Making Dreams A Reality

Making Dreams A Reality

Dreams are ideas in our mind until we make them a reality. Dreams are abstract notions about where we want to be in the future. They are goals and achievements that we wish to attain. It is certainly not hard to have dreams, but it is tough to realize them.

Define Your Dream

To make any dream a reality requires a carefully crafted plan and commitment to earn it. Typically dreams are earned, not granted, and very rarely achieved by pure luck.

The first step to laying out your life plan and your dream existence is to clearly state your dream in three to five words.

Make A Dream Board

If you could achieve anything in life, what would that be? Don’t over analyze it. Just say it, even if you say it in your head only. It is your starting point. Then create your dream board. Write it down, draw it, collect pictures depicting it, then expand on it as you wish. Have it in your room so you see it everyday, so it becomes part of your daily psyche.

Make Long Term Goals

The reality is that it takes a plan and hard work to achieve your goals, but more important than working, is setting goals that you can achieve. Remember a pipe dream is a fantasy, whereas a goal is doable.

Be Prepared

Complete an honest assessment of your potential to reach your goal. You have to look at your preparedness relative to your goal. Quite simply put, is the goal realistic and attainable for you? Literally, answering honestly if a goal is realistic and attainable for you are the first steps.

Use Positive Affirmations To Manifest Your Dreams

Our beliefs define our reality. What we think creates our reality. The Universe is infinitely abundant. So:- 1) Place your cosmic order.

2) Remind yourself of what you are grateful for everyday.

3) Be grateful for whatever you will receive in the future without expectation.

4) Meditate and calm your mind to stillness.

5) Place your manifestation between two thoughts.

6) Unblock the emotional barriers to your success.

7) Allow the Universe bring you what you need.

8) Let go of the outcome.

9) Let go of your fear of failure.

10). Let the magic of universal manifestation unfold in its own time and space.

Never Give Up On Your Dreams

I have made many dreams come true for myself and others over the years. The wonder it brings is truly remarkable. It takes on its own course as it becomes a reality. Just you have to steer it. Believe in it and put your constant effort into it. Never give up on your dreams. Someone will come along and see your vision and guide you along the way.

Help Someone Make Their Dreams Come True

So many people don't fulfill their dreams because they just need a few doors open for them, a helping hand, encouragement and maybe some initial funding. So if you meet a person who has a dream and is actively working towards it, help them in any way you can.

Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator

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