What Is DNA Activation?

What Is DNA Activation?

Your DNA (Deoxyribo Nucieic Acid) holds the essential blueprint for all biological life. It consists of sugar base, phosphates, and a sequencing of nucleotides. Your DNA contains the encoded information relative to both your physical and spiritual lineage and determines your physical form, spiritual gifts and much more. It is unique and very personal. Our present physical DNA contains two strands, and there are “shadow” strands, held in your etheric body. Your DNA contains the master plan for your life purpose and divine potential. It is who you are, literally holding the archetypal patterns of your life. Previously, all this information has been inaccessible.

144,000 Strand DNA Activation Now, as we are in the process of Mother Earth's Ascension since 21 December 2012, through the Lords of Karma, your DNA can be activated to 144,000 strands raising you to a high level of oneness in body, mind and spirit. DNA Activation is a one time process and can be initiated on anyone, including children. As Mother Earth evolves, many have found their DNA is activating automatically and have activated themselves as high as 12 strands. It is through the Lords of Karma that the full activation can take place. The Spiritual DNA we are currently activating has always been a part of our complete Spiritual Self, and is necessary for raising the frequency of our physical and etheric bodies so as to enable us to, safely and effectively move “back into” our Light Bodies.

Sometimes this process is misunderstood. It is more clearly stated that we are RE-Activating these Spiritual DNA strands. They have always been there; we just stepped too deeply into dense frequency vibratory rate realms for them to operate at full capacity. In a very basic manner, the vast majority of these Spiritual DNA strands had to shut down almost completely or we would not have been capable of moving into such dense frequency realms.

Dormant DNA

This DNA has always been within us, and the knowledge of this hidden and almost completely dormant DNA allowed those who knew of it to implant mechanisms and devices into it that aided them in using it in controlling ways.

Keeping the knowledge of these “Spiritual DNA Strands” hidden for as long as possible was an initial and long term plan for the Shadow Side Forces - beings who have been dominating and ruling this planet and solar system over eons, beyond most people's comprehension.

A Brief History Of DNA In Humans

Many eons ago, when earth was first populated with the first humanoid beings, the DNA was quite different, and so were humans. This was a “pre-duality” time/space on earth, and the humanoid race was semi-physical and moved freely among the third, fourth and fifth dimensions.

Some beings had access to dimensions beyond the fifth. Their DNA had a minimum structure of 72 double-stranded helix pairs (144 pairs) and 128 codons for their semi-physical nature (there are 3 light encoded filaments, or sugar pairs per codon).The original humanoids fell into the current duality time/space structure, and the DNA was redefined to a 6 double-stranded helix (12 pair) combination (144 paired DNA was no longer needed by humans only accessing the 3rd dimension).

The 6 double-stranded helix structure remained for many millions of years until the manipulation and deactivation during the Atlantis time/space era. This was the point in human history where the DNA was deactivated and reduced to a single double-stranded helix structure and the codons were reduced from 128 to 20. It has remained at this structure for millions of years, and only within the last 20 years has the information and energy been available to reactivate to the original structure.

For years, science has recognised that we have two active physical strands of DNA (one pair). They have also found an additional five double-stranded pairs (10 DNA strands) that seemed to be dormant. These are the stands that were deactivated during the Atlantis time/space era and have been non-active within humans for millions of years. Scientists have identified these dormant strands, not knowing their function, as “junk” DNA. Strategically placed locks within particular Spiritual DNA Strands create blockages to the knowledge of the truth of humankind’s Spiritual heritage. Tactically placed, these obstructions create stumbling blocks that, although they cannot and will not halt the inevitable outcome of all that is encompassed in the current Ascension process, if left unchecked and unattended, can and will, slow the process. However, as Mother Earth is now in an Ascension process, every true human is now re-awakening to dealing with and take charge of implementing a spiritual awakening into their lives, both individually and collectively This process of individual and collective awakening, and DNA Activation are breaking down the blockages that are hindering the progression of our journey home to Oneness.

Look out for future blogs on the actual process of the The Golden DNA Activation

Michael J Robey

Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator

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