Create Your Own Sacred Space

Create Your Own Sacred Space One of the most important aspects of growing, both emotionally and spiritually, is having a safe space to explore, process, and dream. You may consider that “safe space” meant any place where I wouldn’t be forced to feel so much, all the time. Understand that having safe space is really about having a space that feels nurturing and where my feelings can just be what they are. When that criteria is met, the space becomes sacred, no matter what the circumstances are. Here is a list which may help you create your own sacred space. You don’t need everything on it but it will definitely give you some direction. Pick and choose the pieces that feel right to you and. Keep experimenting until the space you’ve created feels safe and sacred. Remember that as you grow and evolve, your sacred space can grow and evolve with you and keep in mind that all of these things aren’t necessary. The only ones that are critical are #1 and #13. 1 – Create Boundaries Boundaries are crucial. If you are worried about being disturbed or that your privacy won’t be honoured, that is something you’ll need to address by setting boundaries. Even if it means you lock yourself in the bathroom, your own room or a private open space, for a few minutes, in order to truly heal, you need that space. So, if you need to carve out your space in your minivan, instead of your house, rock it out. As long as it feels safe and private, that is all that matters. 2 – Open The Space Start by lighting a candle or stating an intention for what you want out of your time in your sacred space. Put water into a bowl on your altar and close the space. Maybe even put a do not disturb sign on it. 3 – Turn Off The Noise It is easy to get overwhelmed by the constant influx of information in our current world. From the demands of daily life, the news, constant social media notifications and outside disturbing noises. It can be really hard to hear your own voice, sometimes. At a certain point, it may even begin to feel like you can’t tell what is yours and what isn’t. In your sacred space, turn off your phone, put away your iPad, and put your laptop into sleep mode, shut the windows and doors, if necessary, so that you can start to hear your own inner wisdom. 4 – Clear The Space You can do this in a number of ways, like burning palo santo or sage, using reiki or crystals, create meditative sounds like clapping, soft music or singing bowls, or even a simple prayer or statement will do. This clearing will remove any “leftover” energy in the space and will support your ability to be present with whatever you are doing. 5 – Create Your Talisman A talisman is anything that is symbolic to you, that helps you remember "Who You Really Are" and reminds you of your intentions. Create a visual reminder of your healing process. such as my clients pieces of handmade jewelry, energy portraits”, mandelas or crystal circles. It can also be things that you find, like feathers, rocks, fortunes from fortune cookies, angel, tarot or oracle cards or even a handwritten note. As long as it holds a meaningful energy to you, it can be your talisman. You can create a little altar or just sit them around. Whatever feels good to you is perfect. 6 – Something That Tastes Delicious Have cool water or make nice cup of hot / cold herbal brew Maybe even good chocolate or biscuits if you have a sweet tooth. Whatever is tasty and have it nearby in case you want it. 7 – Something That Smells Delightful Diffuse essential oils, choosing different ones depending on the vibe, use incense, candles, or even perfumes and body sprays. Whatever smells good to you is 100% perfect. 8 – Something That Feels Cosy Wear clothing and have blankets and furniture which is comfortable and makes you feel relaxed. You don’t want to be feeling itchy or cold when you are doing your cleansing or meditative work. 9 – Something That Looks Beautiful Having beautiful things such as posters, frames, trinkets, pottery etc. which are Significant and restful for you. When your eyes perceive beauty, you automatically feel peaceful and calm. Think about your favourite place in nature and how peaceful it is. It’s the beauty! So, bring in things that are beautiful to you, it will help you relax and feel safe. 10 – Something That Sounds Enchanting Vibes really matters , so classical or meditative music on repeat or playlist is very healing and helps you to focus and calm your mind. .Whatever feels groovy to you is awesome. 11- Create Some Negative Ions Negative ions purify the air of all sorts of stuff like allergens. They are why it feels amazing to be at the beach or so peaceful after a thunderstorm. You can use a salt lamp, burn pure beeswax candles, or small indoor water fountains. Negative ions have tremendous health benefits so load up your sacred space with them! 12 – Good Journals And Writing Pens (Or Drawing Pencils) Have handy some nice paper and pens, so you can journal your draw to capture any insights that come up. 13 – Permission To Feel Along with good boundaries, this one is essential. Your feelings are your gateways into Who You Really Are. If you avoid your feelings, you also avoid understanding yourself and your opportunities to expand and evolve. So, give yourself permission to feel. Even if for only the time you are in your sacred space. 14 – Close The Space Just like opening the space with intention, it is important to close out the space as well at the end of your session. You can say some words of gratitude or make a little note in your journal about your experience. Anything that helps you assimilate what you are taking away from your time and enables you to transition back into “regular” life with grace is perfect.

These are my favourite tools for creating sacred space. I hope that you have found them helpful and that you’ll be creating and enjoying your own sacred space in no time.

Michael J Robey

Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator

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