Close Encounters Of The Fifth Kind

Close Encounters Of The Fifth Kind As the awakening of global consciousness increases, we as conscious humans beings are becoming increasingly aware that we are not the only conscious beings and intelligent life forms within the universe. Some humans actively seek to enhance their awareness concerning extraterrestrial life in space and on earth. For many years people across the world have been seeing UFO’s in the skies and in space and it is an undeniable fact that our earth has been visited by extraterrestrial life forms in the past and present. However full disclosure is still highly restricted to trickles of official releases of documentation and announcements with regard to information or indeed dis-information of super advanced higher technologies, and contact with extraterrestrial beings. Official notifications of ET contact are filtered through highly compartmentalised governmental departments, military, space programs and corporations, which are more often than not highly smoke screened, when further investigation is made. Accurate information and dis-information are continuously released through official channels, whistle blowers, the media, movies and TV series. This leads to widespread confusion and apathy, so the majority will claim that it is all just a fantasy and not bother to investigate further, following blindly whatever corporate media churns out as entertainment, false flags and made up news. In my view, it is ludicrous to consider that humans are the highest form of conscious being in the universe and Planet Earth is the only planet in the universe to inhabit high conscious beings. So over the years I have taken much time to investigate not only the ET question, but all manner of subjects which are clearly restricted by official channels, on the premise as human beings "We can't handle the truth" and "human ignorance breeds apathy". Whilst on my mission to educate myself on the truth of our universe, planet and how the global scientific, financial and political mechanisms really work. I came across CE-5. Close Encounters Of The Fifth Kind (CE-5) Close Encounters of The Fifth Kind (CE-5) was first coined by Dr. Steven Greer and is the fifth type of contact on the Hynek’s scale. There is a lot of evidence that in ancient cultures people worshipped these so called “gods” who were in fact extraterrestrial life forms looking very much like humans who came from the skies with great thunder and lightning, what we would now describe as spaceships. Dr Steven Greer - CSETI Project CE-5 stands for Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind, which means that it is possible for us “humans” to invoke encounters with extraterrestrial life forms. It is what we call Human Initiated Contact. The term CE-5 was created by Dr. Steven Greer. He is the founder of the CSETI project and is the worlds most renowned researcher in regard to extraterrestrial life. Dr. Steven Greer has also been campaigning for more than 20 years against the UFO secrecy that is being kept in place by many governments, the military and industrial complex, who want to keep the ET technology hidden from the public, for many reasons; including free energy technologies, marking the end of our fossil fuel consumption as we know it; the collapse of religious beliefs worldwide; admitting cover ups and lies to the public over space travel, ET's and secret space programs; fear of mass worldwide revolt against the existing elitist paradigm; human beings understanding their true history and potential future progression; the ascension process of humankind, Planet Earth and our Solar System; humankind's future as higher vibrational oneness light beings in alliance with other more evolved conscious beings across the universe. On Dr. Steven Greer's website you will find testimonials of high ranked military and governmental personnel who have been involved in working on projects concerning ET vehicles, people who have had encounters with ET’s, and astronauts who are witnessing about there sightings of ET life forms in space.

CE-5 Protocols CE-5 uses a well defined set of protocols, designed by Dr. Steven Greer. These protocols enable contact to be made through meditation and to guide any benevolent ET contact to earth to a specific place where the contactors are residing. Remote Viewing, Coherent Thought Sequencing and Vectoring If you want to practise CE-5 meditation it is very important to do it in the right setting. You can do it by yourself, however, make sure that your intentions are pure. If you do it in group, it is very important that this group is very cohesive and that all the participants have the same goal and know what they are doing. In order to improve your success in making contact it is recommended that all participants be made aware of the fact that contact will only occur if it is safe for them and for you or the group to do so. Contact can occur in many different ways and forms. It can go from ETV’s (Extraterrestrial Vehicles) or crafts that materialise and dematerialise, to telepathic journeys during meditation. A change in the electromagnetic field is also often a sign of presence. Many people have photographed energy Orb’s and ETV’s during and after CE-5 events. In some cases there can occur actual 3D contact with extraterrestrial beings.

Personal Experience of CE-5 CE-5 seemed to me a natural extension to meditation, astral travelling, channeling and remote viewing, which I participate in and provide services for. Having investigated further, I personally have experienced and participated in CE-5 contacts with the guidance from experienced mentors and by myself. Which proved to me its validity.

If you are interested in knowing more there are CE-5 groups all over the world, contact SETI Institute , Sirius Disclosure or ET Contact Network for further information.

Michael J Robey

Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator

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