12 Useful Tips For A Fulfilling Life

12 Useful Tips For A Fulfilling Life

We may all strive to have a fulfilling life, yet certain perceived barriers may hinder us, which we can overcome with a higher perspective. Here are some useful tips:

1. Resolve All Conflicts People carry so much baggage unnecessarily all through their life only wanting to drop it at the very end of their journey. The trick lies not in not having conflicts, but in resolving them as soon as you can. 2. Simplicity Is The Truth Of Life A simple life can be attained by spending less. We spend more to accumulate more and thus create more need. To find contentment in less is the secret to having more. 3. Be Willing To Seek Help From Others To know and do everything by yourself might feel empowering, but it limits you from absorbing what others have learnt. Therefore, help others, but more importantly, have the courage to seek help when your in need. Every person in the world has a unique knowledge, in some respect, which you may not have acquired . Be open to their knowledge which can help you, expand your consciousness. 4. Find Beauty In Simple Things People who are too critical or too proud, are the ones who find it hard to find joy in small things, because their minds are preoccupied with seemingly more important things. Yet if you pause to appreciate and find beauty in simple things in life be it; nature, music, love, dance, to name a few, life will seem far more fulfilling. 5. Acceptance Is Liberation Most people shirk away from accepting what they are going through. This constant denial breeds in them emotions that are highly dangerous. Only once you accept your situation will you become free to decide what to do about it. Without acceptance you are always in the grey space. 6. Don't Be In Denial Of A Problem Indifference, avoidance, and denial of a certain truth, causes anxiety and fear within you. Accept the situation, so you are free to think what you want to do about it and how. Acceptance will liberate you and empower you. 7. Accept Everyone As The Same Life can become difficult if you treat people differently, based on their caste, sex, creed, colour, social or economic status. Categorisation leads to complications and you end up serving no one well. Once you treat everyone the same, you will breathe lighter and worry less about who might feel offended or not.

8. Don’t Break Ties With People

You can seldom distance yourself from people you have truly loved or connected with in some way. However, in any relationship, along the way, certain mismatch of ideologies or understanding, causes people to stop communicating. This never means you are no longer associated with that person. It simply means that you don’t associate with a dominant thought that person brings with him/her. So to avoid more conflict you move away. To comprehend that, is to unburden yourself from being bitter and revengeful.

9. Filter Out People’s Bad Traits

Everyone has shades of good and bad. yet instead of dismissing “bad” people outright, seek out their good qualities. Harbouring bitterness for certain people comes from concentrating on their negatives. If you focus on the good qualities you spend that time getting to know them better or, maybe even, loving them. 10. Find Your Purpose And Do Something About it To have awareness about your calling is great, but only if you do something about it. A lot of people know their purpose but don’t do anything about.making it come to life. Simply sitting on it is worse than not having a calling in the first place. Having a perspective and understanding towards your purpose will help you measure the time and effort you need to dedicate to it. While you’re caught up in what you think, you can’t let go or escape. Take action on what truly matters. 11. Let Good Habits Become Values Cultivate good habits over time and with practice you will develop good values. By consistently working towards being just, kind, truthful, honest or compassionate. The challenge is consistency, if you expect to have attain quality of habits. 12. Choose What You Want To Learn In the vastness of the infinite amount of knowledge available to us it is easy to get lost and confused. The key lesson here is to be mindful of choosing what you deeply feel will be of value to you. People might impose subjects and philosophies on you, because it interests them and while you must acknowledge their suggestions, the wise thing to do is delve deeper into what rejoices your own heart and mind. Become the expert in your own field and pass on that knowledge you have gained.

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