The Kathara Grid

The Kathara Grid

The word Kathara, also known as "The Tree of Life", refers to the Core Structure of Morphogenetic Fields, the Holographic Templates of Sound-Light and Scalar Waves that serve as the blueprints on which matter manifests. When broken down into syllables Kathara is KA – Light, THA – Sound, RA – One. The Kathara Grid is the Causal Factor beneath all dimensional expressions, thus all forms of consciousness & consciousness integration-expansion too! The Kathara Grid is considered , therefore, to be the foundation on which the Axiom Grids, Merkaba Fields, Auric Field Levels, Subtle Bodies, Chakras, Meridian Lines, physical matter systems and Multi-dimensional Levels of Consciousness manifest. It is geometrically structured as 12 Primary Kathara Centres connected by 15 Primary Kathara Lines. It is the core level of scalar standing wave creation and energetic organization within and behind all dimensionalised systems, and is thus considered to be the Core of the Holographic Template upon which the morphogenetic scalar wave blueprint and all other dimensions of form anatomy are built. The Kathara Grid is the causal element within all manifest effects of dimensionalisation and consciousness. The form of the Kathara Grid is reflected in the Macrocosm and the Microcosm of all manifestation. All forms have at their core the common structure of the Kathara Grid Holographic Template. Energy Is Eternal Consciousness that perpetually changes form by projecting through the structures of the Kathara Grid, while simultaneously remaining always the same. Energy can not be created or destroyed, it only changes form following the geometric structure of the Kathara Grid.

Partiki Units The Kathara Grid is the primary mathematical-geometrical organisation of units of consciousness upon which Partiki units group to form morphogenetic field scalar grids. Partiki Grids are groupings of Partiki by like polarisations (PKM or PKA) that form strands. These strands geometrically group to form grids. These grids serve as templates for all consciousness and matter forms.

The cosmos represent a massive particle grid that serves as the Unified Field of primary substance within which All That Is exists and is connected. All being and matter forms have personal Partiki Grids which are formed within the grids of the Unified Field. You can visualize them as a carpet of light and sound invisible to our perceptions that exist beneath all matter forms and conscious identities. Each human has a Partiki grid composed of Particum-Partiki units and also has a Partika-Partiki grid in our parallel universe which is the grid of our personal double or “twin”. Since our parallel universe is composed of Partika units, it moves double as fast, it has more consciousness in their bodies because they move faster. If we learn to move our consciousness as fast, we can integrate and expand, and that is the process of evolution. Partiki units group by like polarisation, electrical Partika to Partika, magnetic Particum to Particum, forming strings of energy units called Partiki Strands, Partiki Strands group with other such strands to form geometrical "fabrics" or grids of electro-tonal, electromagnetic energy that serve as a template of light spectra and sound tones upon which particle and anti-particle structure forms called Partiki Grids and they form the Unified Field of living energy substance through which all things in the cosmos are energetically connected.

Krist Grid The first "Tree of Life" or Kathara Grid and the one closest to God-Source is called Krist Grid. The Krist Code is the Perpetual Motion and Precise Mathematical-Geometrical Instructions for the Creation Program from God Source. Deviations from the natural Krist Code configuration of "First Creation" create alterations of the energetic balance (Inorganic Kathara Grids) causing interruption of the continual self-regeneration (perpetual life) of the manifest forms and the formations of -Miasms, that eventually lead to destruction of the corresponding matter-form via self-annihilation of the Partiki units. The original Eternal Nature of God-Source Itself, and thus that of All Creation, remains always perpetual and constant, due to the mechanisms of Self-healing through Starburst that God-Source intended, imbued and sets in motion, (through the directives of the Eternal Life Krist Code) as the foundations for First Creation. Eternal Life emerged from the original encryption set into the first Partiki, called the Krist Code. From this point, Creation emerges and expands and as it does so, the encryption expands and becomes more complex, but is still based on the Krist Code and Base-12 encryption.

Source: Biblioteca Pleyades

Michael J Robey

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