Making A Good First Impression

Making A Good First Impression

The old saying “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” may well be true. A bad first impression is hard to shake off, according to a study recently published in the journal Social Cognition. By analysing moral tipping points once you’ve decided that someone is “bad” it takes a lot of effort (and proof otherwise) to change your mind. More so than it takes to decide that someone you previously believed to be a good person is actually bad. So what makes for a good first impression? While you may not get a second chance to make a good first impression, you may not even need one after following this advice: Good Eye Contact If you want to appear more intelligent and confident, look your conversation partner in the eye. Those who are good at making (and keeping) eye contact are also perceived as more believable and earnest, as well as more confident and socially dominant. Walk The Walk A tight gait can give the impression that you’re tightly wound. If you want to appear extroverted and adventurous, focus on walking with a looser gait. If you are walking whilst looking down, your mind is elsewhere, you are not being present. So walk tall with purpose and direction yet casual, chest out, head high being observant of all of your surroundings. looking and feeling confident. Express Yourself It’s not just what you say that matters; it’s how you say it. And saying it in an animated way can make you instantly more likable, researchers say. Scientists call it the “expressivity halo”.

People who speak in an expressive manner tend to be liked more than people who are difficult to read, Even if they are expressing something, such as irritation or critical. Because we’re more confident in our reading of them, they’re less of a threat. Shake On It A powerful handshake is a powerful thing. It increases the positive effect towards a favourable interaction, as well as reducing the impact of a negative impression. A simple firm handshake on initial meeting gives a boost to both parties and reduces the negative impact of possible misunderstandings. Think firm, confident and friendly, but don't deliver pain within the handshake, instinctively assess the level of firmness relevant to the other person being greeted. Men with strong handshakes (categorised by longer duration, strength and complete grip) are generally rated as more extroverted and less neurotic. Women with strong handshakes are generally rated as more liberal, intellectual and likable. Have Them At Hello The first ten seconds of any new conversation whether in person or the phone is very important . It can win you a sale or whatever you are looking for with this new person. The recipient wants to know you are confident, capable and understanding of their needs. In other words be, think and sound confident from the word go. How do you sound confident, even when you’re feeling anything but that? Let go of whatever has preceded, its of no relevance; Lower your tone of voice; Speak with confidence; Sound like your having a good day; Use a greater range of loud and quiet volumes harmoniously as you’re speaking. Go With Your First Impressions

Your first impressions will guide you along the way on how to engage with the new person you are interacting with. But don't be rigid with that thought, it is just a guide. You will be able to ascertain from their voice, body language and attire, whether they are attentive, smart, sharp, purposeful and willing to work with you, or inattentive, sloth, distracted, purposeless which will indicate you have a challenge on your hands and need to guide them along firmly yet with understanding. Don't Dress To Impress Dress to match, instead. When you dress similarly to the person you’re meeting, you’ll seem warmer and more likable. This doesn't mean a wardrobe change every time you meet a new friend for drinks, but you may not want to bust out your power suit for an interview at a t-shirt-and-jeans office. Match Body Language Instinctively the other person will feel comfortable with you, if you subtly match their body language throughout your meeting. Don't make it obvious but adjust your body language to mirror theirs. Unless its aggressive in which case you need to give yourself distance and act calmly, slowly and purposefully, to let them know you are not intimidated but willing to engage calmly. Follow Through To The End Goal Once a good first impression has been established, follow through with confidence to your end goal; Be yourself, use your skills and knowledge to enhance your standing and trust with the person; Don't allow yourself to get distracted from your end goal; If you find they are veering you off course bring them back on course. Most important of all remember you are taking them from Point A (initial contact) to Point B (end goal) in a straight line with purpose, guidance and trust.

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