What Is Telekinesis?

What Is Telekinesis? Telekinesis (TK) or Psychokinesis (PK), is defined as the ability to move objects at a distance by mental power or other nonphysical means. This is everything from moving or levitating objects to the classic bending of spoons. The term Psychokinesis comes from the Greek words psyche meaning soul (ψυχή) and kinēsis meaning motion. You may have seen examples of Telekinesis on TV , but always thought this may be a trick of the eye or some mystical magic. Telekinesis is not only about bending items like Uri Geller , or levitatng; but also manifesting items in your palm (Sai Baba was famous for this) ; merging your hands and arms into walls' or directing electricity by simply drawing lines. There have been many examples of extraordinary feats of Telekinesis. The Human Brain The human brain is an amazing tool. There is a common myth which states that humans only use 10% of their brain. Now as a scientist, I know this isn’t exactly correct. Humans do indeed utilize most parts of their brains. But many functions and the capacity of these parts are not fully known. Nor are reactions fully understood. Sometimes new and different reactions happen in well-known parts of the brain that leave science stumped. The brain is a unique, complex puzzle and so many more pieces are needed. Just like an iceberg, we barely even conscious of the tip let alone the depth to which we can improve our brain capacity Psychokinesis or more commonly, Telekinesis simply means mind over matter and the ability to move objects utilizing this skill. In short, the answer to your first question is yes, this ability most definitely does exist. The answer to your second question is again yes, however this is not a particularly easy skill to master. It requires patience, time and much practice. This is not simply a matter of wishing for something on the physical level. One has to be able to both control the unconscious mind and work with the surrounding energy. Science doesn’t have an satisfactory explanation for how psychokinesis works, but it is aware of this skill. Not many people can demonstrate psychokinesis, but if practised anyone can do it. It just comes more naturally for some. To some this might sound far-fetched, and that is perfectly fine. However, if you feel like trying your hand at this, please do. Quantum Superposition What does Quantum Superposition have to do with telekinesis or mind over matter? Well, particles like electrons don’t always live in any particular place, but in a sort of smear of many places, most very close to each other, some very far away. Another way of putting it is that some tiny packets of matter are slightly everywhere, but precisely nowhere. This means that many electrons in the room you’re sitting in right now—like those in your computer—exist in the computer and inside your brain! And what happens inside your brain every time you think? Electric currents flow and elctromagnetic fields are created that exert influence on electrons, including those that occupy spaces inside and outside your head. Now when you push or pull on an electron with an electric field (like an electron in static electricity accumulating on your dog's fur), the electron moves a little. When that happens to an electron that occupies many spaces at the same time, it will experience what physicists call…. a collapse. A collapse is sort of like what happens when a shepherd gathers in his scattered sheep at the end of the day, with one slight difference. If the different sheep in a flock were like the many quantum states of a single electron, the shepherd wouldn’t have to send his sheep dog out to consolidate the animals. He’d just tap on the nearest sheep, then instantly—and I mean faster than the speed of light-- all but one of the sheep would vanish, leaving just one of the critters to be guided into the sheep enclosure for the night. The shepherd’s “tap” is an analogy for what you do to the many states of an electron when you generate an electric field with your thoughts: you cause multiple, simultaneous incarnations of that particle to “collapse” into occupying one particular place. And that “place” can be inside your brain, somewhere in the room you’re sitting in, or 14 billion light years away on the far side of the universe.

How Can You Accomplish Telekinesis? But how do you accomplish something like this? How do you know if it is real, or if it is something that you can actually do? There are key common factors in practising Telekinesis. Concentration and Believing is the Key Concentration is of the utmost importance for anyone trying to learn telekinesis and the deeper you can concentrate, the faster you can develop your telekinetic abilities. So spend time developing your concentration abilities before you start trying to do telekinesis. To do Telekinesis you must be relaxed. One way of doing this is by meditation to clear your mind. Meditation is not a must, but it will help you relax and strengthen your concentration. Believing that its true: False beliefs are a well known obstacle to achieving anything. You must convince your mind that this is real and can be done. Visualise You need to become one with the object, feel it, make it a part of you. Connect with the object and visualize it like an extra arm, or try to blend your energy with the object and move it. Don’t Think Or Wish, Just Move It Steps for Doing A Telekinesis Experiment Here are the steps required in order to test or to develop your Telekinesis ability: Step One: Focus on the object for about 10 minutes until you feel it’s a part of you Step Two: Visualizing the change you want to do to the object whether its bending it or moving it Step Three: Trying to move the object is the final step, you should never use force because it will not work. Step Four : Make notes. How long did you meditate, how were you feeling, were you able to focus and move the object, how long did you practice, which exercise did you use? etc. Making notes can be very useful for your progression. Exercise 1: The Psi-wheel Required materials: A four inch by four inch piece of paper or tinfoil. A pin or sewing needle. An eraser or a cork. A glass, jar or bowl.

Warming-up Exercise: The Psi-ball

You can start with this exercise to warm up and strengthen your concentration and visualization:Rub your hands together for about a minute (or two). This charges the energy field between your hands.After about a minute take your hands apart and try to feel the energy between your hands and based on what you feel, try forming a ball with it. Concentrate on what you feel between your hands. Do you feel warmth or cold? Small or big? Do you feel it pull or push? Play around with it and keep concentrating on the feeling between your hands.Once you got a hold on this and feel the psi-ball between your hands you are ready for the next step. Method:

Now, stab the pin into the eraser so one point is facing up. Next, fold the paper or tinfoil in half vertically, facing toward us, fold the top down, then unfold. After that, fold again but this time horizontally. Unfold, now our paper or tinfoil will look like it is divided into 4 parts. Flip the paper over then diagonally fold in half, making a triangle. As for next repeat for the other side. Now our paper or tinfoil will look like it is divided into 8 parts. It will look like sort of a star or shuriken. Now we have to balance the paper on the top of pin, so it will spin. Next, we have to clear our mind and focus our attention on the paper. We have to try to morph our energy with the cells in it. We have to let it connect with us. Then once we have a feeling we are it and it is us, we have to try to move it like moving an arm. Note: Put a clear glass over the psi-wheel so that no air or wind can move the psi-wheel. Then visualize the energy of your hands or mind flowing down to the psi-wheel in a cellular level, making it spin right or left. Exercise 2: The Pen Required materials: A pen A flat surface to place the pen on Method:

Find a pen that can be easy to move. Set the pen on the table, sit up straight and make sure you don’t bump into the table. Take a few moments to relax your breathing and your mind. Use the energy of your mind to move the pen across the table. Try all the ways of connecting with the object: Visualize the energy of your mind flowing like waves from your brain to the pen and visualize the pen rolling across the table. Exercise 3: The Cork Required materials: Cork or something else that floats. A Bowl of water. Method:

This is basically the same as the exercise above, but simply with other materials. Focus on getting the cork to move across the bowl. Note: This is NOT the same as Hydrokinesis. In Hydrokinesis, you must make the water move and the cork is to determine the direction of the water movement. Exercise 4: The Pendulum Required materials: One string. One ring with no gemstone, or a key. Method: It should work like a pendulum. It is the same thing as the other ones, we have to try to push it back and forth and move it around with Telekinesis. Credits: Exercise 5: Paper Push/Pull Required materials: A sheet of paper A surface to place the paper on Method: Fold a sheet of paper in half and set it up where is standing. Visualize strings of energy connecting and grabbing the energy of the paper. Visualize the paper either falling down towards you or pushing away. (Push) Concentrate on the paper pushing away from you like a magnet, visualize the string of energy forcefully pushing and as a sudden burst like an explosive reaction. (Pull) Concentrate on the paper falling over, visualize the string sucking up the energy like a vacuum but not absorbing only sucking so it comes closer to you. This technique teaches the psychic the concept of pushing and pulling Exercise 6: Feather In A Jar Required materials: A feather A jar with a lid Method:

For this one you will need a clean, dry jar with a lid and a feather. Place the feather in the jar and put the lid on it so you know there is no way a stray wind can get into the jar. Set the jar on the table in front of you and use telekinesis to make the feather move or float. Remember what we have spoke about in the previous lessons and exercises. Allow your thoughts to move down to the cellular level and become one with the feather. Feel the individual strings within the feather. In your minds eye, allow the energy of your mind to lift just one of the little strings of the feather at a time until eventually the entire feather is lifted and it begins to float. If this does not work for you, try visualizing your minds energy as a wind. Let yourself feel the wind as it leaves your body through your third eye. All the wind to blow through the jar and lift the feather into the air. Once you get the feather airborne, work on using your mind to control the feather, making it go up, down or side to side at will rather than just floating around anywhere it wants to go Exercise 7: Candle Flame Bending Required materials: A candle Something to light the candle Method:

For this telekinesis exercise you will need a candle, something to light it with and a holder to make sure it is safe and steady on the table in front of you. Light a candle and set it in front of you. Preferably with the flame slightly above your line of vision and far enough away from you that your breath will not cause the flame to flicker. You also want to make sure that there are no drafts in the room. Turn off any fans you have on in the room and close any windows that might be open. Allow the candle to sit and burn for a few moments to see if there are any stray drafts. Your goal is to make the flame bend. Work on bending it to one side only with each attempt. You want to see a solid bend in the flame, not just a flickering to one side like a wind was blowing across it. Remember to use your mind power and see that energy interact with the flame of the candle on a cellular level. When the two energies have meshed, let the energy of your mind bend the flame. Exercise 8: Crushing A Soda Can Required materials: A empty soda can A surface Method:

  • Get an empty can of soda and put it down a couple feet away from you.

  • Place your hand near the can but not touching it.

  • Connect with the can and instead of a string of energy make an entire hand.

  • Move the energy hand to the soda can and grip it.

  • Compress the energy hand..

Exercise 9. Powder Required Material Light powder Flat Clean Surface

  • Don’t touch the powder, but sense what it feels like.

  • What do you know about it?

  • What does it smell like (don’t stick your nose in it, stay sitting back)?

  • Is it similar to anything in the natural world that you’ve moved?

  • How can it be moved?

  • Sense the energy surrounding it.

  • Slow your breathing and focus your mind on the powder.

  • Imagine you’re made up of the same powder.

  • What is it like?

  • Feel your consciousness slowing down to the same vibration of the powder,

  • Imagine moving on the powder’s vibrational plane.

  • As you hold that feeling of becoming powder, it’ll slowly peak.

  • When it does, place your hands on the sides of the paper slightly outside of the perimeter. Imagine an energetic link between you and the powder.

  • Let the powder form into any shape and form.

  • Remember, you’re made of energy, the powder is made of energy, in between you there is energy and what surrounds you is energy.

  • Be willing to work with it, but remember you don’t ‘own’ it.

  • Intently stare at the powder and imagine that you’re in the hill of flour.

  • Run through it!

  • Push and pull it,

  • Can you throw it? Imagine doing anything you can come up with to move it.

  • While holding this momentum, repeat this exercise for about 5 minutes. If you are successful, the mental energy you generate will move the powder across the perimeter.

Clear Mind, Clear Breathe, Self Belief, Focus And Practice The key to all these exercises is to: 1) Sit back, take some deep breaths and clear your mind. 2) Ground yourself (if you need advice on how to do this, you can find it in some of my other blog posts). 3) Get to know your object intimately

4) Practice for 5 -15 mins a day to improve your concentration and Telekinetic powers. Telekinesis is not something you can learn in a day or overnight, it requires everyday practice. The more you practice, the stronger it becomes.

5) Be patient. Progression in telekinesis varies greatly from person to person.Improve your concentration everyday. If you cannot concentrate for long you will not have the patience to progress any further. 6) Don’t wear yourself out! Once you are more advanced, you can add more time to the exercise 7) Remember this is an extremely difficult skill to learn, so don’t be too hard on yourself. Good luck!

Michael J Robey

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