Am I Psychic?

Am I Psychic? A Psychic Medium… do you ever wonder if you’re one? Or do you wonder if you’re just imagining things? You may feel like you aren’t like everyone else. You may have wondered if you have extra sensory gifts, but don’t know how to find out. Sometimes, you might wonder if you’re going crazy or unstable as you keep having these strange visions. So do you have visions? Dreams that come true? See shadows? If you do, it’s OK to admit it here. Don't worry psychic mediums experience the same things It doesn't mean your crazy? The fact is everyone has psychic abilities to some extent, they just need recognising, accepting, trusting and enhancing. We can all choose to live by our intuition if we want to… and we are all capable of spirit communication. Mediumship is simply a step up on the energetic scale from psychic ability. It’s the ability to detect and communicate with Spirit – which has an energetic frequency that vibrates very fast – because Spirit no longer exist in a heavy dense physical body. they exist in their spiritual body which transcends all vibrational dimensions. You may have experienced an extra serving, as it were, of psychic ability, which could explain why you hear voices, have visions or have premonitory dreams. To put your mind at ease, here’s a list of common traits and experiences psychic mediums have. See which ones you have experienced: Signs You’re A Psychic Medium 1. You have seen spirits or departed family members after the age of three – Babies and toddlers are still very connected to the spirit world, so it’s normal to see a baby laughing at “something” while playing in their crib. But after the age of about three, if we aren’t encouraged to nourish our connection with the spirit world, we forget all about it, as we go about living our physical lives. 2. You have talked to imaginary friends or hung out with angels or fairies as a child – Remember, Spirit vibrates at a super high fast frequency, so if you could sense that energy as a child, it’s a good indicator you could be a psychic medium. 3. You always felt different – When your were a child did you feel like you didn’t quite fit in? Or do you feel that way now? You can’t quite put a finger on it, but you’ve always known there was something different about you… maybe you long for deeper connections, but it’s hard to find others to relate to. 4. You see things in your peripheral vision (clairvoyance) – For example, Spirit lights, orbs, sparkles, shadows, or flashing light. These are also indicators that you’re clairvoyant. If you have developed your gifts, you would be able to see spirit either manifest in front of you or in your mind’s eye. 5. You feel things about places (clairsentience) – You walk into a room or pass by a building you’ve never been in and it’s like Deja vu ! Your body tingles, you get a shiver, or the energy around seems to “palpate” with heat, cold, or heaviness. 6. You are (or were) afraid of the dark – You feel like you can “sense” things when the lights go out? You're using your other senses more acutely as your vision is impaired. 7. You hear voices (clairaudience) – These aren’t necessarily spooky voices, rather, it may sound as if you hear people mumbling in another room or hear music that no one else hears. Or, you may hear music, sounds, buzzing, or voices in your own head. 8. You are easily overstimulated – Loud or crowded places, bright lights, noise, or strong smells… make you feel nauseous! They make you feel as if you could crawl out of your skin. This is because you are clairsentient and sensitive to energy. A calm and quiet environment feels better. Being overstimulated can make you anxious or cranky. 9. You have frequent or vivid dreams – You may even recall experiences of astral travel, or have vivid dreams of past lives or people you never met. 10. You understand animals – You just ”get” them. It’s like you can communicate with them like a Horse Whisperer. 11. You know things about people – It feels like you have radar. It doesn’t matter what the person looks like or acts like.There’s no fooling you. You get people’s “vibes”. You see their aura. You sense what is on their minds. You sense their pain or pleasure. 12. Electronics go wacky around you sometimes – Alarms go off for no reason, the radio or TV turns on or off, you have to store extra light bulbs because yours burn out so often. This is because your vibration is so high. 13. You give amazing advice – People feel better after talking to you because you soothe them with words of wisdom. People tell you it feels like they have known you for years. People tell you that you should have your own advice column. What’s this all about? Oh, you’re probably channeling the Divine and not even aware of it . 14. You feel the presence of Spirits (clairsentience) – You sense that there *could* be a spirit, but you’re not sure. Maybe you feel like someone is watching you. You may feel a sudden wave of emotion, such as sadness or anxiety associated with the presence. 15. You felt strongly connected to someone after they passed away – You may have seen their spirit depart at the point of passing away, or feel their presence constantly. If several of these resonate with you, you just might be a psychic medium! So Now What?

You may be thinking: "Wow ! This is awesome! I’m going to call all of my friends right now!" Or "No way! I can’t be psychic! I don’t even believe in that stuff!" What you need to understand is that we are all spiritual, intuitive beings… but maybe you just haven’t discovered that yet or you are in denial, confused or just plain scared to know more. Your Life Transforms The cool thing about being a psychic medium is you can live life with an extra dose of awesomeness – all because you can tap into the spiritual realm. It provides you with a whole buffet of goodies and guidance! It completely transforms your awareness and consciousness. The benefits far transcend "psychicness", as it opens you to a new vibrations, new concepts, a new sense of being and a new way of life. What Being A Psychic Medium Doesn’t Mean You will pick up vibes 24/7 - No ! That’s exhausting. You will soon learn you still exist and communicate in this three dimensional world you've just added another dimension to your skills, including spirit communication. As you develop your mediumship further, you will learn how to “shut down” your abilities. You will be able to read people’s minds - No! Who would want to anyway? It would drive you crazy. You can, however, read their spirit, aura, emotions, senses, that's different. You will see dead people everywhere - No! As a psychic medium you can completely learn to control when you want to communicate with Spirit. Anyone who says they see dead people all the time has not learnt to control and shut down their psychic senses, and will definitely go crazy. You will become everyone’s Magic 8 Ball - No! Firstly its your choice to say to others your psychic. You don’t have to tell the whole world you’re a psychic medium. You can choose to come out of the psychic closet when you feel ready. What Being A Psychic Medium Does Mean You will have the choice to use your new-found gifts - It s all free will. You choose to or not quite simple. Now relax, chill and have fun with it! You were a psychic medium before you even knew you were one. Nothing spooky will happen. Nothing bad will happen. You have complete control. You’ve just discovered that you can have a richer, fuller life and help others because of your psychic gifts!

Enjoy! May The Force Be With You!

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Michael J Robey

Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator

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