The Best Things to Do Alone

The Best Things to Do Alone It can be challenging to be alone, there is no other stimulus or input from another person you may feel close to. Yet this is an opportunity for dedicated alone time which you can perceive as a beautiful gift. So many of us struggle with self-love, locking ourselves away into relationships so that we don’t have to deal with the uncomfortable process of growing and morphing into the person we truly want to become. Being Single Is Freedom The fact is, the less comfortable you are with being single, the more work you still need to do on yourself. Your singleness doesn’t define you. Stop trying to escape the fear of loneliness. Instead, embrace the space and freedom to be apologetically yourself. Doing things alone is uncomfortable, challenging, but so incredibly rewarding. Treat Yourself What ever day its, take yourself out for some pampering. Get a massage, buy yourself something nice. You don’t have to go into debt buying the designer boots you’ve always had your eye on, but indulging in small treats that are purely for pleasure is a really easy way to show yourself you care. If you’re short on cash, take a luscious bath, sit by a cosy fire or try cooking yourself an elaborate meal. Stop settling for bland, sad little meals when you’re alone. Pull out all the stops for yourself. Make a beautiful vegetable curry or some extravagant tacos with homemade tortillas, guacamole and salsa. You deserve it. Give Back If you don’t quite know how to celebrate and love yourself yet, show love to others. Help out at animal shelters, serve at soup kitchens or do some work for your favourite nonprofit. Volunteering to help those who need it will give you an appreciation that you made a difference in someone’s life. You’ll feel a sense of connection and community. Get Physical Take a long walk or hike. Go biking, swimming or rollerblading. If you’re a little sad about being alone, don’t just reach for the potato chips. Get your body moving. Any type of exercise offers an endorphin rush that can brighten up your outlook and make the world appear less isolating. Get Reacquainted With You Slather yourself in coconut oil for some healing self-massage. Get down and pleasure yourself. Journal about your goals, dreams, fears and most insignificant of thoughts. Most of us spend our lives stuck in Drive. We never settle down into Neutral or Park to reassess our lives, who we’ve become and what has changed. It takes a lot of conscious work to truly understand who you are. And you can only do it when you are alone. Start Up A New Hobby You know that skill you’ve been wanting to pick up for a while? If you’re interested in a cooking class, painting class, fitness class or a class that teaches you a professional skill, do a local search for classes and buy a session or two. There are plenty of excellent courses online (even free ones) that can help you get started on your latest and greatest endeavour. Take advantage of your glorious alone time to improve yourself. The more you learn and expand, the greater the love you will have for yourself. You’ll also be putting yourself out there to meet new people. Travel Confidently Get out and see the world. Whether it’s taking yourself out to dinner in the city or taking an impromptu flight to fav destination of your choice, travelling alone offers a valuable shift in perspective. Go to a local event, confidently. Find a comedy night, local concert, open mic or story slam. Don’t be ashamed to be alone. Go out and have fun. Talk to strangers. Be exposed to new ideas and things. Or, if you’re an introvert and socialisation isn’t your thing, set yourself up in a corner nook and doodle in a journal until the show starts. Yes, it is really uncomfortable to travel alone. You really have to put yourself out into the world without any sort of buffer or safety net. But it is in these uncomfortable moments that we grow the most. Take yourself to a museum or movie. Plan a solo trip overseas. Talk to strangers. Have experiences. Try new things. When you emerge at the other end, you’ll love the person who comes out even more. Dance Around The House We all need to let loose sometimes. With no one else around, you can strip down to your skivvies and let the music take control, just move your body to the rhythm and express yourself through the music. If nothing else, it is a fun and effective way of relieving all that stress you built up. Get Out Into Nature If you are looking for a haven where you can be alone without judgement, there is no better place than out in nature, where nothing is expected of you. Taking a hike or walk outside on your own is the ultimate way to commune with nature. Watch the sunrise and sunset on the same day from a beautiful vista. Try meditating in a nearby field. Let your imagination run wild on a stream-side walk. The outdoors is the best place to experience alone. Find a Good Book Store There is no better place to let the hours flutter by than in a private corner of a used bookstore or library. Find a comfy seat, pick up an interesting book and read away. Find company in the interesting characters you read about. Let your imagination run wild and relish in the joy of non-verbal literary companionship. Write A Journal Write about the things going on in your life. Think of all the people and things you are grateful for in your life and muse on them. Practise writing positive affirmations to remind yourself of how incredible you are as a unique individual. You have tremendous value and purpose. Being single absolutely doesn’t change that. Heck, you could even start a blog if you wanted! Just let those thoughts flow.

Change Your Home Environment Maybe you been looking on improving your home environment, dreaming but not acting. Start a home project, change or enhance your room, with furniture, wallpaper, decorations etc. Bring your own personalty into your home and enjoy the planning , shopping and creating your own space. Watch Your Favourite Show /Movie If all you want to do is watch your favourite series or movie, then enjoy yourself. Indulge in a little laziness. There is nothing wrong with getting cosy with your munchiest snacks and putting your feet up for a night. Of course, you could also read a book if that pleasures you too.


Soften the environment, with lit candles, essential oils, josticks and soothing meditative music. Lie down, sit or kneel comfortably in your best hot spot. Allow your mind to set itself free through meditation and if you wish dream or astral travel, make it the most relaxing and pleasurable experience, connecting with your higher self.

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