What Is Cosmometry?

What Is Cosmometry? Cosmometry is the study and application of the fundamental patterns, structures, processes and principles that are at the foundation of all manifestation in the Universe, both physical and metaphysical. Cosmometry is also the study of the fundamental patterns, structures, processes and principles that are at the foundation of reality, and the application of this knowledge in the design of human social and technological systems. Cosmometry is about energy and consciousness — energy being that which everything physical is comprised (vibration, radiation, mass, angular momentum, etc) and consciousness being that which everything metaphysical is comprised (awareness, emotion, mind, intuition, spirit, etc). Cosmometry is primarily about how consciousness is able to perceive and comprehend the ways in which Universal creation is employing basic "design principles" in the manifestation of everything from atoms to us to galaxies. This understanding is bringing this knowledge into application as we humans design the systems and structures to meet our needs physically and metaphysically in our ongoing pursuit of success as Earthly and Cosmic beings. At its most basic level of understanding, Cosmometry consists of a few interconnected primary components and working assumptions that combine to present a theory of unified wholeness in all creation at all scales. Primary Assumptions To begin, there are primary assumptions about the nature of the Universe that need to be stated. To qualify these statements, this is a working premise that in many respects does not have traditional scientific verification and acceptance within mainstream research, although there are trends headed in this direction. This is offered as a base of understanding upon which to consider the deeper inquiry into cosmometry and the specific aspects that follow. Here are primary assumptions upon which the cosmometric model is based. The Cosmos Is: Energy-Consciousness:

All that we experience, physically and metaphysically, is energy and consciousness Ultimately, energy (physical reality) and consciousness (metaphysical reality) are one and the same phenomena). Holographic

The whole is present everywhere and can be discerned conceptually even when only parts of the whole are visually apparent. Fractal

The same patterns are repeated at all scales from micro to macro. Unified

There is a unified source field within which all manifestation exists; there is no separation between "things." Dynamic

It pulses between equilibrium (the zero-point "vacuum" state) and disequilibrium (the manifest state) continuously. Centered By Singularities

Every manifest entity has a singularity at its center that connects it to the Unified Field. Polarized

Energy moves inwardly and outwardly, contractively and expansively, simultaneously. Infinite Energy Potential

The unified field has an infinite amount of energy available (or at least a quantity so vast that it might as well be infinite). Synergetic

The phenomenon of "the behavior of whole systems that are greater than and unpredictable from the behavior of their parts when viewed separately" is inherent in all systems. The Human Experience The human experience of cosmometry describes what it's like to live in this universe of constant change and epic proportions. Our bodies and the environment in which we live are synergetically united in a continuous interchange of energy and consciousness — "reality" and our "perception" of it. And as with all things in the cosmos, our bodies and awareness of life within us and without us have the same fundamental relationship to the source and to each other, as is natural in a holographic cosmos. These are explored in more detail in out blog articles. The Tan T'ien Energy Centres and The Power Of Mind Body Coordination Music and Sound There is now a vast amount of research into the geometries and natural harmonics of sound and music , including cymatics, water frequency resonance, sand frequency resonance, phi-ratio and Solfeggio frequencies and Schumann resonance,. These are explorations into some of the most fundamental cosmometric patterns found in the universal music system. We will go into further detail on these phenomena in later blogs.

Michael J Robey

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