Twelve By Twelve Dimensions Of Consciousness

Twelve By Twelve Dimensions Of Consciousness

Our present reality is generally viewed in three dimensions (Length, Width and Depth), However, there are simultaneously higher dimensions, which one can connect with.

The fourth and fifth dimensions are higher realms, which are simultaneously in existence with the lower dimensions, but also on a different space, time and frequency.

Twelve Russian Dolls

There are said to be twelve dimensions of consciousness. Similar to twelve russian dolls in different sections inside each other, at the same place at the same time, which allow us to have etheric bodies.

Twelve By Twelve

Twelve dimensions is somewhat simplified, one can say there are 12 x 12 = 144 dimensions of consciousness. Yet if we exist in a multi-versal state of consciousness, then these twelve dimensions can be multiplied or divided to infinity by twelve.

Twelve is a universal magical number which relates to the twelve harmonics of the musical scale; the twelve main colours of the rainbow; the twelve months of the year; the twelve signs of the zodiac; the twelve measurements of length e.g. inches; and the growth of twelve circles / spheres emanating from the one circle/sphere within The Flower Of Life.

Two Dimensional State

Imagine you existed in a two dimensional state of length and width. Your consciousness would not be aware of depth. It would be inconceivable to imagine an existence with depth. Until the concept of depth is introduced to your consciousness. Then you would have an amazing aha moment! Suddenly you think you exist on a three dimensional state, yet you always were, just not aware of it! Now apply this concept to higher dimensions of existence. Having an aha moment??

Expand Your Consciousness Beyond The Third Dimension

Most human beings are only conscious of the three dimensional form, as most religions, cultures and societies do not often consider existence beyond this limited

state of consciousness.

Currently, human consciousness is directed into a small band of reception, as we are considered limited conscious beings. Human beings are purposefully dumbed down to not consider higher consciousness, so they can be controlled, distracted and rendered unaware of their infinite powers of higher consciousness available to them.

Quite simply, if we consciously expanded our receptiveness to an ever widening range of frequencies of light and sound using all our senses, we would expand our consciousness and perception to higher realms of consciousness.

Now you may say this is nonsense. Yet I challenge you to carefully consider your current levels of perception. Move your perception and consciousness out of your current limited box of awareness. Every time you take yourself out of your limiting perceptions, you grow in awareness. Consider widening your realms of possibilities. See where it takes you. The choice is yours.

Michael J Robey

Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator

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