Christ Consciousness

Christ Consciousness Christ Consciousness is a map of equal, interconnected relationship, where each part of the Blueprint, each part of each person in relationship, is honored, recognized and loved in order for all parts to function to their highest potential. We come into existence only through relationship. We are like a circle, a web of relationships that create who we are, how we feel, think and act. When any one relationship is not balanced, then “you” are not balanced. The same applies to our own body, mind, soul, and DNA. They too are a web, that when woven together in harmony can produce a perfect human, or Christ Consciousness. All 13 qualities working together create Christ Consciousness. In order to bring our lives into the lived expression of all 13, all 13 aspects become a fluid, and easily accessible part of our expression. Each of these 13 is a pathway, and each pathway is but one aspect of the whole. If we go too far down one pathway we can lose sight of the others, for no single pathway in the Christ Blueprint will bring you into Christ Consciousness; only all 13 working together will. For those who are accessing Christ Consciousness, to embody all 13 in action as Christ, the embodiment of God in form, a fully unified being woven together in unconditional love. Jesus Christ (Jehovah / Yeshua Sananda) , the last known full representative of Christ Consciousness worldwide, embodied this through sacred relationship with all the aspects of himself. It is said he gathered around him 12 apostles. Each apostle represents a part of the Christ, an aspect of Christ Consciousness, with all of them unifying and collectively contributing to reawaken Christ Consciousness on Earth. It is said Jesus needed his apostles around him, as they all formed the body of Christ, one unified consciousness. Without him they were nothing; without them he was nothing. Each link in the chain was totally interdependent, each needing the other in order to become whole, and anchor Christ Consciousness on Earth. The body of Christ is a holographic consciousness, with all identities and names being fluid and interchangeable, like seeing through multiple perspectives and eyes simultaneously; in one moment you are seeing through John the Baptist’s eyes of ruthless compassion, fire and power; in the next moment through Magdalene’s eyes, the eyes of Holy Love, and in the next moment through Yeshua’s eyes.Equally, you could, in one moment, be seeing through the eyes of pride or Lucifer’s shadow, and in the next moment be seeing through the eyes of unworthiness, the shadow of Martha. All 13 Master qualities and their human vehicles of the Apostles create 26 aspects of Christ Consciousness. The shadow aspects then create 12 more, so there are 38 aspects to work with, almost like a Tarot of Christ Consciousness. To embody and integrate all of them in action on earth, here and now, is to enter sacred relationship with all the aspects of yourself. In learning about these many and varied qualities of Christ Consciousness, both the light and the dark, one comes to a deep understanding that this life is not just about integrating one or two of these qualities; it is about fully embodying all of them as a Christ conscious person. It is not about being stuck or fixed on only incorporating names such as Mary Magdalene or Osiris, but the essence of their feminine characterisrics. It is about bringing them all into union and harmony within you, embracing all aspects of Christ Consciousness. Only this can truly fulfill you, and is an open invitation for you to live in every day. The 13 Qualities Of Christ Consciousness One eventually becomes able to shape shift into any of the 13 qualities according to what is appropriate for the highest potential to manifest in that moment. In real and accessible terms, Christ Blueprint gives us the inspiration and the map to embody Christ consciousness, here and now. It is both eye opening, and heart opening, providing a deeper connection with the Christ within you. All of the 13 qualities create Christ Consciousness. Forgiveness Christ Consciousness embodies forgiveness and humility as a return to wholeness. We let go of the past, and whatever we think people have done to us, or what we think we have done to them. In these actions, we free ourselves to embrace the present without the need to continually refer to, and re-enact our past, the source of much fear, guilt, and anger. Forgiveness sees that no harm has ever been done, and you and the ‘other’ are innocent. The two people who embodied true forgiveness and humility as a quality of love.. In forgiveness and humility, one overcomes the shadow side of false humility, projection, blame, guilt and shame, in order to step into the present moment. In Service To Others Christ Consciousness embodies true service, giving and serving all beings with the totality of your body, mind, and soul. To serve another becomes the obvious, natural expression of the free flowing life force, of joy itself, when one sees that the other is but an aspect, and a reflection of yourself. Christ Consciousness overcomes unworthiness, lack of self love, selfishness, lack of passion, confusion, and doubt in order to serve one’s deepest, most passionate heart’s desire, which is true service. Gratitude Christ Consciousness embodies compassion, beauty and gratitude. Gratitude becomes a way in which we recognize the perfection of all things, seeing nothing as a mistake, and that we have never failed or taken a wrong turn. Everything is in perfection, and everything given to you in each and every moment is for the unfolding of the soul’s journey and purpose. We can thank and transmute everything which repels or hurts us, as gratitude becomes an alchemical process through which our hurts become opportunities to heal and deepen into love’s embrace. Gratitude leads into the full embrace of what is; it leads us to becoming fully present, in the now. Gratitude becomes a journey into a world of soft, considered openness that leads into limitless possibilities. Gratitude leads into a deep, felt trust that everything that is occurring in your life right now is perfect. Willpower Christ Consciousness integrates the qualities of ruthless compassion and divine willpower. Divine will and ruthless compassion are the abilities to confront and cut through the ego in order to serve the best interests of the soul, even if it is painful, or judged to be ‘wrong.’ Willpower is what sustains and drives us, what brings us into dynamic action, penetration, and persistence in achieving goals of any kind. When aligned to the divine will or the divine plan, willpower becomes the foundation for love’s actions. Unconditional Love Christ Consciousness embodies the qualities of embracing an unconditional love, traveling into the deepest darkness and bringing love there out of compassion. These qualities embrace and compassion for all life. Christ overcomes the shadow of contraction, selfishness, and the fear that keeps the heart closed, in order to do so. Faith Christ Consciousness embodies the lived, direct experience of faith and trust in life, and loyalty. Loyalty is choosing to be loyal to love in every moment. In this choice, we enter peace, the peace that arises as a result of the mind shifting its identity and values to love, by placing trust and loyalty only in that which loves. Embody these qualities, and one has to overcome cynicism, fear, and temptation in order to live this. Surrender Christ Consciousness embodies surrender, the easiest act for the soul, and the hardest act for the ego; to simply let go. Surrender breaks you down, and reorganizes every part of you when you sincerely ask for love to enter your life, and for you to live this life, beckoned by the call of the soul that desires to recognize itself. Surrender makes us gentle, soft, and transparent. In surrender, all the things you have to fight for, or against, are conquered, and a new way of living arises. Embody these qualities of loving wisdom. Christ Consciousness overcomes deep struggle, seeking, sloth, and inertia in order to do so. Holy Love Christ Consciousness embodies holy desire and holy love, in the desire for transformation and union within your own heart, and with your partner. By sharing the fruits of these unions with all, in the overflowing healing and sharing actions of holy love, Christ Consciousness fully includes your own personal side in this embrace, leaving nothing out. It helps us to overcome co-dependency and attachment on every level in order to do so. Manifestation Christ Consciousness embodies the feminine power of fertility and manifestation, the power of co-creation with the ancient lineages of Mothers, the sacred feminine lineages that have been on earth since the beginning of creation. In this power of co-creation the seeds were planted for the Christ Blueprint to anchor and flourish Now, to birth from the womb of creation. Co-creation is the basis of an enlightened civilization, where there are many Christs working together, not just one. We must overcome, as we all must do, lust, competitiveness, and male-female inequality in order to do so. Pure Consciousness Christ Consciousness embodies the witnessing quality of pure consciousness, seeing all that is happening around you for what it truly is, without interpretation, projection, and preference coloring or distorting anything. Enabling every part of the body of Christ Consciousness to fulfill its role, allowing us to access the power of regeneration or Resurrection. We all have to overcome the shadow side of witness consciousness, which is isolation and separation from our feelings, from relationship, and from the feminine, in order to do so. Evolution Christ Consciousness embodies holy law, the law of evolution, the evolutionary drive that pushes humanity forwards into its next unfolding. Embody a deep passion for evolution and live in holy law, Live totally in the moment, whilst following the impulses of creation and the divine plan. Creativity Christ Consciousness embodies the diamond mind of creative intelligence, clarity, discernment and lightning power of penetration. This diamond mind manifests in navigating, and seeing through, the law of the mirror. The mirror projects our minds, and wounds, displaying onto the world around us as a reflection of ourselves, and our own creations.

Polarity is vital in order to manifest matter, the earth, and creation. Without it there would be no matter, no yin and yang. By creating through polarity throughout history in obedience to divine will.. To learn and integrate this crucial dynamic allows us to live fully embodied on earth, in sovereign freedom, with full acceptance of matter, of earth, of the feminine. To do this we have to overcome persecution, judgment, pride, and vanity. Divinity Christ Consciousness embodies the divine or Golden Child of innocence and openness that has the ability to touch all people regardless of race, religion, or culture. Yeshua set the foundation to allow the Indigo and Golden Children to be able to arrive on Earth today. In order to fully integrate Christ Consciousness we have to over come the Anti Christ force: all the shadow sides of the 12 apostles, the 12 shadow qualities of Christ Consciousness we need to integrate in order to live a loving, healed, and blessed life. Christ Consciousness Blueprint Using the Christ Consciousness Blueprint to navigate through life allows us to see and fulfill within all the aspects that create Christ Consciousness. In this seeing of all aspects, our highest potential is to allow ourselves to become fluid, and embody each of the different qualities of Christ Consciousness, as and when it is required. We can identify which aspects of Christ Consciousness we need to integrate, and then work with it with the goal of embodying all aspects. Of course, you will all feel drawn to a few aspects in particular, which are your strong points, the aspects you already know and love about yourself, the aspects you feel comfortable with. This then becomes the foundation for you to explore the remaining qualities that you have not yet integrated, and the shadows that you are still living with. In this, we become centered in the Self, allowing the limitless to take hold in our lives, fulfilling the Promise stated so clearly by Jesus Christ (Yeshua): The Second Coming of Christ is the realisation of Christ Consciousness in all of us..

Michael J Robey

Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator .

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