Simple Ways To Connect With Nature

Simple Ways To Connect With Nature Do you love spending time in the natural world? Do you love how you feel when you’re with trees, mountains, rivers and animals, even if you don’t know why? Our lives may be busy, and our minds are even busier. Even if you already spend time in nature, your mind’s chatter can take over. If you don’t set a clear intention to connect with nature, you give away your power to build the relationship. If you feel a connection to nature and want to deepen it, allow yourself to turn towards it, guide you The rewards are immeasurable. Observe Nature Spend some time each day outside, observing what's happening around you, from the nearest to the furthest point on the horizon. You'll begin to notice things about your environment that you've never seen before, and increase your awareness of your surroundings. Sometimes, words just appear in your mind, and they sure don’t sound like ones that you’d come up with on your own. Sometimes, a quiet awareness or idea arises, and then you can try to articulate it with words to help you remember it better. Notice the vibration of hot spots, These are areas where energy is of a high vibration, which connects with you. Spend time in these hot spots and take in the energy and wisdom it provides to you. Take in your surroundings. Notice little details and the larger lay of the land. See, hear, smell, and feel, and allow yourself to enjoy it. Then, try asking yourself: “What am I drawn to?” Is it a mountain? A creek? A flower? A tree? Allow your eyes to rest there, and focus your mind on it. Let Nature In Opening your windows, blinds, curtains, and even doors allows sunlight and natural air to flow through your home, giving it a more relaxing and natural atmosphere. Go For A Walk It doesn't matter if you walk in the local park or around the neighborhood, getting outside exposure and exercising are good for your health and strengthen your connection with nature. Fresh air and sun exposure are just a couple of examples of how walking each day can improve your connection to nature and your overall health. Stargaze Stargazing is a fun and nostalgic way to admire the universe and all of its possibilities. It's humbling to be reminded that our lives here on Earth are a part of an enormous picture formed by millions of worlds that we can hardly even begin to dream of. Hug A Tree Trees give off a grounding energy, with their roots embedded in the ground, and a safe and secure feeling to those who depend on them. They emulate a strong figure, that is firmly in the earth, but always reaching upward; using their strength to grow higher and extend goodness toward others. A tree, when touched (or hugged), has a unique vibration that affects our well-being in many wondrous ways. Sometimes, you notice that your attention is drawn to a particular feature of the tree. Notice this feature, be with this feature, and you might comprehend a metaphor that sheds light on your question. Talk To Plants Try talking to the natural object that draws your attention. Questions are a great place to start. You might ask it about it’s own experience “What’s it like to be a flower?" Ask if it has any insight into a problem you’re struggling with. You'll be surprised how you get your answer. Visit Bodies Of Water Water is the fundamental basis of all life on Earth and natural bodies of water are absolutely beautiful. Plus the sound of water is naturally soothing and although you could buy it in the store, there's nothing like the real thing. So go seek out a stream, river, waterfall, lake or sea. Countryside Drive Although driving in the countryside isn't completely natural, if you roll down the windows and let the breeze flow through your hair, you enjoy the natural experience just as well. Eat Fresh Foods Shopping at a farmer's market is one of the most rewarding ways to spend both time and money, and that's due in large part to the fresh foods. Eating foods that were naturally grown or raised and recently harvested works wonders for your health and well-being, and knowing your food was naturally produced allows you to savor each meal with confidence in your ingredients. Outdoor Activities Not that long ago playing outside wasn't really optional, but in this technological age it's surprisingly necessary to mention that we should go outside sometimes. Instead of wasting away hours watching internet videos, get out of the house, Connect to the physical world of nature world that we all share and to each other, and is more likely to keep us young than any number of perfect selfies.

Go Camping A camping trip with buddies or family is a great way to bond not only with each other but also with nature. Escape from everyday life and find yourself with the trees, stars, and campfire stories. Start A Garden Growing a garden is a fascinating experience that exposes you directly to the work of nature as you watch your plants grow. Most plants are simple to maintain and several edible plants can even be grown indoors!

Bring Out The Artist In You Whatever medium you use for creating artwork, let nature around you inspire you. Lose yourself in the finer details using all your senses to recreate what you see in front of you through your unique method of expression on your canvas.

Let Nature Inspire You !

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Let Nature Inspire You !

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