The Discovery Of A Universal Language

The Discovery Of A Universal Language It's is said if there is ever to be a true Universal language it would be most likely to be expressed in mathematics, geometry energy patterns and frequencies. Could it be that the foundation of this language already exists here on Earth, Is it possible that over the course of thousands of years we have been somehow guided to a process of creating this new form of communication. And If so what type of information would be conveyed through it that could not be expressed in any other way? In the search for answers, we must be prepared to trek through time and space to open our minds and eyes wide open enough to notice compelling coincidences and to stand back far enough to see if the building blocks of some kind of mathematical, spatial frequency based language emerge. First lets see how some of the ways we measure and tabulate the world around us. This is an important step for how we measure things, and can be as revealing as to why we count them. How We Measure Time The smallest unit is one second. It takes 60 seconds to make a minute and 60 minutes to make an hour. Then 12 hours for daylight and 12 hours for night time - 24 hours for a full day. !2 months in a year Geometric Patterns Deriving From 12 And 60 All geometry, whether it is two or three dimensional, is also derived from base 60, which provides the foundation for the 360 degree circle. (360 / 6 = 60 degrees, 360 /12 = 30 degrees). Which in turn provides us with all the angles and formula's for creating virtually every shape known to humankind. From ancient cultures till today across the world, have decided to use the measure of 12 in many forms. The list is endless 12 months 12 hours of clock 12 o’clock is mid day or midnight 12 days of Christmas 12 inches to the foot 12 apostles of Christ 12 primary Qi channels in acupuncture 12 constellations of the Zodiac 12 retainers of Sun god, Ra pulls him through 12 gates of the underworld 12 ordeals of Gilgamesh 12 Roman tablets of law 12 Argonauts with Jason 12 tribes of Israel 12 knights of the round Table 12 tribe nation of Native America 12 generals surrounded George Washington 12 notes of the chromatic musical scale 12 – tone music 12 spheres will completely surround one at its centre 12 jury members 12 grades at school 12 dots on a domino 12 spaces per side of a Backgammon board 12 digits in a bar code (UPC-Universal Product Code) 12 soil classifications (US Agriculture Dept.) 12 dozen to a gross 12 stars on European flag 12 spokes to a cartwheel 12 stations of the cross 12 the ways in which Wonder Bread is supposed to build strong bodies 12th Night by Shakespeare 12 Levels of the Beaufort Scale from measuring wind speed 12 Boxing Categories (from Light Flyweight to Super Heavyweight) 12 Caesars (first twelve emperors of Rome) 12 Face Cards 12 Federal Reserve Banks 12 Historical Books of the Old Testament (books 6-17) 12 Astrological Houses (as in, “the moon is in the seventh house” which is marriage) 12 Imams (prophets recognized by the Shiite Muslims) 12 Labors of Hercules 12 Levels of the Modified Mercalli Intensity Scale (for measuring earthquakes) 12 Minor Prophets of the Old Testament (last twelve books of the Old Testament) 12 Olympians (Greek and Roman deities) 12 Softball Player positions

12 , 60 Based Mathematics Our 12 , 60 based mathematics originates back to circa 5,000 years ago from Ancient Sumerian culture of Mesopotamia. This counting system was first invented by the same civilisations who created the world's first written language. It involved counting the knuckles of the four long fingers on one hand and then multiplying them by all five digits on the other hand. i.e 12 knuckles x 5 fingers = 60 . How this method of mathematics came about is open to debate, yet the Sumerians themselves wrote in glyphs and paintings that they were given this knowledge by the Giant Sky God visitors they called the Annunaki. However this may be disputed, a method of mathematics was born 5,000 years ago which still serves us today and its ramifications are still to be discovered. Pythagoraean Doctrine Of Musica Universalis Pythagoras of Samos (c. 570 – c. 495 BC) was an Ionian Greek philosopher and the eponymous founder of the Pythagoreanism movement. His political and religious teachings were well-known in Magna Graecia and influenced the philosophies of Plato, Aristotle, and, through them, Western philosophy. Pythagoras devised the doctrine of "Musica Universalis", which holds that the planets move according to mathematical equations and thus resonate to produce an inaudible symphony of music. Scholars debate whether Pythagoras himself developed the numerological, geometric and musical teachings attributed to him, He noticed that when a torte string is plucked. it would create a tone. And when that string is divided in half, it would make the same tone, only twice as high in pitch. He then came up with numerical rations based on harmonic fitfhs, which led to the creation of the musical scale at the root of the most modern music. It is important to note that all musical notes were found by using mathematics and as such are given number values according to their placement in a kind of master grid. By using fitfhs beginning from note number 1 would guide you to note number 27, which is the same note but twice as high in pitch. By doubling it to 54, 108, 216, 432, 540, 1080, 2160 and soon on up the scale, Significance of 432 Many musical instruments from ancient times happen to produce the same tone that vibrates at 432 cycles per second. also known as "fourth octave A". Total Angles In Basic Shapes In each basic shape the are angles of degrees that when added together always total a specific number relative to that particular shape. Triangle 3 x 60 Degrees = 180 Degrees Circle 1 x 360 Degrees = 360 Degrees Square 4 x 80 Degrees = 360 Degrees Pentagon 5 x 108 Degrees = 540 Degrees Hexagon 6 x 120 Degrees = 720 Degrees Septagon 7 x 128.6 Degrees =900 Degrees Octagon 8 x 135 Degrees - 1080 Degrees You will notice that the two patterns of 54, 108, 216, 432, 540 and 180, 360 , 540 each value add up to 9. Relevant Numerical Values As Frequencies Per Second If you apply these numerical values the shapes make to frequency per second. one gets these tones. Triangle 180 = F# Circle 360 = F# one octave higher Square 360 = F# one octave higher Tone A 432 = A Fourth octave Pentagon 540 = C# a harmonic fifth higher Hexagon 720 = F# one octave higher Septagon 900 = A# which completes an F# major perfect harmony. Octagon 1080 = C# a harmonic fifth on octave higher

Platonic Solids Numerical Frequencies If you apply the same to the three dimensional platonic solids, it also completes a f# major chord in perfect harmony as well. each value add up to 9. Tetrahedron 12 x 50 Degrees = 720 Degrees 720 = F# Cube 24 x 90 Degrees = 2160 Degrees 2160 = C# Octahedron 24 x 69 Degrees = 1440 Degrees 1440 = F# Octave Higher Icosahedron 60 x 60 Degrees = 3600 Degrees 3600 = A# which completes an F# major perfect harmony So this proves that geometry is expressed by tones and happen to create a perfect major chord in the key of F#.

Sacred Geometry Numerical Frequencies If you apply the same to sacred geometry it also completes a f# major chord in perfect harmony as well. each value add up to 9. Circle 1 x 360 Degrees = 360 Degrees 360 = F# Viscus Piscus 2 x 360 Degrees - 720 Degrees 720 = F# one octave higher 3 Circles 3 x 360 Degrees = 1080 Degrees 1080 = C# a harmonic fifth on octave higher 4 Circles 4 x 360 Degrees - 1440 Degrees 1440 = F# one octave higher 5 Circles 5 x 360 Degrees - 1800 Degrees 1800 = A# which completes an F# major perfect harmony

Finally The Flower Of Life Pattern 6 Circles 6 x 360 Degrees = 2160 Degrees 2160 = C# a harmonic fifth on octave higher The Universal Harmonics of the F# Major Chord continue further as we explore the Universal language expressed in mathematics, geometry, energy patterns and frequencies. for another future blog.

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