How To Balance Being Psychic And Your Daily Life

How To Balance Being Psychic And Your Daily Life Many psychics struggle with combining their psychic skills and abilities, whether professional or as a hobby, with their daily routine lives or work, family, relationships . The power of psychic work can overwhelm and interfere with your daily life if you allow it. Because you feel different and a strong desire to utilise your skills, it can become obsessional, to the point you cannot focus on your daily life and become an irritation to others as everything you do and see is "psychic" or "weird". It’s All About Balance! Here are a few ways you can tell if you are out of balance:

  • All of your conversations are about your spirituality.

  • You’re meditating and connecting with spirit around the clock.

  • You feel depleted for no real reason.

  • You’ve recently had a spiritual awakening and now you’re feeling a bit out of it.

  • You feel flighty and ungrounded.

  • You’re being a bit pushy with your beliefs on people who are not ready to embark on their own spiritual journey.

  • You feel disconnected with everyone around you unless they too are on the exact same path as you.

  • It’s hard for you to connect to even the ones you love unconditionally.

  • You stop caring about most physical world responsibilities.

  • Every book you read and every show you watch is focused on the spirit realm.

How To Bring Yourself Back Into Balance 1. Accept Yourself Who are you? You need to be able to answer this quickly and precisely. You will feel more comfortable about the situations you find yourself in when you can do this. Then people will automatically take you more seriously when you have no problem defining yourself. 2. Accept Different Viewpoints This is key. We’re all humans, and thankfully, we’re all different. Everyone has an opinion about pretty much everything. Some are very opinionated, while others are less so. Some keep their opinions to themselves and some don’t. You may have heard many different statements about what you do ranging from the oldie: "doing the devil’s work", through: to "how can you handle all that?", to "are you sure you’re human?" "how's the spirit world today?" etc. In most cases, these questions come from a place of curiosity, not judgement. The thing about words is that we use them everyday. We’re just so used to them, that sometimes, what we say can come out slightly hostile, even when we don’t mean it that way at all. You learn to develop a thick skin. You learn to understand and accept people for who they are. If they don’t accept what you do, that’s okay. Let them live their life. When you start expressing psychic abilities, especially from a young age,, and not understanding that people don't accept what you do, it may be a challenge to find friends that you can feel safe being with and telling them. This feeling of having to keep your psychic abilities secret may get to a point in which you feel you could explode. You have to relax and know when and where to express your feelings,and that not everyone sees or agrees with you. and does it really matter anyway?. Life is about experience and we all experience differently there is no one path. 3. Give People The Benefit Of The Doubt You may have a career in a completely different field, traditionally academia, financial, scientific, religious. Yet you have a fear of people in academia finding out what you do. It's a deep fear that your standing, as an academic or whatever professional status you have.. Long story short, some may find out and guess what? They think it is cool! Others think it’s kinda crazy – but in a funky good way, others don’t know, some get freaked out and some simply don’t care. Alternative health, science, theologies and awakenings, are growing by leaps and bounds, and certain abilities now have more credence. People’s mentalities are expanding, and the curious human brain naturally asks: is this possible? More research is being done at a fast rate. The Internet is bringing a new consciousness to the world . 4. Let People Understand In Their Own Way We all come from different backgrounds, cultures, social standings, theologies and states dictating what people can express or believe in. We’re not all the same, and there is no one religion or spirituality. Let individuals be who they are. There are many different types from all walks of life, so there maybe or not plenty in common between them. There is only one major commonality – all are generally nervous to speak with you about psychic abilities as their questions may sound stupid. Let’s face it, if people are talking to you, they usually have something on their mind that’s driving them crazy for some reason or another. In most cases, they’re nervous to share it with people they care about. So to share it with a perfect stranger makes complete sense, right? It takes so much courage to seek out someone like you!! If it’s easier for someone to make a move they feel they need to make by knowing your interests and background, then let’s talk. Once they speak with you, realise that I don’t embrace what you do or are because I’m Native, but because I’m me but because you are you. . 4. Realise Not Everyone Will Understand What You Do You may feel it completely sucks when someone doesn't accept what you do.. this happens. . We’re all individuals remember? We all have different ideas, passions, and judgements. Don’t try to force your ideas or values on others. That’ll backfire. If they try to force theirs on you, remain calm. Just nod your head, thank them for their opinion, but let them know that we’re not going to agree, and ask them to respect you the way you do them – by keeping your opinions to yourself. No minds are going to be changed and you want to keep the situation calm. Psychic mediums, tarot readers, . You’ll find many people are very passionate about what they believe in, with a very deep faith in it. Bottom line, people believe what they believe. Realise that. Accept that. Love that. 5. Choose The Right Time And Place If it feels like the people you are with will have issue, or misunderstanding about your psychic skills or the whole subject, then refrain from talking about it, quite simply. Join groups and individuals who have the same ideals and interests, such as psychic fayres, psychic nights, spiritual gatherings, spiritual courses etc. 6. Have Faith In Yourself Understand this is your own spiritual path and you are motivating yourself to gain knowledge, practise and experience psychic phenomena in which ever way feels comfortable for you. You do not need others to follow your path, they have their own, however, at some point allow others to join yours and "vice versa., experience their path, Life always looks different from some else's shoes.

Michael J Robey

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