Bust Your Fears Now

Bust Your Fears Now Fears well up from many different causes. You may worry about losing your job; or anxious about delivering a presentation in front of an audience; or you could be panicking about how you’re going to pay your bills; or about challenges in your relationship; or your general health; or you’re afraid of failing exams. Stress is part of life but when chronic, it can create patterns of fear that become paralysing and result in dysfunction.

Face Your Fears Instead of fear and panic, you can squash those feelings, but first you’ve got to get a grip on what they are, in other words face your fears. Once you are aware of them, there are some effective ways to reduce your fears: Letting Go Take time to tune in to your negative self talk. Face those disturbing thoughts, and let them go. Be observant of your daily chatter. What words or expressions you using? Are they serving you positively or simply reiterating a negative habit. Out-dated internal messages may spin incessant self-judgements such as “I’m not good enough, smart enough, thin enough…” or “this will never work out.” Once you notice the harmful inner dialogue, you’re on the path to conquering the anxieties. Instead of focusing on what’s wrong, shift your attention to what’s right and practise a more positive attitude. Wipe Out The Old, Bring In The New Think of a windshield wiper in the middle of your forehead. As it wipes to the left, it erases all fears. As it wipes to the right, it brings in new images. Here’s how it works for a quick release of any perceived burdens. Simply interject a happy image into your awareness and hold it in your mind for 30 seconds. Just by interrupting and wiping out the deep rooted self reflection and then wiping in “happy” visualisations, you can change how your brain processes the information and stop your apprehensions. Experiment with it for yourself. Do not be discouraged as it will take some practise. Get Moving Dwelling on your concerns will keep them energetically trapped in your body and mind. Ask yourself, are the fears you are attaching yourself to serving you positively? The likelihood you will say no. Are they affecting you physically? The likelihood you will say yes. Coordinate Mind Body Spirit When you are relaxed and centred you have an inner strength which is so powerful nothing can move or deter you. Only your mind being moved by fear will break this power. This process is effectively unifying mind and body. In order to understand how to unify mind and body we must first see that the mind leads the body. For more detailed info read The Power Of Mind And Body Coordination on our blog. Relax With What Is Like youngsters who get overstimulated, you need time out to see the reality as it is. Instead of focusing on problems, you need to withdraw from the immediate dramas and pause to appreciate what you have. More than likely, you have all the basics for your survival. You may want more or are working towards but in this present moment tell yourself that you are content and fine. Take A Mental Pause By taking a brief mental pause, you will refresh your mind and body. It will help you think more clearly, feel more energised, function more effectively and ultimately reduce stress! All you have to do is sit or lie quietly, follow the guidance and you’ll feel as if you magically busted your fears.

Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator

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