The Kundalini Fire

The Kundalini Fire The power of the Kundalini Fire is a powerful energetic force that can transmogrify any being who undergoes the process of Kundalini Awakening. It is said that once the Sushumna, the central nervous channel rises to the brain stem further into the crown above the head, which causes the blooming of the Thousandths Petaled Lotus, known as enlightenment or self-realisation. Thousandth Petaled Lotus - The Final Chakra So if Thousandth Petaled chakra is the most important, why is it not always displayed in chakra diagrams? That’s because it only becomes apparent after a practitioner becomes highly advanced. Before that, the crown chakra isn’t even noticeable. After careful and deep meditation on this final chakra, it gradually begins to open, giving fully enlightenment to the practitioner. It’s said when this happens, the individual can come and go as they see fit, leaving the body whenever they desire to go to higher realms.

It can awaken us to a higher cognitive intelligence that opens our consciousness to altered states of awareness. In other words, we can awaken our consciousness through the arousal of Kundalini which can induce psychic gifts and brings into our awareness multiple dimensions of the inner workings of the psyche. Maha -Samadhi - Conquering Death At death, the fully-realised-yogi leaves consciously through the thousand petaled lotus, without struggle; they’re fully aware that it’s their time to leave the world. This is known as Maha-Samadhi, or “Great Samadhi”. It’s said this final samadhi makes the very top of the head warm/hot and the feet cold because all the remaining prana is drawn out through the crown chakra. The soul then has the choice to merge with spirit, or come back to help others find enlightenment (become an avatar). This is why the thousand petaled lotus is the most important chakra; because through it, death is mastered and suffering is ended.

The Divine Essence

The Kundalini force is essentially the epitome of the human experience. It is the divine essence of ourselves experienced within the individual. It also helps us utilise more of our brain capacity than normal cognitive understanding.

The divine essence goes by many names throughout numerous cultures such as nirvana, samadhi, shangri-la, bliss, ecstasy, communion, brahman, quintessence of man, liberation, the stairway to heaven, path of the initiates, these all symbolize the same thing which is Kundalini Awakening.

In psychology we label it as the unconscious or subconscious aspect of consciousness. Kundalini can be a powerful force that unleashes the illusions of this world which can bind us and terrify us as our reality starts ripping apart at the seams. However this energy also liberates our soul and starts putting the puzzle pieces of the mystery together that is reality.

Once we awaken the sleeping serpent our life is forever changed. We are liberated from the confines of the material form and see beyond the veil of time into the other worlds of reality that is only seen in the conformist’s eye as the world of the “unknown”.

The Process of Kundalini Awakening is as beautiful as birth and terrifying as death, it’s the ripping and crumbling away of illusions that encase your reality. We cannot perceive Awakening as merely a simple matter one that is shown as a metaphor or symbol, it is a biological process into the neurological changes of our genetic substructure of our DNA strands. When we awaken we are not merely going through a change of awareness we are entering the chemical or alchemical change of our physical body, soul and mind.

To understand how this works we have to not only see this from an energetic standpoint but also down to the levels of cellular and molecular biology. If we separate one from the other we are merely labeling only one half of the same whole experience. When we are able to understand this frequency of existence encompasses everything down to our cellular structures within our body, this changes everything. The process of Kundalini is a complex mechanism that is fundamentally linked to biological processing and changes within the central nervous system. We must think of our consciousness or human body as a light body made of miraculous energetic form.

Imagine yourself like a light bulb or sphere beaming with currents of electromagnetic frequency rippling off sound waves that create cellular communication between cell pathways. This is what our body is doing all the time, the average computer seems primitive compared to the systematic functions of the human mind. We are an intricate system tied between billions of interconnected cells organized in an aggregate matter within and without many layers. Each layer connects to a different level of cellular communication that translates into conscious awareness. These layers connect into our biological processing and our energetic processing through the dimensional layers of consciousness known as our subtle body.

Everything you do, say, feel, touch, taste, smell and think revolves around the communication between one organism that is your brain. Every organ within your body is a communication device directing signals towards neurons in your mental cavity.

Your reality doesn’t exist without your conscious awareness and this is inscrutability linked with how our mind processes reality. Kundalini doesn’t just exist on the energetic level or only the physical level, it is a process between the connection of both through the cognitive understanding of the brain.

Universal Divine Order Everything is connected from your internal mind to your external reality that you manifest with the power of your thoughts. This process lives inside of us through cosmology due to quantum physics, geometrically through energetic fractal formations by mathematics, systematically through entrainment of synchronisation, and mentally through the projection of biologically processing information from our mind.

The Universe is a miraculously orchestrated systematic divine order that is created through an intricate design governed by the processing of our own human consciousness.This system is an intricate design because it is more than just one layer of consciousness, it is a multitude of layers upon endless layers of consciousness that are built around probability wave functions composed of energy. It is through these probability wave functions that matter comes to form which produces the reality you live and breathe in everyday of your life.

The Breath of Fire

Kundalini Yoga is one of the most powerful practices to control breathing and transmute energy in order to achieve higher states of consciousness. The founder, Yogi Bhajan, describes it as a tool that can “awaken the full potential of human awareness in each individual; that is, recognize our awareness, refine that awareness, and expand that awareness to our unlimited self. Clear any inner duality, create the power to deeply listen, cultivate inner stillness, and prosper and deliver excellence in all that we do.”

The Breath of Fire (Agni Pran) technique is a key component in the practice. It is done by pumping the navel (belly) outward on the rapid draw of breath in the nose followed by equal exhale and inward navel pump. It has many amazing benefits, the best results being when one is seated, relaxed with the neck and spine lengthened and hands resting on the legs, finally, the chin should be tucked slightly downward to align head and spine and mouth closed with a relaxed face.

Symptoms of Kundalini Awakening Kundalini is nothing to do with ethics or religion, it is centered around our experiences and view of the world. The process of Kundalini doesn’t just awaken your energy, it transforms your entire life experience. It changes your personal attachments, philosophies, priorities and gives us the challenge of endurance. It expressively opens up our perceptions into various planes of reality, these are known as dimensions of consciousness.

The Kundalini Serpent creates a look into the other side of human awareness a place where everyone can tap into at will when they are ready to enter. The process itself can bring a quickening of thoughts, an onset of telepathic communication, sensory overload, visions, hallucinations, seeing/feeling energy and startling philosophical revelations that creates pure clarity and vision of conscious awareness.

Although the process of Kundalini does have many aspects of clarity and bliss we must not forget this is the deconstruction and transcendence of our Ego mind. As Carl Jung states, “there1 is no coming to consciousness without pain”. There are varying degrees of a Kundalini experience that could be expressed as a roller coaster of emotion once you are on the track of awakening. The Awakening of Kundalini brings a shocking transformation towards the individual where their internal and external world is turned upside down. What Kundalini creates is a catalyst inside of your mind which manifests into your physical reality. This catalyst unleashes the unconscious mind from its slumber where it starts bringing the subconscious to the forefront of your mind. This enables our minds to start accessing our long-term memories. It begins activating through various psychological archetypal triggers within the brain stem that create the given frequency to open doors into various perceptions of reality. When the unconscious is released, we awaken the Kundalini Shakti which isn’t always a pleasant experience in the beginning.

The Dark Night Of The Soul The Kundalini Shakti creates a remote dissociation with the material world as our mind fully disconnects from the old shell of consciousness. It is the Medulla Oblongata that helps activate the unconscious brain into a distinct action that creates what is known as "The Dark Night Of The Soul".

"The Dark Night Of The Soul" puts our consciousness in a pure auto-pilot unconscious fight/flight response of adrenal activity. In energetic terms it is the disconnection of the Root Chakra. This creates a psychosomatic response that is instinctual within our minds. It is a primitive fact we learn through the mirror of others since infancy. It is this mirror reflection that rules our lives but we never seem to question the mirror. When we go through the dark night of the soul everyone becomes our personal mirror.

In the book, Biology of Kundalini Jana Dixon states extensively on the importance of the changes in the Nervous system due to Kundalini Awakening: “The unconscious nervous system is the autonomic nervous system…which yogis do have some control over. Many of the Kundalini symptoms arise from the brainstem, which consists of the medulla, pons, cerebellum and midbrain…that is the majority of Kundalini symptoms originate from areas of the brain that are beyond our normal control. Hence many of the symptoms and feelings arise directly from physiological events triggered by specific neural circuits and changes in neurochemistry. Over the period of peak awakening sex hormones and other pituitary hormones are raging; the heart is radically expanded and engorged with blood, and the digestive system venting due to parasympathetic hypertonality; skeletal muscles are ready for action and hypervigilance is up due to the fight-or-flight activation of the sympathetic nervous system.”

The Shadow Self "The Dark Night Of The Soul" is where our mirrors become our antithesis, or as Carl Jung calls it “The Shadow Self”. The Shadow Self shows us what we don’t want to see, it digs deep inside of ourselves and presents all of our darkest fears and insecurities. The dark into the unseen is the place where many lose themselves within their own shadows, constantly fighting themselves through others and creating their own projected chaos into the mirrors of others. You begin to retreat inside of yourself where the universe is urging you to look within and question.

The Catalyst Of Awakening The Catalyst of Awakening, are ripples of change that are not always pleasant but needed, to see into the inner workings of the mind. The further one travels inside the darkness, the deeper the healing that it creates through the cleansing of the soul’s psyche. It is where we see that our darkness is merely an illusion of our eternal light. Once we are able to confront and face our own internal darkness of reality we are ready to rise up to the truth of this world. It is not a simple process, awakening is the deconstruction of the old karmic self or the old consciousness where it must give birth to the awakening of the evolutionary soul. When the adrenals are completely healed it enables the Kundalini flow to take flight and start the karmic healing process. The Ascension through the chakra strands enables our DNA to start operating on our nervous system turning on the functions of various genes to jump-start our consciousness to a higher perception of reality. This activation of the nervous system creates the given thought process to enable healing and open the door of particular structures of different healing modules that manifest into our physical reality. You will notice when Awakening you will have particular situations that come to you at synchronised times that completely alter your thought process and your reality involving deep-wounded healing. They can manifest as illness, troubled relationships, death of a loved one, prolonged stress, and various events that alter a person’s life.

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