How Sacred Geometry Can Help Your Life

How Sacred Geometry Can Help Your Life Humans were once more attuned to the environment they lived in. Today, we have mostly lost that connection to nature and the planet.The ancient wisdom that was often passed down through storytelling and tradition seems to have been forgotten or lost. One of the greatest of ancient wisdom found within the construction of many ancient monuments is Sacred Geometry. Humans were once more attuned to the environment they lived in. Today, we have mostly lost that connection to nature and the planet.

What Is Sacred Geometry? Sacred Geometry ascribes symbolic and sacred meanings to certain geometric shapes and certain geometric proportions. The geometry used in the design and construction of religious structures such as churches, temples, mosques, religious monuments, altars, and tabernacles has sometimes been considered sacred. The concept applies also to sacred spaces such as sanctuaries, sacred groves, village greens, holy wells, and the creation of religious art, spiritual practises and interactions with the world around us. The earliest religions and indigenous cultures recognised that there were different patterns or geometric shapes that repeated throughout nature. They also worked out that there was a correlation or connection between the various elements found in the earth and the heavens. These connections or common patterns, known as Sacred Geometry, are mirrored with the same patterns appearing on the earth, planets, solar systems and galaxies, indeed all parts of the universe.

Five Platonic Solids They also recognised that these small patterns were representative of the building blocks that were literally the blueprint for everything in the universe. The building blocks can be identified as the five platonic solids. In three-dimensional space, a Platonic solid is a regular, convex polyhedron. It is constructed by congruent (identical in shape and size) regular (all angles equal and all sides equal) polygonal faces with the same number of faces meeting at each vertex. Five solids meet those criteria: Tetrahedron (four faces); Cube (six faces); Octahedron (eight faces); Dodecahedron (twelve faces); and Icosahedron (twenty faces). All these solids fit perfectly within a three dimensional sphere.

Modern science has proven that these patterns are, in fact, the very molecular shapes that form the basis of all life in this universe. These shapes or patterns are universal and govern the way in which all within the universe replicates itself. These universal laws or patterns are absolute and static, they do not change or alter over time or space. Patterns and natural laws can be broken down into a variety of different representations. These may include numbers, mathematical formulae and even specific geographic symbols. Since symbols are very visual they are easy to identify throughout historical architecture, art and design. Using these symbols, all based on mathematics, allowed incredibly detailed and precise construction that still inspires wonder and awe today.

Awareness, Perception and Understanding The deeper you study the universal properties of Sacred Geometry the greater your awareness, perception and understanding of how the universe, space and time, multi-dimensional existence works and how it intrinsically applies to your own limitless spiritual being. It taps into the natural laws that have been and still are universal in this world. Sacred Geometry is also a way to heal, and to create beautiful and lasting art, architecture and design in our lives in a positive and balanced way.

Everything – from the movement of the cosmos, to the growth of a plant from seed, to the inner workings of an atom – possesses a harmonious and measurable structure. So it’s not hard to see why so many ancient cultures attributed magical and spiritual symbolism to geometric patterns. Pyramids, spirals, mandalas, crosses and stars comprise just a small sampling of the sacred shapes employed by spiritual systems across the globe. How Sacred Geometry Can Help Your Life? Sacred Geometry has played an important role in mathematics, science, engineering and quantum physics. But how can it improve your everyday life? By having a greater understanding of Sacred Geometry you will be amazed by the many benefits it will provide. Improves Your Spatial Understanding And Visual Ability Many projects require an ability to imagine what is needed inside a certain space, such as planning a house renovation, determining what size of car to buy or laying out a new garden. Practise visualising 3-dimensional shapes and dimensions will help with tasks like these. Promotes A Greater Appreciation Of Nature And The Universe. Once you’re familiar with some of the basic shapes, you’ll start seeing how they repeat in many places throughout nature and man-made structures. Enhances 3-D Thinking If you work in graphic design, movie production or any other type of design work, an awareness of sacred geometric patterns will help train your brain to see patterns and improve your design and 3-D skills. Studying the sacred shapes and patterns may give you some great ideas for your next project. Sacred Geometry engages your whole brain. The left side of our brain tends to be the more logical, technical side, whereas the right brain is typically the creative, intuitive side. For most of us, one side of the brain is usually dominant. The nature of geometry engages both sides of your brain and helps them to work together. This can make you more effective in life overall. Assists With Meditation And Personal Awareness Mandalas are specific shapes used by various traditions to represent the universe and act as aids for meditation. You can work with mandalas to help your own meditation practise. Or you can simply decorate with symbols that are meaningful to you and place them as reminders throughout your home. Visualising your protective toroidal sphere extending from your heart centre and your 3 dimensional Merkaba (Star of David) is an incredibly powerful form of transcendental meditation. Which Shape Attracts You Most? Geometric shapes have been revered since earliest times as gateways to wisdom and as reservoirs of sacred power. When we tune in to the shape that holds an attraction for us in the moment, they can also reveal something deeply meaningful about the challenges we face in our lives. See which of the following geometric shapes attracts you most today. Then find out what this says about where you are in your life and what you need to focus on, here: Circle The Circle is a reminder of wholeness and the nature of life-cycles. Think of all the things that are circular. Circles cover a lot of territory, e.g. the symbol for nothing the symbol for the powerful life-giving sun, the symbol of egalitarian and inclusive concentric circles. Give some thought to all of the interconnecting circles in your life. How can you invite a more inclusive way of being into your life? Square The Square is your ally when you need to build firm foundations. You can build a lot of things on a solid, square base: its four sides remind us that four is a magical number, related to the four elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water), an indicator of essential things relating well in balance and harmony. Face the basic issues of your life squarely. Where do you need more stability? Do the foundations of your relationships need attention? Do you feel your finances are built on sand or solid foundation? Straight Line The straight line is direct and to the point, with no meandering. The line promises the shortest distance between two things. But it also carries the promise of infinity: theoretically, any straight line could be extended forever. Take a moment to think about the power of straight lines in your life. You might want to picture an unswerving line leading directly from your heart to what it is you most deeply desire. It is focusing on a straight line of getting from point A to point B without meandering. Take simple, concrete steps that will bring you a little closer to your spirit’s goal. Triangle The triangle is the physical shape of a deeply sacred number three. For example the Holy Trinity:Father Mother Child; Body Mind Spirit; Three Primary Colours the list of significant threes goes on and on. One of the primary attributes of the triangle is a solid earth-base sending energy upward to a single point which acts as a reminder of your own spiritual base and attainment to a higher sense of consciousness. What are the core beliefs that sustain you? Where do you sit with your own beliefs and how they support you. Spiral The Spiral can be seen in many forms of nature, e.g sea shells, sunflowers. galaxies. It curves both inward and outward, with the potential for continuing on into infinity. And unlike the circle that goes endlessly round and round, a spiral approach to life implies progression. We may come near to similar issues and life-problems, but always from a more spacious perspective. Walking a spiral path, has been a deeply calming form of meditation. You might want to reap some of the benefits of the spiral. By simply drawing one on a piece of paper and then tracing and retracing it with your finger will soothe you and remind you of the repeating patterns in your life, and the progress you are making with them. Pyramid Pyramid Power is based on the theory that pyramid shapes which can generate energy that can produce startling effects. Pyramids can preserve food from decay. Instead of rotting, food inside a pyramid dehydrates and mummifies and stays good enough to eat. Plants and seeds grown in a pyramid double in size. Meditating within a pyramid shape structure enhances your meditative experience dramatically. Merkaba The Merkaba Meditation – a detailed visualisation involving a number of geometric shapes and number patterns – just might be for you. In addition to providing a deep spiritual and energetic purification, over time it powerfully shifts your vibration so that all your magic and manifestation work becomes noticeably swifter, easier, and more effective. Flower Of Life The Flower of Life is a geometric pattern of intersecting circles that may continue infinitely in all directions. It can be visualised within anything (physical, energetic, or situational) in order to create a stronger, healthier, more coherent, and more harmonious structure. Also, because it’s infinitely expansive, it can be employed to expand projects or multiply wealth. Simply visualise the pattern filling anything you choose. Metatron Cube The Metatron Cube incorporates all five platonic solids It represents the Guardian/Holder of the keys to the Universe and all that resides within it. Metatronia Therapy utilises the divine blueprint of all creation through the sacred geometric patterns of light. This is different to other healing vibrations as they can be limited in their formations. Metatronia vibration is beyond limitation. It acts as a divine conduit, uniting you with your Soul signature vibrational reality. It moves the human bodily form above and beyond restrictions that may be in place through limiting conditioning / behaviours / programming etc. The Sacred Geometric codex are light forms that are universal and non-restricted. That is, they are every altering in line with divine light evolution. The study of the Power of Sacred Geometry is limitless. I would certainly recommend learning more about the secrets of Sacred Geometry explained In great detail by one of my greatest mentors Drunvalo Melchizedek:

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