The Mayan Calendar

The Mayan Calendar The Mayan Calendar describes alternating cosmic divine creation from the Big Bang 16 billion years ago until the “end of linear time” 28 October 2011.

The Mayan Calendar is the only calendar that is not based on astronomical cycles, but on the evolution of consciousness.

Evolution of Consciousness The Mayan Calendar is the link between the evolution of consciousness and the divine process of creation, which makes it a uniquely powerful tool for prophecy. The Nine Underworlds Important Mayan Pyramids were often built on Nine Levels symbolising Bolon-ti-ku - "The Nine Underworlds". "The Nine Underworlds" are "Nine Levels of Evolution of Consciousness". Each level is 20 times shorter than the previous level. 1) Cellular Underworld The Cellular Underworld represents 15 billion years of the evolution of the first cells. The first dimension of the Universe is the Single Point. The two dimensional Universe begins with the division of the Single Point to become Two Points. Unity Becomes Duality, One Cell Becomes Two Cells and the Vesica Piscis is formed. 2) Mammalian Underworld The Mammalian Underworld represents 820 million years of evolution of the first animals. 3) Familial Underworld The Familial Underworld represents 41 million years of evolution of the first apes. 4) Tribal Underworld The Tribal Underworld represents 2.2 million years of evolution of the first humans. 5) Regional Underworld The Regional Underworld represents 102,000 years of the evolution of language. It created a frontal lobe consciousness of oneness with nature. 6) National Underworld The National Underworld represents 5,125 years of the evolution of writing (from 3115 BC - 1754 AD). It created a left brain consciousness of separation. 7) Planetary Underworld The Planetary Underworld represents 256 years of evolution of the industrial age (from 1755 AD- 1998 AD ). It created a parietal lobes oblivion of separation, where materiality took precedence over spirituality. 8) Galactic Underworld The Galactic Underworld represents 12 years of the evolution of global information technology (5 Jan 1999 - 10 Feb 2011). It created a right brain consciousness of separation allowing people to renew their experience of separation. Mankind's experience of time was speeding up and it felt like as much change happened in a year today as in a life-time earlier. 9) Universal Underworld The Universal Underworld represents 260 days of the evolution of global spiritual awakening (11 February 2011 - 28 October 2011). It recreated a frontal lobe consciousness of oneness with the cosmos. No Time Between 29 October 2011 and 21 December 2012 The Mayans called this the "No Time" as at the time the Mayans could not see beyond 21 December 2012, at the creation of the Mayan Calendar. The new Mayan message following 21 December 2012 is to be continued in a future blog Modern Day Mayan Prophecies

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