Be The Magic In Your Life

Be The Magic In Your Life Do you ever say the words "magic or ‘magical’ a lot. At first you might think it was just for fun and didn’t have any awareness. However , maybe it’s because you believe that magical things happen all the time and you love to share your miraculous experiences with the people around you because the more magic you see, the more it continues to happen. As awesome or crazy as it might seem, I don’t see fairies, feathers, red robins or rainbows on a regular basis, but I have trained myself to be open to wonderment. This is simple to do, and with a little practise you too will be able to see magic happen before your own eyes. It is out there if you allow your consciousness to be aware and observe. Who knows you also might start being the person who says "magical" a lot too. Here is a recipe for "Magic" :- Re-Kindle The Inner Child Remember how you felt when you were a young child. That happy, excited, exuberant, joyful, sparkly feeling. Let it build back up until your whole body is exploding with blissful vibes. Visualise What You Desire Picture something you really want to happen in your life with all those inner child feelings swirling inside of you. Whether it is your successful business, going on an adventure, a new home, a loving relationship, a new baby or any anything else your heart desires. Be as specific and detailed as you can. Dance To Music Play a song that lights up your soul and jump. Dance to its vibration like you are an excited hyper active child and throw your arms up in the air. Think about how awesome it will feel when your dreams are for realised. One will make you feel awesome and it is good for toning up your body. See Higher Vibrations And Smile at Strangers As you pass strangers on the street, or in a metro, see their positive aura shine, lock eyes and smile sweetly at some new faces. Make sure your smile is genuine and not a dumb ass creepy one! Do Something Nice For Someone Else Treat your friend to lunch, donate some dollars to a cool charity, help your family clean the house. Just make sure to do it with love and have no resentment or the magic won’t work. Spend Time In Nature Go to the park, woods, forest, river, lake, seaside, or any other outdoor space and gaze in amazement at how wonderful nature is. Don’t think too much, just soak it in take in: the wholeness: the little details: the nearness and the farthest. Love Yourself In The Mirror Next time you pass a mirror look yourself in the eyes, laugh at yourself, tell yourself you are beautiful, and that your deserve miracles. Reflect On Your Magic Before you go to sleep, remind yourself of all the magic you experienced during the day. Maybe you received an unexpected email, phone call or compliment. Or maybe a cute stranger smiled back. However big or small, say thank you wholeheartedly. At first doing these steps might feel totally awkward and unnatural. Yet the more you get used to enhancing your magic this way the easier it becomes. After a while it will be so natural you won’t even realise you are doing it. Magic Just Keeps Happening Best of all the magic keeps happening more and more, when you are open to magic. The key is to always be grateful and appreciate what’s coming your way so it will continue to flow. Also, remember to be open to receiving magical experiences with all your heart. You deserve each and every one of them.

Michael J Robey

Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator

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