Twenty Ways To Wake Up Positively

Twenty Ways To Wake Up Positively What you do in the first few minutes of your day sets the tone for the rest of your day. This is why it's very important to begin your day with thoughts of success, good health and happiness. It's also why when someones in a bad mood we often say they "woke up on the wrong side of the bed". Have you noticed that when you wake up having negative thoughts, those thoughts often accompany you for the rest of the day? What’s the first thought that goes through your head when you wake up in the morning? Is it deliberate, or is it the norm? If that’s how you start your day, then it’s likely your day will be filled with anxiety and stress. It’s not exactly the most productive way for getting things done. Here are twenty ways to "wake up on the right side of the bed", be positive and stay happy, stress free and energised with creative fervour all day, every day. 1. Remember Your Dreams Whether you want to analyse your dreams later or just use them as an entertaining and fun video that plays in your head, dreams are a great way to feel more positive for the day. Keep a dream journal next to your bed so that you can write the dream down as soon as you wake up. Over time, remembering them will become easier and you will be able to make more sense of them as they relate to your own life. 2. Consider What Makes You Happy Thoughts create emotions. Happy thoughts create happy emotions. What you think becomes what you are as a personality. So visualise doing what makes you happy and it is bound to make you actually feel happier in return. 3. Give Gratitude Being grateful for what you have in your life and reminding yourself regularly every morning shifts your whole mindset and your day becomes so much brighter. 4. Get Rid Of Negative Thoughts Having negative thoughts at the beginning of your day is definitely a bad risk for your well-being. Your brain wants to go into negative mode first. It’s human nature of dwell on the negative. Resist the negative, and put a positive spin on your most pressing issue, i.e. turn the negative into a positive. 5. Think Yes Instead Of No ‘No’ means resistance is at work, while ‘Yes’ means possibilities and opportunities. ‘Yes’ means being strong and willing to cross over a mental threshold and be surprised. When you change what and how you say, you change your perceptions and eventually your actions more positively. 6. Relax Your Mind And Body Set up a daily routine to relax your mind and body, is important ingredient to feeling positive every day. Whether it’s a massage; yoga; meditation; sitting still; listening to soothing music; observing the birds flying twittering in the garden; a brisk refreshing shower, or a relaxing in hot bath with essential oils. 7. Focus On Breathing Breathing changes and becomes more shallow as we get stressed out. Take a moment and notice your breathing. Is it shallow? Take some slow deep breaths and let them out very slowly, this will fill and expand your lungs and in turn bring essential oxygen to your brain. Do this a couple of times every day and enjoy an increased feel of relaxation within minutes. 8. Don’t Attach Yourself To Your Thoughts Each day we create approximately 60,000 thoughts a day and continuously make perceptions with regard to all kinds of different aspects of our lives. How exhausting is that? The less you attach to your thoughts or perceptions and let them pass through without believing them and letting them affect you, the more likely you are to feel at peace and relaxed throughout the day. 9. Stay Off Social Media and TV If you’re one of the people who have their cell, laptop or TV next to you when you sleep and then check your social media, email or news as soon as you wake up – stop that now! The radio waves from these appliances severely disturb your sleep for one and you are immediately filling your mind with constant influx of information and messages, bringing you unnecessary stress. Each morning spent away from social media is so much more relaxed, peaceful, and joyful. 10. Prepare A Delicious Healthy Breakfast In the morning you need a good healthy breakfast to provide you with the energy for the day. Just preparing it in a relaxed and content manner will help you to revitalise yourself. 9. Meditate Meditation can be a real life-changer! Not only will you feel more peaceful and centered, you will feel more in tune with your body and your surroundings. Just 10 - 20 minutes of meditation a day, maybe with the help of deep-centered relaxation / meditation music which resonates with you, will make a significant difference to your well-being over a period of time. 11. Go For A Morning Walk Or Run Dependent to the level of your fitness, a brisk walk or run to get your feel good hormones active Whatever the weather just equip yourself with what you need and get out there. 12. Do Relaxation Exercises Another way to get some endorphins flowing in the morning is an energising yet relaxing stretching exercises in which ever format suits you best, e.g. pilates, yoga, gymnastic sequences. Align your body’s energy points with a straight spine so that energy can move through your body unobstructed. Imagine how energy flows from the crown of your head to your toes. 13. Read An Inspiring Book Or Article A nice part of your morning routine could be reading articles, magazines or books Just make sure what you are reading is something inspiring and motivating and not negative in any way. 14. Listen To An Inspiring Motivational Video Or Recording An inspiring motivation video or recording will get your mind activated with motivation to get yourself to the next step in your day. Music also promotes positive attitudes by stimulating your neurotransmitters. Open your eyes, turn on your favourite music, dance into the kitchen. 15. Set Your Alarm Tunefully Consider changing your ring tone for the alarm. Loud buzzing noises are disturbing and immediately make you irritable. Instead, change it to a pleasant melodic sound which begins softly and gradually increasingly louder. 16. Set Enough Time For Self Care Give yourself enough time to shower, clean, make up, dress, revitalising your body, so you feel fresh set and ready for the day ahead. 17. Wake Up To A Clean Room The messier your room is, the messier your mind will feel. In order to get your mind organised, you have to get your space organised first. Clean up your room the day or evening before. The energy in the room becomes more peaceful and welcoming both day and night. 18. Smile And Be Happy Even if you feel like you want to stay in bed for the entire day and mope around, don’t. Smile to yourself. Better yet, look at yourself in the mirror and smile at yourself and be happy. Intentionally aim to surround yourself with joyful, happy people during the day. Walk away from energy drains – people, places and things that stand in the way of your happiness. 19. Mentally Prepare Yourself Positively For The Day Ask yourself “How can I make today amazing?”. It’s a simple question but it’s very powerful. Embrace you daily challenges. By simply realising, that you are in control of how your day goes and how you feel about it, will make it into an amazing day. Dive into the day with positive energy and full consciousness, and greet your day as a gift to cherish. Your life will take on new meaning. 20. Stay Present Make an intention to stay present during the day. If you delve into future or past thoughts, do your best to reconnect with the present moment. The power of the day is in the now.

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