Visualise Your Protective Shield

Visualise Your Protective Shield As a conscious human being you are a conscious light being protected by a torial electromagnetic field from the heart. This is energised from Source via your crown chakra . Now in simple terms visualise this field as a protective luminous bubble (a protective shield) with your body snuggled inside, It is your vehicle throughout your life on Earth and remains so after death where it separates from the physical body. By visualising your protective bubble at all times, yet letting go, you are creating complete coordination of your Mind Body and Spirit. You will find you are creating your ultimate inner strength, physically immovable, impenetrable, whilst you are still relaxed, aware and focused. Visualisation acts as full protection from negative energies around you, providing a greater awareness of your spiritual light being existence. In other words no harm can ever come to you unless you allow it in..

Social Conditioning We have been conditioned by society not recognise or associate with this protective bubble (torial magnetic field) and its amazing properties. Therefore we are conditioned to think and feel we are at the mercy of any negative thought or action placed upon us by others . Yet this is not the case it is merely our perception. Like a Jedi we can allow any negativity or attack simply bounce off and divert from us, without entering into our protective simply visualising this effect. Just as a balanced fast spinning top, essentially a vortex energy, diverts anything that it encounters. The key is to do so with love and not fear. Fear brings an imbalance and disconnection to our sphere so we instantaneously loose this protection. The more you relax and visualise every second of the day, it becomes an unconscious effort and integral part of your being. Your perception of yourself changes in its entirety. as you come to the realisation the potential of the infinite power of your conscious light being. Energy Protection Technique Set the intention of protecting your energy whenever you feel the need so not to be entrained to a lower vibration. Intuitively invoke energy protection in dealing with the vibes in all kinds of physical environments. Eventually it will become second nature to you so it is invoked subconsciously at all times in your life whether your on your own, relaxing with a small group of friends, walking through a crowded store, or in your work environment. The technique is very easy for anyone to perform, whether or not you know about mind, body, spirit coordination. Visualise a strong beam of white light coming down from the Heavens. As this beam reaches a few feet above the crown of my head, See white light spreading around the entirety of the egg-shaped energy field (or aura) that surrounds you This field can extend out a number of feet on all sides of the body. Call this “sealing yourself in protective white light.” It doesn’t matter how well you visualise; it’s the intention that matters most. Intend that the healing white light surrounding you completely fills your energy field and body. Set the intention that this seal of white light last for the entire day, protecting you from others’ negativity energy, whilst remaining permeable to love and positivity. See Other Energy Light Beings If you can visualise your own energy field of protection it stands to reason you can see other peoples as well, Allow your eyes to relax and see from the heart see the whole of an individual, let go of the physical attributes. Visualise the bubble around them see the colours of the rainbow emanating. from their aura. Any imbalance will show a disproportionate hue of a specific colour escaping from their aura. Ask yourself is it crystal clear, bright dull or murky. This is a reflection of the state of mind and the emotion related to the relevant coloured chakra.

Through practise you will be able to see so much about a persons personality, how they are thinking, their intentions and overall personae. You will be amazed how many people live in their head, unobservant of the beauty surrounding them. My advise don't be one of them!

Be your ultimate, fully aware, conscious light being!

Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator

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