What Is Tetryonics?

What Is Tetryonics? Tetryonics is a new geometric theory of Mass Energy - Matter and the forces of motion, stemming from a geometric re-interpretation of what squared numbers are in physics and its application to Quantized Angular Momentum (QAM). Plank's Constant Planck's constant is a physical constant that is the quantum of action, central in quantum mechanics. First recognized in 1900 by Max Planck, it was conceived as the proportionality constant between the minimal increment of energy, E, of a hypothetical electrically charged oscillator in a cavity that contained black body radiation, and the frequency, f, of its associated electromagnetic wave. In 1905, the value E, the minimal energy increment of a hypothetical oscillator, was theoretically associated by Albert Einstein with a "quantum" or minimal element of the energy of the electromagnetic wave itself. The light quantum behaved in some respects as an electrically neutral particle, as opposed to an electromagnetic wave. It was eventually called a photon. QAM OF Planck’s Constant It can now be shown through geometry that the QAM of Planck’s constant is in fact the result of its quantized equilateral ‘triangular’ geometry (and not a vector rotation about a point as has been historically assumed to date). This quantum geometry gives rise to the physical properties of electrical permittivity, magnetic permeability and charge along with the rigid physical relationships between inertial mass-energy and momenta in physical systems at all scales of physics. And quantum charge in addition to its role as the geometric source of physical constants, also provides the quantum field mechanics for radiant 2D mass-energies to become 3D standing waves Matter topologies in turn facilitating the development of larger physical systems of atoms, compounds, stars and galaxies throughout our Universe. Hitherto unexplained and mysterious properties of quantum mechanics are now revealed as having their origin and explanation in the equilateral geometry of Planck’s constant itself. An Introduction To Tetryonic Theory While Mathematics is the language of Science it remains a language that lacks a well-defined physical model on which to test and further refine its many and varied solutions to Quantum & Cosmological scale physics. It is this lack of any rigid, enforceable Geometry that has allowed the development of numerous disjointed statistical and probabilistic solutions to physical problems, in turn impeding our scientific understanding and advancement of quantum processes. The Standard Model has many observed and testable components to it but more recently new theories have emerged to contest it without being rigorously testable themselves. They rely on the established foundation provided by the Standard Model but try to explain its various deficiencies ad-hoc with various suppositions without any solid footing of their own. Often the only way to progress further in our scientific endeavors is to retrace our footsteps in science and to develop new physical models on which we can discern our known results and observations thus excluding any false or misleading assumptions (mathematical or philosophical). In doing so there exists the promise that a simple underlying foundation can be found to the physics of our Universe, revealing new and exciting advances in Science that will allow us to usher in a new age of scientific and technology. Planck's Mass-Energy Momenta Quanta Energy, in physics, is an indirectly observed quantity of a system that imbues it with the ability to exert a Force or to do Work over a distance. It has been measured and quantified through numerous methodologies over the centuries, most notably through mathematical and physical characteristics such as mass, velocity. Linear momentum, Force and Electro-Magnetic fields. The most recent attempt to quantify its characteristics (with respect to heat and light) led to the discovery of Planck’s constant and the development of Quantum theory itself. The application of a simple proposition (that energy has an equilateral geometry) opens the door on a greater understanding of the mechanics of the quantum world, a realm that will be forever beyond the reach of our physical eyes. The myriad of perplexing properties of quantum properties (such as charge, mass & matter) and the astonishing outcomes of quantum experiments (Interference and Wave-Particle duality) can now all be readily modelled and explained rationally on a solid geometric footing. Quantized Angular Momenta Building on the prior that the [squared] numbers of physics are in fact mathematical reflections of an geometric [equilateral] energy quantization, it can be quickly demonstrated that any measurement of scalar energies over Time results in a geometric unit of measurement that has historically be taken to represent rotational motion. This unit of motion is found throughout Quantum Mechanics and is directly related to the squared energy levels of quantum processes and physics in general. EM fields of energy momenta are constrained within this equilateral geometry and this geometry lies at the heart of understanding the quantum world in all its beauty. It determines properties such as Electric permitivity and Magnetic permeability, the vector direction of linear momentum and relates the scalar property of electromagnetic mass directly to velocity. The most recent attempt to explain these properties was Special Relativity theory which in turn led to our current models of the source and physics of charge as being due, in part, to the Lorentz contractions of charged particles in motion. Quantum Charges A fundamental property of all Mass-ENnergy-Matter that gives rise to the Forces of electrical Interaction has eluded physical explanation by physicists since its discovery and led to many ‘band aid’ additions to the Standard model in attempts to explain its observed properties. SR explains charge as an invariant property of electrostatic bodies and that the motion of charges creates an additional magnetic moment through the relativistic distortion of spherical bodies of Matter. Equilateral Planck energy momenta geometries and Matter topologies offer a completely different explanation for the source of electrostatic charges and their associated magnetic moments. Positive and negative charges are revealed to be opposite side of the same quantum energy ‘coin’, and can be modeled electrically as ideal quantum inductive loops. It is equilateral geometry that gives rise to the physical properties of quantized angular momenta, inertial mass, elementary charges and even the geometric topology of Matter itself. Source IISRP

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