Modern Day Mayan Prophecies

Modern Day Mayan Prophecies Much has been written about the Mayan Prophecies. Yet the Mayas themselves have not spoken for over 500 years since the Spanish Invasion of the Americas in the 16th Century. However in 2009, Don Alejandro Oxlaj, Head of the National Mayan Council of Elders of Guatemala, Day Keeper of the Mayan Calendar, spoke to the world for the first time about the Mayan Prophecies. The Mayan Calendar The Mayan Calendar describes alternating cosmic divine creation from the Big Bang 16 billion years ago until the “end of linear time” on 28 October 2011. The Mayan Calendar is the only calendar that is not based on astronomical cycles, but on the evolution of consciousness. It was divided in the "Nine Underworlds". The Nine Underworlds are Nine Levels of Evolution of Consciousness. Each Level is twenty times shorter than the previous level.Further information is available on my previous blog article The Mayan Calendar End of Time The "End Of Time" was prophesied by the Mayan & Hopi ancestors by the appearance of a blue star as large as the sun in the sky. The Holmes Comet appeared in our skies on 28th Oct 2007. This was seen as a clear sign of the beginning of the "End Of Time". To understand the significance of the "End Of Time" during this patriarchal epoch of the Age of Pisces, one has to go back in time to prior epochs. Ancient Cataclysms Following major research by avant- garde archaeologists, it has been established that there is clear evidence of prior civilisations on Planet Earth, from those accepted by established modern day historians. In addition there have been major cataclysms caused by asteroids hitting the planet and pole shifts in the last 12,500 years, which have occurred regularly in the long distant past and evidence of pole shifts during the cycles of the "Precession of the Equinoxes" every 12.5 - 13 thousand years. Prior civilisations during these epochs, appear to have evolved to high levels of consciousness, scientific and technological levels but at the end of each epoch ended up destroying themselves. The previous civilisations of Lemurians and Atlanteans reached these high levels of consciousness, scientific and technology , however, whilst experimenting with time / space continuum quantum physics created a major time split and damage to the Planet Earth magnetic grids at the end of the last epoch. Planet Earth Consciousness Grid According to the Maya and other ancient indigenous tribes, the Planet Earth has a natural consciousness grid, which protects it from major harm and destruction. During the ill fated experiments at end of the last epoch, irreparable damage was caused to the consciousness grid. The higher conscious beings that survived the last asteroid cataclysm and time / space continuum damage, realised that the Planet Earth could not survive another disastrous cataclysm. New Consciousness Grid A plan was put into place to rebuild the Consciousness Grid of the Planet Earth. This involved the building of over 80,000 geomancy pyramidal temples, strategically placed in a complex web of triangular grids around the world. The energy created by these pyramids rising upwards into the stratosphere would form a geometrical complex Grid around the Planet Earth. Many pyramids have been found across the planet, with still more currently hidden by large mounds of earth debris, vegetation and forests , being uncovered every year. Sacred Ceremonies In addition to the building of the pyramids, indigenous tribes from all over the world, who have retained this knowledge over the eons, have been creating sacred ceremonies to assist with the overall repair of the Consciousness Grid of Planet Earth. The last two ceremonies, in celebration of the completion of the new Conscious Grid, took place under the guidance of Drunvalo Melchizedek, Don Alejandro Oxlaj, Head of the National Mayan Council, and Hawaiian Elders in Sedona and Hawaii in 2009, inviting leaders of ancient indigenous tribes from all over the world to participate. The old elite ruling classes, service to self, paradigm of control are making last desperate attempts to control all the worlds population, animal kingdom, food manufacturing / distribution, natural resources / minerals, as well as inside and outside of the Earths planetary domains. But as before in previous epochs, they are self destructing in their greed for world domination and power. Planet Earth and Human Ascension Thanks to the indigenous tribes efforts over the eons the Planet Earth is now protected for the next stage of evolution of consciousness in the Golden Age of Aquarius which we are now at the very beginning of the transition. Planet Earth since 2012 has become an Ascension Planet. Major changes are already happening across the Earth, the vibration of the Planet (Schumann Resonance) is rising rapidly, human consciousness (in service to others) is rising and spreading rapidly with increase awareness through global communications. As for human kind we are also vibrating at higher frequencies and our DNA is evolving into a new "Humanous Illuminous", light beings of fifth dimensional consciousness.

Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator

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