you thought about personal integrity, kindness or tolerance, especially towards yourself? When it comes to outward expressions of these things it often seems easier to engage them for and with other people, but what about internally? After all the most important relationship anyone has is with one’s self, and it is this relationship that really determines all others. How often do you take time to reflect on this relationship with yourself? What do you see in the mirror? The physical aspect is only a part of the equation. So now see yourself as looking at a mirror of inner reflection - i.e. your personality. The important part is to focus on what you like about yourself. Be grateful and take pride in them. Nurture your self worth. Express a loving relationship with yourself. See negative aspects simply as a learning experience, it does not define you. They simply need adjustment towards the positive. It’s time to face the truth: The most important person in your life is YOU.

So how can you treat yourself right in ways externally to love yourself? Pick any of these during your down times or you may have your own ideas. Be adventurous try something different for a change! 30 Ways to Love Yourself 1. Wake up, take a shower, stretch, dance, feel invigorated and make breakfast and enjoy. 2. Practise mind body spirit self disciplines such as yoga, meditation, fitness, tai chi, aikido. 3. Breathe deeply all the time. 4. Set clear boundaries between business and pleasure. 5. Take more hot baths with essential oils, candles, soft music. 6. Always eat healthy food you enjoy. 7. Develop hobbies, learn a new language or skill. 8. Grow and nurture plants, vegetables. flowers, herbs. 9. Get out and explore new places, even in your hometown. 10. Hang out with your friends and family. 11. Pick out and read more books. 12. Keep a daily journal or scrapbook. 13. Catch the sunrise, sunset, night and daylight sky. 14. Cozy up and watch a movie or your favourite series. 15. Get a massage, acupuncture, make over. 16. Just be still, turn off the lights and appliances, light scented candles, burn essential oils or joysticks. 17. Enjoy a picnic, brunch or coffee in a relaxed setting. 18. Walk along the beach go for a swim in the ocean. 19. Listen to music and turn up the volume. 20. Tidy your space, open your windows, enjoy cleaning and clearing clutter. 21. Collect natural treasures like wild flowers, pebbles, wild berries, tree fruits. 22. Laugh often. 23. Repeat affirming mantras, like “I am loved.” 24. Travel outside of your comfort zone. 25. Tell the people you love that you love them. 26. Drink lots of water. 27. Spend less time on your phone. 28. Volunteer for a local community project. 29. Buy yourself presents.or your favourite snack. 30. Go to museums, festivals, library, local events.

Now go enjoy your relationship with YOU!

Michael J Robey

Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator

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