The Blessings and Curses Of Being An Empath

The Blessings and Curses Of Being An Empath Having empathy means our heart goes out to another person in joy or pain. Yet an empath's personality goes much further. We actually feel others’ emotions, energy, and physical symptoms in our own bodies, without the usual defenses that most people have. We have to learn how to protect ourselves in order to not be drained by the energies of others. I personally have always been empathic, experiencing many issues as a child and growing up, often experiencing hostile environments, which seemed alien to me, as all I wanted to feel was harmony and love. It forced me to learn to protect myself in many ways, find my own inner strength and balance as an empathic male in a hardened unsympathetic, survival of the fittest, attitude and culture. After a lifetime of finding the right balance for myself, I now like to consider myself as an "Empathic Badass Alpha Male". What I have learnt is that unconditional love is the inner strength from within not without. . It is not a weakness, it is a continual powerhouse of replenishing unlimited energy from source, which flows through me, that I can enhance and direct to heal myself or others physically, mentally and spiritually. It is a high frequency energy which manifests into kinetic energy generated from the heart which transcends all, and when I tune in it connects my spirit to All That Is instantaneously. Is Being An Empath: A Blessing Or A Curse? Like most other things in life, there are both positives and negatives to having the ability to more keenly detect and directly experience the feelings of others. Blessing:- You Feel Other People’s Emotions The ability to feel other people’s emotions is a pretty significant ability. If someone is feeling anxious, have the ability to intuitively need to do to make someone comfortable and you can pick up on that more acutely, than the average person, and provide support. If someone is experiencing fear, you would be able to perceive it and potentially help them either overcome their fear or get out of a dangerous situation — it might even help you become aware of a potentially dangerous situation faster. In addition, you have the ability to relate to others in a way that is incredibly powerful. An empath gives the saying “to know what it’s like to walk in another person’s shoes” a whole different meaning. It’s a power that needs to be properly handled. You have a responsibility to yourself and others, to use your power wisely, for the benefit or yourself and others. However, if you can do it, there are incredible gifts to realise as a result– both for yourself and those you love. Curse: You Feel Other People’s Emotions Directly experiencing the emotions of those around you, without the ability to pick and choose what you feel, is potentially dangerous and can be very draining, both emotionally and psychologically, leaving you wrestling with pain and confusion. Whether it’s anxiety, depression, fear, stress, panic, or sorrow, you’re right there experiencing it with the sufferers first-hand– without control over it. Being an empath can be very difficult under certain circumstances. Blessing: You Can Be A Chameleon People become empaths as a way to stay safe in their world. If you know what those around you are feeling, then you know how to adjust what you say and do to make them comfortable so that they are safer people to be around, both emotionally and physically. An empath can be a real chameleon, shifting tone of voice, conversation styles, body posture, and choice of tactics and actions to help the people that are around them to feel more at ease. The problem with this is that they often lose track of what is actually authentic and true for themselves.

Curse Your Capacity For Getting Overwhelmed Is High Empaths tend to be highly sensitive in general. This means they not only have no filter for pushing back the feelings of others, but they also become more easily overwhelmed by heavy noises and busy social environments, as well as watching the news can be very stressful. These lead to being susceptible to panic attacks and general feelings of overwhelm in busy or loud environments.

Blessing: You Avoid Confrontation Doing or saying something that will make someone else angry or sad is uncomfortable for an empath, often avoid confrontation in order to avoid feeling other people's uncomfortable emotions. It is easy for them to lose track of the fact that they themselves are feeling uncomfortable. Curse: You Don't Stand up For Yourself I you don't stand up for yourself, you are in danger of putting yourself last, allowing others to drain you of energy as you feel a constant need to please and heal. Not knowing intuitively when to back off and stop pleasing, becomes an uncontrollable addiction which, unless managed, leads to greater anxiety, frustration and illness. it is easy to lose track of what you need, because you are so accustomed to caring for other's comfort before caring for your own self. If you are not true to yourself and consider your true worth, the needs and emotions of others will affect you to your detriment. Blessing: You Are A Natural Healer Can you feel what others around you are feeling? Are you sensitive to your surroundings? When you lay your hands on someone, do your hands automatically know right where to go to help that person? If your answers are yes, then perhaps you are an empathic healer.. So what can do about these quandaries? There are several essential practises to take advantage of the psychic gifts and lessen the problems of being an empath. Ten Essential Practises For Empaths 1. Develop Your Shield Body Around your physical body, there is a layer of your aura that is devoted to your interface with your environment. Its shape and condition indicate your relationship to your world. People who are empaths often have a "thin skin" in relation to their shield body. When it has holes in it, we are more easily influenced by our environment. Visualise a shield of light energy around your physical body. See is as radiant and complete. You may see it as a particular colour or a multitude of colours in association with your chakras. Snap your fingers to hold it in place. Do this exercise regularly so it becomes part of your conscious and sub conscious being. 2. Don't Take On Responsibilities That Aren't Yours A person can get so used to care taking, that they can feel as though they are supposed to do it. You are not. It is good to be compassionate without going beyond the limits of what you need to do to maintain your health and sanity. You are responsible up to that line, and not beyond it. If you are an empath, your idea of where the line is might be a bit fuzzy. So find that fine line. Once you get to know where the line is, stick to it. It will make all your relationships clearer and cleaner. 3. Get Used To Being Badass You may often be outwardly kind and caring. Everyone thinking that you are almost saintly sometimes. It is easy to get attached to being the "nice guy/gal." Yet it is not easy dealing with people's negative emotions, Care taking others not allowing them to take responsibility for their own actions does not ultimately serve them or you. It keeps them from growing up. Besides, it's not real. Better to live in reality than a padded reality. Yes, people may get angry or sad at you or with you if you don't do what they want you to do, but it is important to remember that their feelings are not your feelings, and your well-being is not dependent on their well being. 4. Develop Your Root Chakra The root chakra helps you to deal with being fully in the world. When the root chakra is open, you are fully grounded and present with whatever is coming your way. When it is not open, you can be dis-associative, fearful, and have difficulty staying present with what is going on. Opening and healing the root chakra helps you to release the fears that keep you from your highest manifestation within form. 5. Develop Your Sacral Chakra Once you have the shield body in place, imagine that there is a spark in the centre of your being that is your pure essence. Focus your attention on the spark, being all your senses to bear. Also be aware of your sensations, emotions and thoughts. First try this when you are alone, and then, after a time, practise it around others. See if you can switch your awareness from your environment to your self, and back again. Notice the difference between the two. Learn to balance yourself from your sacral charka , this is where prana enters your being. Move, balance and swivel from your hips focusing outwards. like a spinning vortex of a balanced spinning top 6. Develop Your Throat Chakra Sometimes you will know what needs to be said or do to create good boundaries, but have a hard time following through and expressing it. The throat chakra is the centre for the expression of your personal truth. Through the opening of the throat chakra, you open yoursef to expressing your true needs and feelings, as well as expressing the creative force as it moves through you. Some good exercises for opening the throat chakra are singing and chanting, sharing your feelings and thoughts with friends, and meditating on the throat chakra. Some healing stones that help with the throat chakra are chrysacolla, turquoise, lapis lazuli, amazonite, and blue lace agate. You can meditate with them, put them in a medicine bag to carry, or wear crystal jewelry (particularly necklaces). 7. Smudging and Clearing Regularly Whether you are having difficulty with your empathic abilities or not, it is a good idea to smudge yourself regularly to release other people's energy and influence from your energy body. Other good clearing methods are showering, bathing and spending time in solitude. When you pick up the emotional energy of others around you as easily as you take in oxygen there is good news and not-so-good news. I want to outline a couple of points on both and this article will focus on the “good” news as I see it (and experience it, via my own Intuitive Body!). 8. Eating A Good Diet your current eating style may be pretty mixed. You may have an attachment to animal protein. glutens, dairy products , fast foods. . Find a suitable diet and eating regime which suits your physical and mental state . More purified water, vegetables, fruit, whole foods will give you greater clarity and sense of inner self wellness. 9. Be Inspired To Action By tapping into what’s around you. will inspire you,into action. That moment when you get a whiff of something, and you feel it click into your Intuitive Body.. a sense of knowing and connection that says “follow that”…There’s excitement.. a sense of vision and possibility. When you are picking up on inspirational, positive seems so much better. When you surround yourself with friends that uplift you, choose and create home and work environments that hold a supportive energy that gives back to you and allows you to thrive. 10. Know Your Own Nature It’s important to really get to know your nature.. to know what will bring out the best in you, or not. And to begin to make adjustments like it matters, You will then shine brightly and beautifully, your most open-hearted qualities will be easily accessed when you find ways to match the external energies in ways that are just-right for you.

"Be like a tree. Stay grounded. Connect with your roots. Turn over a new leaf. Bend before you break. Enjoy your unique natural beauty. Keep growing."

Michael J Robey

Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator

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