The Archangels

The Archangels

Archangels are generally taken to mean "chief or leading angel" ( Jude 9; 1 Thes 4:16),to carry out God's important plans for mankind. they are the most frequently mentioned throughout the Bible. The Archangels have a unique role as God's messenger to the people at critical times in history and salvation (Tb 12:6, 15; Jn 5:4; Rv 12:7-9) as in The Annunciation and Apocalypse.. There are several Archangels Here is a greater insight into each of them. Archangel Michael Archangel Michael, also known as St. Michael the Archangel, commands legions of guardian angels, all serving on the first ray of protection, faith and the will of God. The guardian angels await our prayers and calls to bring them into action in our world. Archangel Michael is the Prince of the Archangels and of the Angelic Hosts, the Defender of the Faith, the Angel of Deliverance and his divine complement is Archeia Faith. In the Book of Daniel he is called “the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people.” Archangel Michael is the sponsor of police departments and law enforcement agencies around the world. Archangel Michael has figured as the greatest and most revered of angels in many scriptures and spiritual traditions. In Muslim lore, he is the angel of nature who provides both food and knowledge to man. Archangel Michael is identified with the angel who wrestled with Jacob, destroyed the armies of Sennacherib and saved the three Hebrew boys in the fiery furnace in Jewish mystical tradition. Archangel Michael also appears in the Bible as the angel who appeared to Joshua as he prepared to lead the Israelites in battle at Jericho. Archangel Raphael Archangel Raphael, whose name means ‘God heals’ is the "Heaven’s Physician". Raphael is the most powerful healer, designated for physical and emotional healing.. He heals the sick and he helps the doctors and nurses. Because he holds powerful knowledge about healing. He is also the patron of the healers. In Hebrew the word “rophe” means 'to heal’. Archangel Raphael not only helps in healing individuals but also helps healers in their healing practice. He can help reduce addictions and cravings and is powerful in healing other injuries and illnesses, with cures often occurring immediately. Archangel Raphael aids in restoring and maintaining harmony and peace. He is also the patron of travelers, watching over them to ensure a safe and harmonious journey. Working in conjunction with Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael helps to clear away fears and stressors that maybe adversely affecting your health. Archangel Gabriel Archangel Gabriel,is known for “God Is My Strength”. His other names are: Gavriel, Jibril or Jibrail. Archangel Gabriel is The Messenger of God. He appears in both the Old and New Testaments. He is one of the 4, 7 or 12 archangels. In Christianity, Daniel is the first prophet who describes the archangel. He mentions Gabriel as “The one who looked like a man”. The Archangel appears to answer his prayers. Then he appears in Luke’s texts. Firstly, Gabriel introduces himself. But the second time, the prophet identifies him as Gabriel. But he is never mentioned as an archangel. Gabriel is the divine messenger. He appeared to the virgin Mary. And told her about her pregnancy. He also appears to Zacharia’s wife that she is pregnant with John The Baptist. And the archangel became the guardian angel of John. He trained John when he was still in the womb. Also, he announced the shepherds about Christ’s birth. And he brought Herod’s plan to Mary and Joseph. And Christians consider Gabriel the messenger who told the disciples about Jesus’ ascending to Heaven. Gabriel is mostly familiar for Christians because he blows the horn that indicates the second coming of Jesus Christ. In Judaism, Gabriel appears in the Book of Daniel and Book of Ezekiel. Therefore, he interprets Daniel’s divine visions. But Ezekiel depicts Gabriel as a destroyer. God sends Gabriel to destroy Jerusalem. The Jewish Encyclopedia depicts him in a human form. And he stands at the left hand of God. In Kabbalah, Gabriel is one of God’s archangels. And he occupies an important place in God’s court. Next to Archangel Michael. And he is a messenger only. Therefore, e have to pray to God, not to Gabriel himself. Because God sends Gabriel as an answer to our prayers. In Islam, Archangel Gabriel or Jibril is the angel of revelations. And he is one of the Archangels. He is the divine messenger. God sent him to numerous Islamic prophets. Muslims consider Gabriel the messenger who brought the Quran to Muhammad. But the prophet saw him before, in his first revelation. Therefore, Muhammad saw Gabriel in his divine splendor twice. But Gabriel also appears to Zachariah, Mary, Daniel and Abraham. He informs each of them about the birth of their child. Archangel Oriel Archangel Oriel – also known as "the angel of destiny". He is the divine angel of the 10th hour of the day. You can also meet him as Auriel. And his name means “Light Of God”. In Judaism, Archangel Oriel is a Malachim. Oriel is the divine angel of destiny and hope. Therefore, he guides you through difficult periods of your life. He knows every human being’s destiny. So, he can easily show you your divine destiny. Oriel also knows your karma and how to get rid of it. This beautiful angel is very helpful. Not only in difficult situations. But also at times when you feel lost and without a purpose. He fills you with hope and reveals you the true purpose of your life. With his guidance, you will realize that every experience, good or bad, improves your spirit and strengthens it. Archangel Jophiel Archangel Jophiel is the patron angel of law and justice. Therefore, he is the angel who makes sure that The Laws of God are respected. And he brings justice wherever it is needed. But Jophiel also represents beauty. And he unveils the true beauty of God in each of His creations. Because every creation of God has its own unique beauty. And each creation caries a spark of divinity in it. Archangel Jophiel helps you to re-discover your own inner beauty. Which is the divine spark that hides in each one of us. He will teach you how to let that beautiful spark shine and radiate of love. He is the one who can teach you when you lack self-love and self-confidence. He shows you how beautiful and precious you are in the eyes of God. Archangel Azrael Archangel Azrael, also known as Azriel, Azariel, Azrail, Ashriel or Sariel. Azrael is the Angel of Death. And his name means “The Vow Of God” or “Whom God Helps”. Azrael is one of the 7 archangels of the earth. Who possess dominion of the physical world. Archangel Azrael is the guardian angel of the dead ones. But he often shows himself to those who are dying. Azrael usually takes forms that please the dying. Due to the pleasant form of the angel, the dying one takes his last breaths being astonished by the beauty. The dying will fall in love. And his soul will detach from the physical body more easily, by being seduced by the beauty of the angel. But Azrael don’t always make himself seen physical. He often makes himself felt in other forms, such as a fragrance or smell. Therefore, if the dying one was a good man, he will feel a pleasant fragrance. But he was a bad man and did many evil acts, then the smell will be awful and bad. As the Sufi teacher Abdul Karim Jili explains. Archangel Azrael appeared to at the dead bed of Rumi. He materialized to every people in the room, not only to Rumi. The people were terrified buy the angel. But Rumi was calm and invited Azrael inside. Archangel Sidriel Archangel Sidriel is the divine ruler of the Virtues, in Christianity. And the governor of the order of Tarshishim, in Judaism. He is one of the high-ranking angels. And he is also one of the seven archangels. As the governor of the Virtues, he is followed by 496,000 ministering angels. Sidriel is very powerful archangel. He rules the heaven the most close to God. Therefore, he keeps that heaven in order. And he supervises the duties and the responsibilities of the Virtues. This angelic choir consists of miracle creators. The virtues are the more powerful angels. They have the ability to create something from nothing. This divine power makes them angels of the miracles. Archangel Sidriel is a creator of miracles himself. Being the governor of the Virtues, he is even more powerful then the angels following him. So, you can ray for his guidance when you need a miracle. He has a solution for every difficult situation. Even the most hopeless situations will be solved. And Sidriel will bring you the right solution. Archangel Admael Archangel Admael is the divine angel of the earth. With the other 6 archangels, Admael watches over every inhabitant of our planet. He has a vast knowledge about the animal and vegetable kingdoms. This beautiful angel brings you great knowledge about the planet that you live on. Admael is also the angel of creation. He cares about every creation of God, big or small. He knows even the smallest organisms on Earth. He watches over the inhabitants of the lands, seas and air. Archangel Admael is also the guardian angel of children and the patron of birth. He is often use as an amulet in protecting newborns. Admael protects the unborn in the womb and assures a birth without complications. He also protects the newborn from evil forces, bewitchment and other phenomenons. If your children is ill, ask for this angel’s help. Archangel Iofiel Archangel Iofiel is the divine angel of law and justice. He makes sure the the Divine Laws are respected. He brings justice into your life. Iofiel is also the angel of beauty. Therefore, he unveils us the true beauty of every creation of God. Because everything around us has its own beauty. And everything has a bit of divinity. We only have to open our eyes to see it. Archangel Iofiel also allows you to discover your inner beauty. Which is your true spirit. With his guidance, you will let it shine in divine light. Iofiel teaches you to see that you are beautiful and delicate. You are a creation of God. Archangel Phanuel Archangel Phanuel is the divine angel of peace. He is one of the Angels Of The Lord also called Angels of Great Counsel. He is one of the 4 angels of the presence, next to Michael, Raphael and Gabriel. Phanuel is also the angel of repentance. This title was given to other angels either such as: Michael, Penuel, Raphael, Salathiel and Suriel. This beautiful angel is the divine patron of sanctification. A position shared with Michael, Metatron, Suriel and Zagzagael. Phanuel is also one of The Angel Of The Lord Of Spirits, as described in Enoch I. And his divine responsibility is to set over the actions of repentance for the hope of those who will inherit the eternal life. Therefore, he is a great guide for those who seek eternal life Phanuel is also a great protector angel. He protects you from the evil spirits. Archangel Suriel Archangel Suriel is the divine angel of healing, wisdom and death. Therefore, he holds powerful healing energy. He brings wisdom, often in the moment of death. And he accompanies the diseased to a journey of discovery. Pray for his guidance when you need his divine healing energy. He brings the cure you need. But he is also very helpful for those who are on their death bed. He brings peace and tranquility to them. Archangel Suriel is also The Prince of The Presence, such as Metatron. Therefore, he could be very helpful in your meditation sessions of awareness. And focusing on the present moment. Archangel Sabrael Archangel Sabrael is the divine angel of miracles and healing. He brings wonders and revelations into your life. You can sense his presence in your life when you are faced more often with supernatural revelations just like Angel Ariel and Angel Laviah. He fills your normal and boring life with bigger or smaller surprises to astonish and amuse you. We all need miracles into our lives. And this beautiful angel has the ability to bring that hint of wonder into our boring human lives. Archangel Sabrael is also the angel of impossible healing. Therefore, he has the ability to cure even the hopeless. He brings a powerful healing energy to the ill. And heals any illness. Sabrael is the bringer of miraculous healing. He holds the divine cure and medicine. Pray for his guidance, and Sabrael brings that cure into your life. Archangel Kafziel Archangel Kafziel is the divine angel of time. He is the ruler of the 7th heaven. Therefore he is the prince of the angel order called Powers. Kafziel is also the governor of Saturday, alongside with Uriel and Machatan. Archangel Kafziel is the divine angel of time and temperature. Therefore, he is a great ally when you deal with too high or too low temperatures. But Kafziel also rules time. Therefore, he helps the time to pass. And brings you patience and calmness when you are waiting for something. Pray for his divine guidance when you start a lasting project. Or a project that needs a long time to develop properly. Kafziel fills you with respect and understanding of the importance of time. He also brings you wisdom about the therapeutic properties of time. Archangel Zachariel Archangel Zachariel is a Power. His main responsibility is to lead the souls to judgment. Zachariel is the divine angel of healing. He brings spiritual, emotional, mental and physical healing. This powerful angel helps you with changes. He prepares you for the major changes in your life. Zachariel is also the prince of the so called Ministering Angels. These angels watch over the mortals. Archangel Zachariel is the protector of children of sinner parents. He makes sure that the children will not follow their parents’ paths. Zachariel is the best angel you can call in difficult situations. Because he fills you with courage and strength to face your problems. Therefore, inspires you to be brave. Archangel Gamaliel Archangel Gamaliel is the divine angel of blessings. He is usually invoked for graciousness and protection. He brings God’s recompense and rewards on earth. Gamaliel brings God’s blessings to every soul, according to their merit. Considered the most generous angel, he is a divine gift giver. Archangel Gamaliel helps you to create a better life and a better world. He brings you abundance, not financial, but spiritual too. Gamaliel brings you joy and happiness. Just like Archangel Haniel. He brings sacred spiritual knowledge. Especially about karma. Therefore, he helps you in understanding and paying your karma. But, he is not an angel of judgment. He never judges. Gamaliel is the angel of Divine Grace. And he also holds divine knowledge about the forgiveness of sin. Archangel Gamaliel is considered the bringer of unexpected miracles and gifts. But some cultures also describe him as the servant or assistant of Archangel Gabriel and Raziel. His color is indigo. Therefore, you can use this color to invoke the archangel. Archangel Orifiel Archangel Orifiel is the divine angel of the wilderness. He is the angel of nature, forests and their inhabitants. He safeguards the wilderness. And every wild animal and plant. He inspires you to protect and respect nature. He is the patron of environmentalists and those who try to conserve nature. This beautiful angel appears in uninhabited regions. You find him in hidden forests. Where you more easily connect with the vital energy of nature. Pray for his guidance when you are going camping or hiking. He inspires you to resonate with nature. And protects you from the dangers of wilderness. The color of Orifiel is indigo. Therefore, use this color in your invocation ritual. Use indigo candles. Also, visualize an indigo light around you in your meditation. And you can also use indigo crystals such as: Indigo Blue Azurite, Lapis Lazuli or Indigo Sodalite. Archangel Zaphkiel Archangel Zaphkiel is the divine angel of contemplation. He assists you in your meditation sessions. He helps you to raise your vibration. And to reach higher plans of existence. Zaphkiel brings you closer to God. He teaches you to pray, contemplate and meditate properly. Archangel Zaphkiel brings you deep spiritual knowledge. He teaches you different meditation types. Zaphkiel helps you to achieve enlightenment and spiritual awareness. Archangel Zaphkiel also inspires you to make the right decision. This beautiful archangel also facilitates communication. Just like Angel Hamalieland Nanael. He helps you to put into words your feelings, emotions and ideas. Also, he provides you the words that most accurately describe what you want to define. With his guidance your message and speech will be more clear. Zaphkiel is also known as the alchemist of life. He brings compassion, love and romance into your life. He fills you with grace and gratitude. With his guidance you become more passionate for life. He helps you to grow spiritually and emotionally. This archangel also has connection with beauty. He patrons every beautiful creation. Therefore, he the patron of art. Zaphkiel brings you self-confidence. And helps you to love yourself. Loving yourself means loving God. Because God’s pure loving light shines in your heart. Archangel Simiel Archangel Simiel is the divine angel of love. He fills your heart with love. And he brings God’s unconditional love into your soul. Simiel is the angel you pray to when you are feeling unloved. This beautiful angel fills you with compassion and kindness for every creation of The Divine. Simiel helps you to repair your relationships. And to find your soulmate. Simiel also heals the broken heart. Therefore, he soothes your love-sorrow. And helps your heart to find love and beauty in this lifetime. Jophiel and Azrael can also help you in this situation. Archangel Simiel brings love into your home and family. He restores the harmony. And brings unity into your home. Filling every member of your family with true love and compassion. The color of this beautiful angel is red. Therefore, you should use this color as much as you can in your prayer of ritual dedicated for him. Use red candles for your rituals, on your altar. If you invoke Simiel in a meditation, then visualize red. This color resonates best with this angel. In your meditation you can use incense too. Fill the room with the fragrance of red roses. But you can put some red rose petals on the altar. You can also use red Aventurine or red Jade.

Source Guardian Angel Guide

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